Top 10 Travel Destination In The Philippines

Top 10 Travel Destination In The Philippines – The Philippines is located on the eastern edge of Asia and is made up of about 7,641 small islands (called archipelagos) that can be found in many different ways. The Philippines has magnificent beaches and spectacular natural attractions that attract millions of tourists every year. In 2015, there were an estimated 5.3 million visitors to Myanmar, a threefold increase compared to the previous decade. Below we explore some of the best places to visit in the Philippines.

The island of Palawan is the jewel of the Philippines and is probably the most visited destination in the country. The island is full of green vegetables, It has jungle terrain and beautiful beaches. The tour includes two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Tubbataha Atoll Reef and Palawan’s Underground River. The white beaches offer exotic scenery. Coron Reefs has seven lagoons surrounded by limestone cliffs and is a must-visit for tourists. The Turbine Caves are considered the Cradle of Philippine Civilization due to archeological discoveries at the site. In 2014, the island was voted the best island in the world in the Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards.

Top 10 Travel Destination In The Philippines

Top 10 Travel Destination In The Philippines

Lake Sebu in southern Mindanao is a perfect place for an adventure. It is known for its seven waterfalls, two of which are developed for tourists. Visitors can ride a 590-foot high zip line over seven waterfalls and enjoy beautiful views around the falls from a vantage point. Visitors can enjoy a nature walk along the lake at sunrise or a boat ride in the lake at sunset.

Remote Luxury Resorts In The Philippines Worth The Journey

Miagao City in Iloilo is not just another small town. In fact, this city is a world heritage city that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Among the attractions is Miagao Church (Santo Tomas de Villanueva), inscribed as a UNESCO heritage site in 1993. Visitors can also visit “Taytay Boni”, an ancient stone bridge built by the Spanish. Locals offer lessons in Hablon weaving and pottery making, and tourists can sign up for these classes if interested. The Salakayan Festival gives tourists the opportunity to participate in lively street performances that can be found in the city.

Manila is one of the most energetic cities in Asia. This is especially so at night, when the giant city comes alive, when the clubs and bars are filled with locals and tourists alike for dancing and drinking. Alcohol in Manila is cheap; Tourists say that taxis are cheap, and to top it all off, They say the music is very good. Locals welcome foreigners and English is spoken by most of the country, so there is no language barrier for English-speaking tourists. Some of the most vibrant nightlife spots in Manila include Makati City; Located in Malate area and Eastwood City.

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Tagaytay Resort Town on Luzon Island offers travelers an out-of-town experience. About an hour’s drive from Manila, most visitors to Manila also visit the city. Travelers can experience outdoor activities, including a visit to Picnic Grove, which offers family activities such as horseback riding and zip-line adventures. Tourists can visit Taal Volcano and Crater Lake, take boats to the island, and ride horses up to the top of the volcano. Sky Farm a five-hectare area with a Ferris wheel; No trip to the city would be complete without a visit to the Super Viking ride and the many other rides for kids.

Of Puerto Galera’s 32 beaches, White Beach is probably the most famous. This is evident from the thousands of domestic and foreign tourists who visit the beach. During summer (March to May) in the Philippines, colorful festivals and concerts are held on the beach, attracting both locals and foreigners. Tourists at White Beach can enjoy beach soccer and volleyball; They participate in sports activities such as jet skiing and banana boat rides. At night, guests enjoy local music and dancing, and enjoy drinks at the open bars. Resorts like White Beach Resort and Jewel Beach Resort offer excellent accommodations.

Top Places To Visit In The Philippines

Boracay Island is small but one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. In 2014, it was voted the second best island to visit in the country after Palawan. Tourists visiting the island can visit Tambisaan Beach, We visited several beaches including Crocodile Beach and Puka Beach. When the land gets too boring, travelers have the option of diving. More than fifteen dive sites offer travelers once-in-a-lifetime underwater tunnels, It gives you a chance to see coral reefs and caves. Adventurers can experience cliff diving at a height of about 42.5 feet, while those unfamiliar with cliff diving can use the floating dock to enter the water.

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The Banaue Rice Terraces are considered a cultural treasure of the Philippines. The terraces carved into the hills by the Ifugao people more than two thousand years ago create a landscape unlike any other. The steps, shaped like steps, rise to a height of 4920 feet. Due to some areas being modernized, it was not designated as a UNESCO heritage site, but due to erosion, it was included in its red list.

Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines, the second largest after Manila, and the capital of the province of Cebu. It is a city rich in history and offers a lot of cultural diversity. Tourists who visit can experience amazing natural food. One of the important landmarks is the Basilica del Sto. Nino is a Catholic church built by the Spanish in the 16th century. Close to the church is the Magellan’s Cross Church, planted by Ferdinand Magellan to spread the arrival of Christianity to the Philippines. For those seeking modern culture, the Cebu IT Park and Ayala Center offer an opportunity to experience the world of technology and shopping in the Philippines.

Top 10 Travel Destination In The Philippines

MassKara Festival is an annual festival held in Bacolod, Philippines. It was started in 1980 and is still held today. The festival is held in October and lasts for about 20 days. Locals and tourists participate in various activities including dancing and body painting. The festival is held twice to commemorate the economic crisis that hit the townspeople after global sugar prices plunged due to overproduction in Caribbean countries flooding the market. It was also a national tragedy when the MS Don Juan collided with an oil tanker, killing 700 people. The Philippines is made up of thousands of tropical islands. It’s a stunning country to explore, with stunning beaches and stunning cities. . that’s all, With so many islands, you’re almost guaranteed to find some of the best places to explore in the Philippines.

The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In The Philippines

Now, I have no reluctance to say that you won’t be able to see the entire Philippines in one trip. hey If you’ve been here a decade, you can see that. So when we visit, we have to prioritize certain sites that we know we want to like.

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From the breathtaking bays of El Nido to the beautiful island of Bohol; There are a few Philippines that you are sure to love.

Check out some of the best places to visit in the Philippines below. You will have a great time. 🇵🇭

Located in the Mimaropa region, the Palawan Islands are one of the best places to explore in the Philippines.

Best Places In The Philippines To Visit

With the clearest turquoise water I’ve ever seen and over 50,000 years of history, it’s a strange place to explore on your trip. While in Palawan, Be sure to visit El Nido, located on the easternmost part of the main island.

Once here, be sure to hop aboard your private boat (during transfer) to visit the stunning Bacuit Islands. Each island in the Bacuit Archipelago has some of the most beautiful cliffs and crystal clear waters I have ever seen. There are also many places for snorkelling.

Now to get here; Take a bigger plane from Manila (or Bohol, etc.) to Puerto Princesa and drive around 5-6 hours (depending on how fast your driver goes) to El Nido itself. Alternatively, fly directly to El Nido with Air Swift, which flies from Manila.

Top 10 Travel Destination In The Philippines

Alternatively, if El Nido doesn’t strike your fancy, head to the Palawanese island of Coron, about 60-80 kilometers from El Nido.

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Now, It is best to go to Coron via ferry or by Air Swift (only takes 25 minutes).

There are beach resorts and dive sites to start your island tour.

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