Travel Destination April

Travel Destination April – April is a great time to travel somewhere sunny while waiting for the UK to warm up.

We’ve rounded up the most popular destinations you can travel to without breaking the bank – with deals from just £132pp.

Travel Destination April

Travel Destination April

April is a great time to travel to sunny destinations while we wait for the UK to warm upCredit: Alamy

London, Uk, April 1, 2012

Fortunately, many countries in Europe are warmer than the UK in April. And many holiday destinations stay above 20C.

Spain and Greece have temperatures in the early 20s, while Egypt and Mexico are warmer if you want a longer break.

For the best weather, avoid mainland Spain and head to the islands, where temperatures can hover around 20-25C.

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Morocco, in North Africa, has temperatures in the mid-20s in April, making it more pleasant than the UK.

Turkey is one of the cheapest destinations for British people. A study carried out last year found that Britons would get hundreds more for their cash if they traveled to the country as the pound strengthened against the Turkish lira.

It’s also great for family vacations, as many hotels have water parks on site. Additionally, it is warm during the spring, averaging 22C.

Travel Destination April

Because it is one of the southernmost islands, it can reach 20 degrees during the day, while the sea stays around 18 degrees.

Reasons To Visit Lisbon In April 2023

Egypt had the closest temperatures to the UK in April, reaching 30 degrees in some parts of the country.

Flights to areas like Cairo or Sharm El Sheikh take between four and five hours, meaning you don’t have to go far for some heat.

If you want to go further afield, Mexico is also a good option in April, where temperatures reach 33C in resorts such as Cancun and Tulum.

April is considered a dry month for Mexico, which means it’s a great time to visit if you want water activities like diving, swimming, and surfing.

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Flights from the UK take over 10 hours and most hotels are all-inclusive, so the deals are the priciest.

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We also tell you how to find cheap flights to our top holiday destinations, with return prices from £17.

We’re also rounding up the cheapest beach holidays this May and June with deals from £130pp for flights.

Travel Destination April

For budget-friendly travel, you can save money by taking coach this year, with Legoland and Disneyland trips from £129pp.

Absolute Best Places To Visit In Italy (+ Map & Planning Tips)

We’ve rounded up the most popular destinations you can travel to without breaking the bank, and deals start from just £132ppCredit: Getty Come spring, we can finally start getting out to experience more of the world again. April is the best time to travel in Europe. While it is still cold in some areas, flowers are beginning to bloom in other places. Crowds are less but events and activities are increasing. You can explore the outdoors on milder days and spend leisurely hours in museums or cafes on days off. In this guide, I recommend the best places to visit in Europe in April.

When it leads to warmer weather in the Med, I think the trip is a bit of a waste because the water will be absolutely freezing. So, when the air is fresh, cool and some tourists will be happy, taking advantage of the good water will be out of the question.

However, I recommend a city break where spring flowers bloom and life returns after winter slumber. But where are the best places to visit in Europe in April? Of course, there are many possibilities but below are recommendations for European cities to visit this year.

As a former resident of Budapest, I can assure you that spring in Budapest is amazing. Gellert Hill is covered in blossoming trees, café terraces begin to open and the fresh air is a nice contrast while relaxing in one of the famous hot springs. I recommend getting up early to watch the sunrise over Pest from Gellert Hill or Fisherman’s Bastion.

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Amsterdam is brilliant at any time of year but I love to visit in April to take a day trip to the Keukenhof tulip gardens.

If you go in late April, you can also celebrate King’s Day (before Queen’s Day), a day of crazy festivities that is actually a huge street party on April 27, 2022.

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Unfortunately, there is little chance of good weather in Amsterdam in April but you can use those gray days to visit the city’s famous museums such as the Van Gogh Museum and unusual museums such as the Rijksmuseum or the Houseboat Museum.

Travel Destination April

If you prefer to spend your holidays in Eastern Europe, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the Baltic countries. The whole area is amazing and better than you can imagine. Riga, in particular, is famous for one of the largest Art Nouveau neighborhoods in the world.

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You don’t need many days to visit Little Riga and you don’t need to go outside the old town, but you can explore a lot, spend your days in the cafés-walking the cobblestone streets and having fun. Bar at night.

Riga may not be my personal favorite of the Baltic capitals, it is loved by many and I cannot deny that it is a great place for a weekend break, especially if you are on a budget. If you want to visit three Baltic countries in one trip, a road trip including Tallinn and Vilnius is the way to go.

I recommend reading Farting Out the Fun for a more detailed account of his visit to Riga when he lived in the city for several years.

Paris is famous for many things but at the top of the list of things to do is a picnic in a beautiful park in the spring. I’m sure I’m not alone in that it was the highlight of my trip to Paris.

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. Then head to the Jardin du Luxembourg or the Tuileries, pull up one of the green metal chairs where you can eat a baguette while people watching.

The city spends millions every year on gardening, which is no surprise when you consider the vast tulip beds in the Luxembourg Gardens and Parc Monceau, or the more discreetly sculpted gardens like the Palais Royal or the Jardin des Tuileries.

For variety visit Parc de Bagatelle or Bois de Boulogne, or you can take the train 20 minutes outside the city to see the cherry blossom fields at Parc de Sceaux.

Travel Destination April

Paris is my favorite spring destination. Read our Paris day trip post for ideas on places to visit if you want to get out of the city.

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Naples has a reputation for being an obscure city and in some ways, I believe that assessment is justified but that is part of what makes it such an attractive place to visit. It’s interesting to see what Italian life can be like for people outside the rich north and what it’s like in a completely different country.

Don’t forget to indulge in Neapolitan specialties like margherita pizza, buffalo mozzarella, pasta e fagioli (pasta with beans), pasta e picelli (pasta with peas), sartu di risso and parmigiana di melanzen (eggplant pie).

April is a good time to visit Naples as it can be very hot in the summer and a bit quieter in the winter. If you are visiting Europe in April, you can also consider a road trip from Naples to Tuscany.

If it’s warmth you’re after, southern Spanish regions such as Andalusia have great weather in April. Barcelona and Madrid are also often hot. I really like Barcelona in April and it’s a quiet time of year.

Sanfang Qixiang (three Lanes And Seven Alleys), Fuzhou, China

You can peacefully explore the historic streets, enjoy a walk on the beach and maybe have a glass of cava or two in a street bar. April is a good month for tours and museums as you can avoid the often long queues.

If you are visiting Barcelona via a short trip, I recommend buying a transport card. The metro in particular is a great way to get around, especially when the weather is bad which can happen in April. You can buy your card online before you go and then validate it when you arrive. Athens, Greece

To be honest, I have only visited Athens once before but in spring, in April. Although you may experience occasional showers, the weather is generally good for travel. Cooler temperatures make tours like the Parthenon more enjoyable as climbing the mountain can be difficult in the summer.

Travel Destination April

Another great aspect of traveling in April is that restaurants are less crowded so you can be more comfortable eating out. April also means Easter in Greece, a popular Orthodox celebration that often includes a delicious feast. Greek Easter takes place on April 24, 2022.

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