Travel Destination Articles

Travel Destination Articles – Update 2021: Because of how popular this article has become, I’ve decided to keep it alive and will continue to add more beautiful travel blogs as I discover them.

2020 is here, maybe not as many of us expected, but the world moves on and so I decided to expand this list of the best travel blogs even further with 6 new travel blogs to check out, bringing it. Until 20, the perfect number for 2020. Without further ado, let’s check out all the amazing travel blogs.

Travel Destination Articles

Travel Destination Articles

As some of you may know, I have been in the design industry for the past 10 years working as a freelance designer for various companies while running this blog. In fact, most of my income comes from my freelance design work at Pete Design.

Chicago Ranked No. 2 Travel Destination In U.s. By Conde Nast

I appreciate well-designed products and today I want to dive into travel blog design and present the best travel blog designs that take your storytelling to the next level and hopefully inspire you to create your own great travel blog.

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Travel Trends For Spring 2022

Today’s travel blogs are starting to look the same, with generic templates available, difficult navigation, too many unnecessary pop-ups and don’t get me started on page hijacking (why do people do that?).

I believe this is because website building has become more accessible and blogs can be created easily with automated tools, allowing bloggers to focus more on writing, marketing and SEO.

That’s all well and good for beginners, but when those blogs grow, most bloggers forget about design and instead double down on SEO and marketing, sometimes sacrificing user experience for profits. Their identities get diluted over time which is why most of the travel blogs you see today look similar.

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Travel Destination Articles

To promote great design in the travel industry, I decided to scour the internet for great user experience, great storytelling, and websites that have pushed the boundaries of what travel blogging can be.

Italy Travel Guide

What I like about them: The Travel Episodes take storytelling to another level not only with text, but also with video clips, sound effects and photos. It’s like reading a futuristic storybook that has teleported you somewhere.

For example, the entry Hitchhiking through Pakistan, when you first come to the site, you already feel the tense atmosphere of the video playing in the background, and the more you read digestible passages, the more you want to see how it all went down. Down. The Travel Episodes blog takes travel blogging into the realm of short stories unlike any other travel blog I’ve seen.

What I like: Anywhere We Roam may seem like your typical clean, minimalist travel blog, but this UK-based travel blog run by Paul and Mark is a great example of how pictures speak a thousand words.

The design of the travel blog only serves as a blank canvas to highlight the atmospheric and immersive photography that Anywhere We Roam is a master of. Their photos and text are great and transport you to the location in question.

Places For Travelers To Visit In 2023

A great example of this can be seen in articles like Impressions of Havana: a story where the couple takes you through the streets of Havana, exploring its culture and atmosphere through atmospheric photography and immersive writing that will make you feel like you’re there. there you are

16 professional presets are now available for Lightroom! Instantly turn your travel photos into a beautiful piece of art with one click. Available for both mobile and PC. Buy Now Get Free Preset 3. Maptia

What I like: As you know, I’m a fan of a well-designed website, and one travel platform that’s always been on my radar is Maptia, a platform for travelers and explorers who document and capture the world around them.

Travel Destination Articles

Maptia hasn’t been updated as regularly as I’d hoped, but still, the design they did a few years ago is timeless and still one of the best designed travel websites out there.

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Best Budget Holiday Destinations In India

Its focus on world-changing photography and following the travel stories of those who have lived their lives to the fullest is the only reason Maptia deserves a place on this list.

Tony Wu’s A Gathering of Giants travelogue is a great example of Maptia’s premium content that you can’t get anywhere else. Looking at the highly detailed photos and reading the well-written story in this article is the closest you can get to these beautiful and amazing whales.

What I like: I first discovered IFLY magazine when I flew KLM to Europe in 2018 and since they send the newsletter to their flights from various places they may travel, I was introduced to IFLY.

IFLY Magazine is an online travel magazine operated by Dutch Airlines, KLM, and combines the professionally shot photos you often expect from aviation magazines, the use of interactive media such as audio and video, and travel tips and tricks that are useful for everyone. type of passengers

Punta Christo Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

A great example of how IFLY excels at storytelling is the article “The Wales Way”. The article highlights a travel itinerary that takes us through the beautiful scenery of Wales.

The moment you land on that page, you’ll see a full-screen video of drones flying around Wales, along with many full-page photos of Welsh mountains and castles. If that doesn’t make the best first impression on a travel website, I don’t know what does.

What I like: With a focus on producing high-quality outdoor lifestyle content, Another Escape blog has hit the nail on the head with their online magazine website, featuring engaging and authentic travel stories from around the world and stunning nature photography.

Travel Destination Articles

Another Escape’s design shines best when you watch travel stories like “The Road Taken,” where the article follows a couple who have traded their city life for life on the road. Its white space and simple website design allows interesting travel stories and photos to emerge and shine on their own.

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Above The Rope Bridge Over A Cliff In Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia

There’s a saying in the design community that goes, “Good design is invisible,” and I think that’s the case with the clean, minimalist design of the Another Escape blog. Another Escape website design distracts you and allows you to enjoy the wonderful stories of the outside world in solitude.

With a clean and colorful design, watercolor titles, a well-organized structure and plenty of well-written travel guides, Indie Traveler is a great example of a travel blog that maintains its unique identity without sacrificing the usability of its content.

What I like: Indie Traveler has been run by Marek Bron since 2012 and what I like most about the design is his play with color palettes, mixing contrasts and subtle colors in a way that sets the travel blog apart from the rest.

The design is also a unique and organized framework, the moment you enter his blog you will know that he is not using a generic WordPress theme, a first impression that is difficult to make these days.

Ways To Research A Travel Destination Before You Go

Its content and writings are also the pinnacle of a travel blog. An article like “Where to Backpack: Key Routes Around the World” is a great example of Indie Traveler’s content organization and structure.

Short paragraphs, white space, and the display of those unique charts and photos along with a pastel color palette make Indie Traveler exciting to read, which is something I can’t say for many other generic travel blogs. there

What I love: This is a travel blog that I chose only because of the art style, because the content is in Spanish, but the design language of this blog is one of the most unique designs I’ve seen in a travel blog.

Travel Destination Articles

Roj Cangrej’s design consisted of lots of blocks and lines laid out in a minimal way, relying on contrasting colors like turquoise and stunning photography to grab your attention and work.

Best Places To Visit In Greece In 2023

Marta, the writer behind Roko Cangrejo, is also an excellent photographer who knows how to capture the small intimate moments we often experience when traveling.

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