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We are fortunate to see and experience many beautiful places in Australia. That’s why I’ve rounded up the top 10 unique places in Australia that you can add to your Australian bucket list.

Travel Destination Australia

Travel Destination Australia

Whether you’re an Aussie native or planning to visit Australia in the future, I’m sharing our favorite places, the best things to see and do on every bucket list.

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White sand beaches, turquoise blue waters and hanging out with kangaroos at Lucky Bay is a top bucket list experience! Located 60km from Esperance, Lakin Bay is an epic Western Australian bucket list destination.

Drive your car to the beach and spend the afternoon with these beautiful animals. The best part is that the kangaroos are very friendly – you can sit with them, pet them and don’t forget to take lots of photos with them!

Wharton Beach is further east and the clearest water I have ever seen! My favorite beach in the world! Head to the eastern side of the beach for a spectacular view of the white sand beach.

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WA is a less important part of Australia and Esperance is home to some of the best beaches in Australia, you can read my guide to the best beaches in Esperance here.

One of Australia’s most unique experiences is exploring the outback, and it doesn’t get more epic than the Red Centre. With stunning scenery and local culture, visiting Uluru and the Red Center are top bucket list things to do in Australia and one of our favourites.

Uluru itself is magical and the national park is great for those who love the outdoors, exploring, hiking and camping, so I recommend spending at least 3 days in the area. Plan your trip on this Alice Springs tour itinerary.

Travel Destination Australia

Uluru and the red-orange colors of the landscape are best enjoyed at sunset. The main sunset area is the best place to watch the sunset at Uluru, but it can get very busy, so make sure you arrive at least 40 minutes before sunset to get a front row parking spot!

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Alternatively, an experience like Field of Light is pure magic and has such a spectacular sunset. Tickets are $44 or you can upgrade to the Star Pass Experience for $98, which includes sunset drinks, canapés and entry to the Field of Lights.

There are many trails and walks in Uluru Kata-Teuta National Park, but I recommend the Uluru Base Walk. The best way to get close to Uluri and see how big it is is to feel like you’re there, and there’s nothing better than being in such a pristine, magical place.

Besides the main walk, the best things to do in Uluru are morning camel tours, the Walpa Gate Walk and the watering holes at Kata Tjuta. For the ultimate Australian bucket list experience, an Uluru sunset helicopter ride is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Expect tears and goosebumps, because it’s an incredible, mesmerizing experience that’s worth every dollar.

If you’re planning a road trip in the Northern Territory, check out our list of top road trips.

Islands Of Australia & The Great Ocean Road

Another Northern Territory road trip gem, Kakadu National Park is one of the largest nature reserves in Australia’s Northern Territory, home to an incredibly diverse landscape that leaves us in awe. With its pristine wetlands, rivers, majestic canyons and incredible waterfalls, Kakadu is perfect for adventurers and there’s nothing better than cooling off in the water at the end of the day.

Magak Falls and Ganlom Falls are must-sees in Kakadu National Park. The water is very clear and suitable for swimming.

If seeing crocodiles in the wild is on your Australian bucket list, Kakadu is a must. Yellowwater Cruises offers sunrise, sunset and afternoon cruises where you can spot incredible wildlife including crocodiles. We saw crocodiles on the Smart Leaping Crocodile Cruise on the Adelaide River.

Travel Destination Australia

Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful colors of the red sunset over the landscape at Navurlandja Lout. It was the perfect way to end our day as the rocks turned red and the moon rose above us.

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If you’ve always wanted to experience a tropical island paradise, put Fitzroy Island on your Cairns bucket list. With so much to do for such a small island, I recommend an overnight stay at Fitzroy Island Resort.

This island paradise has activities for everyone. Enjoy a beach day at Nudie Beach, Australia’s best beach pick of 2018. Or if you love being in the water, you can’t miss snorkeling, diving and swimming in the reefs and turquoise waters. The reef is really colorful and there are turtles everywhere! Diving and adventure centers offer water sports.

To see the island from the water, you can book an island tour that includes food and drinks. Or for those who prefer a hike, I recommend Fitzroy Summit for a 360 view of the island and surrounding blue waters.

Hutt Lagoon, also known as the Pink Lagoon, is a must-see, fully inhabited and one of the most unique places in Australia. About 5 hours from Perth and located between Perth and Exmouth, Hutt Lagoon is a must-see on a Western Australia road trip.

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The pink color comes from algae that grow in lakes and brackish water. But the color of the natural look can change throughout the year, so check online for the latest photos. The pink color is really very bright and stunning, which looks great on a clear, sunny day.

Make sure you allow enough time to visit the lake. This will add extra time to your trip and you’ll want time to take a million photos! You can swim in the lake, although it is very salty – swim at your own risk.

Byron Bay is one of Australia’s most famous and visited bucket list destinations and it’s easy to see why. We love the vegetarian and vegan cafes, the amazing beaches, the rainforests and the super chilled vibe here.

Travel Destination Australia

Most people think of Byron Bay and think of beaches and cafes, but don’t miss the Byron Bay Hinterland. Discover what this part of Byron Bay is all about: villages nestled amongst green hills, waterfalls and rainforest. Be sure to take a trip to the charming town of Bangale to dine and browse the boutique shops. Drive to Beachhill Quarry where you will find a unique aquamarine pool. No swimming is recommended due to the ph level, but dipping your feet in the water and snapping some great pictures makes the drive worth it.

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Australia Destination Guide

Byron Bay is famous for its Instagrammable cafes. There are many great options, but some of our favorites are The People’s Cafe, The Pressed Bowl, The Combi, The Leaf, The Farmhouse, Best Buy and The General Store.

Avoid staying in a hotel on your trip to Byron Bay. Tons of AirBnBs are made for your Instagram feed. We love Bask & Stowe, Elements, Bauer, Atlantic, Race in Vagos and Byron Beach Abode.

We are lucky to have this little piece of paradise on our doorstep on the Queensland coast and it’s only a 75 minute ferry ride from Brisbane. Moreton Island is a nature lover’s dream, with stunning Aussie wildlife, beautiful beaches and as a sandy island, it’s 4WD accessible, which is great fun!

The crazy Tangaluma shipwrecks are a must, seeing them from the air in a helicopter is an Australian bucket list experience. Or you can snorkel around the wrecks, spotting them from the water.

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Known for its shipwrecks and snorkeling, you can also enjoy beautiful beaches for hiking, dolphin feeding and tropical safaris.

Exmouth makes the list of top 10 places in Australia due to its amazing marine life. I highly recommend booking a couple of boat trips and swimming experiences in Exmouth – the marine wildlife we ​​saw was insane!

Swimming with manta rays, whale sharks and turtles is a great experience and getting close to these beautiful creatures in the water is surreal. Read all about the tours and excursions you can book on Exmouth Itinerary.

Travel Destination Australia

If you’re looking for the best beach in Exmouth, our favorite Turquoise Bay lives up to its name.

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