Travel Destination Books

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Looking for fun and/or educational travel books for kids, but overwhelmed by all the choices? This guide narrows down the best options and helps you choose the best children’s travel books for your kids. Knowing!

Travel Destination Books

Travel Destination Books

We love to travel and our kids love to read, so it’s no wonder there are so many travel books for kids. But when I started looking for fun and inspiring travel books for kids, I couldn’t believe there were so many! From whom

Destination Literature: Great Books For And About Travel

To pick the best travel books for kids, I searched for the most popular children’s travel books and children’s travel guides on Amazon. Also, I asked my husband

Family travel bloggers share their kids’ favorite travel books and favorite travel guides. Of course, I also included some of our children’s favorite books and my favorite children’s travel books. Knowing!

As I update my list of the best children’s travel books, I want to start with one of our family’s favorites right now – Lonely Planet Kids’ great hardback travel books for kids. They have great travel books for kids of all ages and each book is unique.

In this selection, I’ve chosen to highlight a few books that are ours, but there are many more in this series. All LP Kids books are informative, kid-friendly, and filled with beautiful illustrations that will take you on a magical journey around the world without leaving your bed.

Travel North America (and Avoid Being A Tourist) By Jeralyn Gerba And Pavia Rosati

What I love about these travel guides for kids is that you can open any page, read it and learn something new. These books are great even for kids with short attention spans. They don’t have to read pages and pages of boring introductions and they don’t have to read these books on their own and on their own accord.

LP Kids travel books are a great gift for 7 year olds and teens. Also great for homeschooling projects. Knowing!

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. He wrote them about most of the world’s major cities in the 50s and 60s. This includes New York, Rome, San Francisco, Washington, etc.

Travel Destination Books

Kids love facts and trivia, and this gives kids fun facts like how many people ride the New York subway or how many steps up the Eiffel Tower. Kids will love reading and parents will appreciate the retro artwork.

What To Read Where: The Best Books By Destination

These children’s travel books are a large, picture book type, but despite their slightly childish look, they are not intended for younger children. I would say 7-11.

Our family loves the Lonely Planet’s City Roads series (not for older parents).

These kids travel guides are similar to Usborne or DK travel guides, but with lots of pictures and fun pictures for kids to enjoy. Most of the books focus on a specific country or continent, but there are two books that focus on London and Paris, which I used before visiting.

We were planning a family trip to London – Paris – Bruges and gave our daughters the City Trails – London and City Trails Paris guides. I hoped these books would spark interest in things like the history and practice of the iconic fountains in Paris and the Great Holocaust in London.

The Best Coast: A Road Trip Atlas By Chandler O’leary

After days of browsing and re-reading the books, they were asked to visit Marie Antoinette’s farm village and the hedgehog maze at Hampton Court Palace. The fact that our girls read these books before our trip made this trip special for all of us.

. Seymour and Howe travel the world and have adventures like sledding in Alaska or saving camels in Morocco.

Travel stories stay in children’s imaginations and bring exotic destinations to life. Plus, it entertains kids with inside jokes about indigestion!

Travel Destination Books

These adventure books not only introduce children to different countries, but are also really well written and fun to read. Even though the books are aimed at children, I couldn’t put them down. Exciting experiences combined with interesting facts about special places will help you better understand people and other cultures.

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Assorted Travel / Destination Books Auction

There are 8 books in this series, one for each destination (eg Finland, Greece, Peru…). Adventure Mailbox Adventure books are different from other children’s travel books. They are not about famous places or dry facts, but the opposite

. It’s a wonderful and inspiring read, best suited for slightly older children (9-10 and up). Our 12 year old loves reading them!

What makes the Adventurous Mailbox series unique is that it comes in the form of a personalized adventure package from abroad (with a fancy box with foreign brands and all). Not only do you get a book, you get a personal invitation to enter Crameye’s World – where young explorers can learn languages, follow book characters’ blogs, play games and even chat with other kids. all over the world.

The Adventure Mailbox is the perfect choice for those looking for a truly inspirational gift for kids! Check out the Adventurous Mailbox website for more information!

Destination Inspired Travel Books To Add To Your Reading List

The Daily One Wimpy Kid is a collection of books for children 8 and up. Our kids love these books and have read most of them multiple times…

While most of the books in the series aren’t travel-oriented, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Trip is a bestseller among thousands of children’s travel books on Amazon. So if your kids want a slightly different travel story that doesn’t involve tourists or reading, they’ll enjoy this story.

This book features a wrecked car, hungry seagulls, and a fun and exciting family adventure for the whole family.

Travel Destination Books

The best travel books for kids ages 4-8 is National Geographic’s first big book around the world

Best Travel Books 2022: Top Titles To Fuel Your Wanderlust

Introduce your kids to the wide world with this beautiful picture book from National Geographic. Lots of facts and information – will keep the youngest readers interested for a long time.

This series includes great travel books for young children. Check out our most popular names below.

Salvatore Rubbino’s ‘Journey to…’ series. This large format picture book series will make you fall in love with family-friendly travel destinations around the world. Short text with beautiful unique pictures and interesting facts will encourage your children to travel on their own.

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This is no ordinary travel book. Journey Art is a wordless story that tells the wonderful story of a girl who experiences a magical adventure with a red pencil. It allows the reader to interpret the images and tell their own story in whatever language they want. For children of all ages.

Travel Books To Inspire Your Next Vacation

You rule! Lonely Planet Kids lets your kids create a new nation from scratch. They can become king or queen, choose borders, design their own flag… learn the importance of land borders, happy citizens, and more.

Jenny Maisel’s beautifully designed pop-up books take you to iconic locations in London or New York. It’s fun, interactive and informative at the same time. It’s not just for kids.

Even if your kids can’t read, they can still appreciate a good book with pretty pictures. Here’s a small selection of the best travel books for kids.

Travel Destination Books

All aboard! Coloring board books are best for the youngest travelers in your family. Minimal text, cute little books that kids (and you) will read and reread until they’ve memorized every picture.

The Ten Best Books About Travel Of 2022

Hello World! Series by Ashley Evans. Beautiful illustrated travel books for young children. From Paris to London and New York to San Francisco… These coloring board books not only introduce little places to important places, but also teach numbers, colors, shapes and more. teaches.

Hello World! (It’s a small world). This adorable toddler book for the youngest readers takes children on a world tour as they teach them to say “Hello” in 10 different languages. It was also inspired by the designs of the popular Disney theme park It’s a Small World.

Looking for non-fiction travel books for your kids? In this case, refer to the children’s atlas. Check out the best-selling titles below.

National Geographic Kids Ultimate US Road Trip Atlas

Road Map And Assortment Of Travel Guides, Guidebooks And Wildlife Books About Costa Rica In Central America And Patagonia Stock Photo

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