Travel Destination Cebu

Travel Destination Cebu – I love the Philippines! I already said that the Philippines should be your first destination in Asia. For starters, almost everyone in the Philippines speaks English, which really helps eliminate any language barriers you might be worried about.

I also love traveling to the Philippines because the people are friendly, the food is amazing and there is so much beauty in this country. With over 7,000 islands, the choice of a Philippine destination can be overwhelming.

Travel Destination Cebu

Travel Destination Cebu

One Philippine island I would like to visit is Cebu. If you love white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters and swaying palm trees, you will love Cebu.

Top Places To Visit In Cebu

Whether you want an active vacation that includes diving and hiking to hidden waterfalls, or if you prefer a relaxing spot on the beach sipping fruity coconut drinks, Cebu has it all. Once you decide to visit Cebu, be sure to include these four experiences in your Cebu itinerary.

While you can visit Cebu for the beach and ocean, it’s fun to explore Cebu City while you’re here.

Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines, with distinct Spanish colonial influences, so you can be sure there are plenty of interesting places to visit. Some of the must-sees in Cebu City include:

What is Lechon you ask? Lechon is a grilled lechon and is one of the best things you will ever eat. It’s practically the national dish of the Philippines and it’s my favorite food to eat in the Philippines.

A Favorite Cebu Destination To Close Temporarily Starting Oct. 21

I highly recommend trying the two Lechon spots and deciding which you like best. You can never have enough Lechon in Cebu. Make sure you leave room for dessert because you have to try the halo-halo.

Translated as “mix-mix”, this Filipino dessert is a layered mixture of sweet nuts, ice cream, fruit, shaved ice and condensed milk.

You must spend a day on an island from Cebu. There are too many Philippine islands to see just one on your trip. We had an amazing day island hopping from Cebu. We visited some islands and could snorkel and jet dive all day.

Travel Destination Cebu

We also had a delicious lunch of fresh seafood; we were given a choice of live fish which was then cooked for us right on the beach including fresh sea urchin! The union in a sushi restaurant at home will never taste as good as the one on our ship!

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Underrated Cebu Tourist Destinations

The people on our boat were wonderful and I would definitely do this day trip to Cebu again the next time I visit.

This place is for my girls on Instagram. The Sirao Flower Garden is located in the mountains about 12 miles outside of Cebu City. We hired a driver to take us there to photograph the sunset among the many props scattered around the garden.

In addition to the gorgeous flowers everywhere, set against the beautiful mountain backdrop, the Gardens are known for photo opportunities.

There are human-sized nests, giant hands reaching high above the ground that you can sit on, windmills and various signs such as “LOVE” and “I <3 Sirao Garden". We arrived just before sunset, which was perfect for photos, but almost missed due to Cebu's legendary traffic jam. Take enough time here!

Cebu City + Oslob +kawasan Falls 4d/3n Adventure

My favorite place to stay in Cebu is the Shangri-La Mactan, which has stunning views and is a truly luxurious experience for travelers to Cebu. From the staff to the spa and the abundance of on-site activities like jet skiing and kayaking, I can’t think of a better place to stay in Cebu.

If there’s one souvenir to take home from Cebu, it’s dried mangoes. Cebu has some of the best mangoes in the world and you will definitely eat a lot of fresh mangoes during your stay.

If you want to remember your trip when you get home, or take home gifts for friends and family, dried mangoes are a great way to go. Of course, you can get dried mangoes in the United States, but they are cheaper in Cebu and the quality is better. You’ll see it sold everywhere, so be sure to grab a few bags before you pack up and head home.

Travel Destination Cebu

I highly recommend hiring a guide to take you around Cebu. You’ll be more efficient with your time and see places that only locals know about. Matt and Stuart were excellent guides during our stay, so start planning your Cebu itinerary, drop them a line and let them know Valerie sent you! Planning to go to Cebu and wondering which tourist spots in Cebu you should visit? Of course, Cebu has many beautiful places. And you’ll want to go to them all or choose from the best Cebu tourist attractions guide. Find out what and where this place is. Then you can figure out how to get there as you read.

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Adorned With Dragon Statues An

Let’s start with the city area. First, we have Cebu Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills Subdivision, Cebu City. The Chinese Taoist community built this Chinese-style architectural temple in 1972.

This temple became popular due to its artistic structure. Even those who do not believe in Taoism visit the place.

From there, you can see a stunning view of the city and even Mactan Island. And of course, for Taoists it is the perfect place for prayer or meditation.

The next tourist attraction is the Leah Temple located along the Transcentral Cebu Highway. Teodorico Soriano Adarna built this temple in 2012.

South Of Cebu

The temple is a symbol of the undying love for his 53-year-old wife Lia Villa Albino-Adarna. The temple has 24 rooms, including a museum, an art gallery and a library.

In addition, Greek and Roman architecture were the inspiration for the temple. Giant statues of lions as well as a grand staircase with brass angels adorn the Taj Mahal in Cebu.

Heading to higher ground in the Busay area is the Sirao Flower Garden. Going there is like experiencing the Netherlands, so this tourist attraction is called “Little Amsterdam”.

Travel Destination Cebu

) flowers in flaming red, purple, yellow, orange make it similar to Amsterdam. The intricate windmills and the cool breeze add to the spectacular view. Therefore, it gives visitors a unique, touristy feel.

Famous Places In Cebu To Visit For Holiday Trip

Moving to the nearby island of Mactan, you can visit the 10,000 Roses of Cebu. This gorgeous place located in Day-as Barangay Rd, Cordova, Cebu has gone viral on social media. 10,000 LED-powered artificial roses surround this Roses Café & More playground.

Most of the guests prefer to go there in the evening to see the beautiful sunset while the roses glow at night. In addition, the owner of the cafe, who is also an interior designer, intends to create a romantic atmosphere for the couple.

Going south, you can climb Cebu’s Mount Osmena in Mantalongon, Dalagete (pronounced “Dalaget”). Located at 1,013 meters above sea level, Mount Osmena is the highest point on the entire island. This hill rises out of limestone with sharp jutting peaks perfect for photography.

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The peak is part of the Mantalongon mountain range that extends to the municipality of Badian. It is considered the twin of Bohol’s Chocolate Hills.

Top Things To See And Do In Cebu, Philippines

Besides, the main activities here are hiking and camping. Most hikers prefer two hiking trails. The first started in Badian, through Churugh Kawasan.

On the other hand, there is another one in Dumanjug town which culminates in Brgy Liong. Also, when you go to the top of the mountain, don’t forget to take water, it will help you rehydrate.

Still in the southern part of Cebu is the breathtaking Kawasan Falls in the municipality of Badian. Some tourists from Puncak Osmena pass to Curug Kawasan after camping, but you can go directly to Kawasan only through Barili.

Travel Destination Cebu

Curug Kawasan is a three-tier clear turquoise water from the mountain springs of the Mantalongon Mountains. Waterfalls are the pearls of the Philippines. One of the most popular tourist spots in the southern part of Cebu is the canyoning area.

Famous Foreign Destinations In The Philippines (lookalikes!)

The canyoning adventure begins at the Canlaob River downstream of Curug Kawasan. Local accredited guides accompany all hikers and facilitate activities such as walking, jumping, swimming, climbing and abseiling through streams. Above all, when canyoning, be prepared to be excited.

Pescador Island is in Tanon Strait – a few kilometers off the coast of Moalboal in the southern part of Cebu Island. This is one of the best diving spots in Cebu. Coral Island is a sand slope covered with 5-10 meters (15-35 ft) of soft coral.

Then there is a wall covered in hard coral that drops to 40 meters (130 feet). There are tons of different types of colorful sea creatures on this wall, including sharks. Better prepare your underwater camera to capture beautiful corals and different marine species.

Another major tourist attraction that is becoming increasingly popular at this location is the Sardin Run. You can swim with millions of sardines (also known as herring), which is totally amazing. So get ready to experience the magnificent beauty under the water.

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On the other side of the island there is a place where you can swim

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