Travel Destination December

Travel Destination December – Why not lie in heaven? Escape the harsh winter days and cool off to the warmth of these special places.

Certainly, the coming months promise to bring some cool fun. Jack Frost is also a permanent resident in winter. Soon the thermometer around your neck in the woods will be dancing around 32 degrees F and the sharp, acrid gases are affecting the many layers you carefully put on before leaving the house. Between December and February, it is not a great picture and a long and wide glacier with a strong chance of precipitation. Why should you bite and bite while the wind chills you to the bone and you are lost in all ends? Don’t you deserve an escape from arctic heat and icy roads? We think so!

Travel Destination December

Travel Destination December

Jet-setters looking for something off the beaten tourist path should consider Sri Lanka. This exotic island in the Indian Ocean is a charming gem that attracts everyone with its stunning unspoiled wilderness, colorful history and delicious cuisine. Due to its proximity and lack of crowds, traveling to Sri Lanka is possible. Skip things by climbing the steep stairs to the top of Sigiriya. Other highlights include cycling through the Dambulla Golden Temple and tea plantations.

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For wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers, nothing even comes close to the Galapagos Islands. Winter is a very special time, marked by warm temperatures, lots of sunshine and calm waters. This is also the breeding season for many animals – increasing your chances of encountering giant turtle eggs and loggerhead nests. Do you want a snorkeling trip? The reefs around Gardner Bay are full of parrotfish, whitetip sharks and stingrays. After an action-packed day exploring the Galapagos Islands, recharge your batteries at Picaya Lodge.

Over the past thirty years, Dubai has become an international hub for business and tourism. It’s no coincidence that glitterati from all over the world travel to this rich, desert paradise. Known for its stunning modern sights – especially the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world – and spectacular scenery, the “City of Gold” certainly lives up to its unusual nickname. Add to that, award-winning restaurants, glitzy mega-malls as well as luxury resorts (Burj Al Arab Jumeirah) and high-end business hotels such as Oberoi Dubai.

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Ancient architecture, rich culture and proximity to Ha Long Bay (it is a 60-minute sea trip from the capital of Vietnam) are just a few reasons why Hanoi is a strong contender for where to go this winter. Picking up an appeal? Hwan Kim Lake and street food! Go to Le Van Funk to sample phở and com binh dan (“common rice”). The wallet-friendly prices certainly don’t hurt either. That’s right: a trip to Hanoi won’t blow your bank account, but it will provide photos and memories that will last a lifetime.

An unforgettable blend of European and Latin influences, Argentina’s cosmopolitan capital is one of the most exciting cities in the world. When the thermometer drops and the humidity rises in winter, it gets even hotter. Expect generous amounts of steak, endless red wine, late-night groove sessions and an influx of tourists at milongas (tango halls). You will also find various exciting events. Christmas fun can be heard in December, fireworks light up the sky on New Year’s Eve and Carnevale Porteno begins in February.

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There are no winter problems in St Lucia – not with sunny skies, blue waters, volcanic beaches and stiff rum cocktails. Volcanic beaches, spas, and hot springs suggest relaxation, while adrenaline-pumping zip lines and dive sites attract more active types. Pack your walking shoes because the UNESCO-listed pythons that can be seen here are not to be missed. As you may have gathered, St. Lucia is very romantic. Want to turn up the heat? Book a room at Marigot Bay or Jade Mountain Resort.

In the realm of tried and true holiday destinations, few compare to Koh Tao for beaches. Thailand’s second largest resort offers a delightful mix of sandy beaches, coconut groves, dense forests, beautiful temples and welcoming locals. There are great places to stay – such as the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui – with pampering spas, hip sunset bars and excellent restaurants. Speaking of food, we’d be remiss not to mention the delicious fare. True to its fishing roots, the food runs the gamut from Thai-style crab curry to tom yum gong (hot and sour seafood soup).

World-class museums, UNESCO sites, a vibrant nightlife, and an excellent clean scene make Lima a fascinating city. First, we have to talk about food. The gastronomic capital of Latin America is full of fine dining restaurants, as well as cevicherias and fast food markets. Between meals, see the pre-Columbian ceramics at the Museo Larco. Be sure to check out some independent galleries and contemporary art centers as well. It’s worth noting that you can do all this while wearing a T-shirt in December, January and February.

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Travel Destination December

Good weather is guaranteed and plenty of outdoor activities await in St. Kitts. The Caribbean country has a warm climate with an average temperature of about 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Translation: perfect conditions for rainforest tours, 4×4 tours and visits to old sugar plantations. Even better, it doesn’t have to be a winter trip to St. Kitts there, thanks to a few beach bars, restaurants and cheap hotels. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for a break, we recommend a shakeup at the Park Hyatt St.

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If value, weather and underwater exploration factor into your vacation decisions, let us introduce you to Ambergris Caye. Loved by beach bums and retirees on a budget, the Belizean island has a lively side with nightlife and plenty of water activities around San Pedro to banish thoughts of boredom. On that note, you can’t talk about Ambergris Caye without mentioning the Great Barrier Reef of Belize. The east coast has some unique dive sites – the most popular being the Blue Hole.

Most people go to Bali from April to October. Budget-conscious travelers who don’t mind the rain and humidity will find great deals during the wet season. We’ll admit that the showers are definitely a downside, but that’s the trade-off for lower prices and less foot traffic on popular sites. In addition to experiencing uncrowded temples and terraced rice paddies, visit traditional Balinese cuisine. During the precious moments of respite from the rain, travelers can relax on the beaches of Seminyak or go surfing in Kongo.

Want to guess which Brazilian destination made our latest must-see list? If you assumed Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, think again. This year, we got our hopper announcements for Trancoso (well, technically Puerto Seguro International Airport). Located in the state of Bahia, this former fishing village attracts vacationers with its golden beaches, coconut palms and bohemian vibe. This is where Brazilian celebrities go to sip caipirinhas and snooze in the soulful casitas at the Yoxua Casa Hotel.

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Say “goodbye” to polar ice caps and “hello” to the hot, dry air in Puerto Vallarta. Expect temperatures in the high 70s with a slight chance of precipitation. It’s no wonder this sun-seeking resort town is buzzing in the winter. December marks the beginning of prime whale watching season and festive holiday traditions, including the Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe (December 12). The tourist boom extends well into February, so prepare for a price hike. Softening the blow of budget-breaking rates? Historic Center Art Walk, legendary nightlife, El Malecon, and Playa Los Muertos.

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Do you want to wear a bikini without leaving the country? One of the warmest places in the continental United States, located 103 miles north of Cuba, Key West consistently reaches temperatures in the 70s—yes, even in winter. It also provides sunlight and light water. That means plenty of opportunities to snorkel with colorful reef fish, snap photos of famous pastel-colored houses, and lounge on some of the most beautiful beaches in all of South Florida. Three final words: No passport required.

As the gateway to Angkor Wat, Siem Reap is a pilgrimage destination in its own right. From contemporary art galleries to Cambodian circuses, the list of attractions does not begin and end with magnificent ancient temples. Thinking of visiting this winter? December to February represents the peak travel period. Even with the increase in tourists, the prices are still very reasonable. So getting a reservation at a fancy hotel like Le Meridien Angkor (you book in advance) shouldn’t be a problem.

A vibrant capital with a pleasant climate, Auckland does a great job of providing a city escape that feels like a real vacation. It is filled with beautiful sites, especially the Sky Tower and Waitemata Bay. Enjoy the wonderful weather with a trip to Auckland Domain, a 200-acre historic park or a ferry ride to Waiheke Island. Need a caffeine fix? Get your java fix at one of Auckland’s top coffee shops courtesy of flat white supreme.

Travel Destination December

Are you wondering what Santiago is like when it is gray and snowy in most of the United States? From December to February, the temperature often rises

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