Travel Destination Examples

Travel Destination Examples – Traveling is an exciting, educational and rewarding experience. There are so many different things to do and so many different places to see. One person’s thrill may be another’s, but there’s a vacation for everyone! Here’s a list of 15 different vacation types that outline the pros and cons of each and determine which type of vacation is the best trip for you.

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Travel Destination Examples

Travel Destination Examples

First, let’s find out what kind of traveler you are. Remember that you can be a combination of many types of traveler, but your current travel desires will determine what type of traveler you are.

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If you don’t already know, Taylor and I use points and miles to fund our travel adventures and rarely pay full price for vacations. We started collecting points and miles in 2016 and have never looked back. We even create a course that teaches others how to do it!

If you’re interested in learning more, I’d be happy to schedule a free 30 minute session with me to answer any questions you may have about our past travel adventures, future trips, travel tips, etc. And don’t worry it won’t be my random sidekick, it’ll be me. Traveling is one of our favorite things and I want to encourage as many people as possible to get out and explore the world!

The 15 types of vacations described below are available for anyone who wants to enjoy some time off. When planning your next vacation, you can easily combine multiple vacation types to create the ultimate vacation, or keep it simple with just one type.

If you are looking for the unknown, new places, new foods, new cultures and new experiences, then an international vacation is the vacation for you. International vacations are ideal for someone who is open to new ideas and isn’t afraid to try something they’ve never done before.

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However, if you are someone who likes safety, doesn’t like long trips, and doesn’t want new experiences, traveling abroad may not be for you.

We believe that international holidays are for everyone, whether you are alone or with others, traveling abroad is an experience of a lifetime.

According to the Travel Channel, the most popular vacation destinations in the world are Paris, New York and Rome (all cities). What does this tell us? City breaks are the most popular type of vacation in the world, and for good reason.

Travel Destination Examples

First, there is a lot to do in the city. There are historic sites, amazing restaurants, and lots of activities, all within walking distance of each other. Every city has something special and unique as well as many tourist activities.

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Just like international vacations, city vacations are for almost every traveler. However, we don’t recommend a city break for families with young children unless you focus on the museums, sights and bridges. Often city breaks revolve around activities aimed at a more mature audience as there are over 21 activities. For this reason, we only recommend 4/5 types of travelers for this type of vacation.

One of the most popular types of vacations after city breaks is a beach vacation. When most people think of a vacation, they think of the beach, a relaxing getaway, toes in the sand or by the pool, and a nice cold drink in hand, right? Well, that’s what you get on a beach vacation, assuming the weather is good!

For a beach vacation, you can find a domestic or international destination as long as you can find warm weather. One of the most popular beach vacations in the United States is an air vacation. If you’re interested in taking a beach vacation in Hawaii, check out our Hawaii posts on each island.

Beach vacations are ideal for any type of traveler who wants to get out in the sun with their toes in the sand. Depending on the location, some are more family friendly, some are geared towards seniors, some are geared towards couples, and for those singles, there are plenty of beachfront locations close to the party scene.

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Similar to a beach vacation, travelers often envision themselves at a resort with beautiful pools, water parks, and more. A resort vacation is the ultimate escape where you want to lose your reality, relax by the pool, get a massage and just pamper yourself. Resorts come in all shapes and sizes, but usually have a common goal in mind, “How do we keep our guests here as long as possible by solving whatever they want or need while they’re here.”

Resort vacations are available to almost every traveler. There is a resort for all ages and interests, however, we have found that most resorts are suitable for 4 of the 5 types of travelers listed below.

Solo travelers can certainly go to resorts, but we’ve found that they tend to be more family or partner-oriented. However, some resorts offer Singles Week, which provides special events for people traveling alone and ready to get together. Here’s a quick Google search to find the best singles resorts and when they offer a singles week.

Travel Destination Examples

Just like a resort, a cruise is a large floating resort that takes you to many places. Often more expensive than resorts, cruises offer the ultimate package of everything you can imagine in terms of entertainment. The cruise features water parks, casinos, swimming pools, live shows, comedy shows, competitions, sports activities, zip lines and more. Cruises are great for those who don’t want to plan activities and just go with the flow.

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Cruises are great for every type of traveler and there are cruises designed specifically for every demographic. Some examples are Disney Family Cruises, Singles Cruises, Over 40 Cruises, and more.

Road trips are for the more adventurous type of traveler, who likes to take control and go wherever the road leads. This type of vacation can be planned or spontaneous, and during this vacation you can find out if you really enjoy the company of another person. If you want to test your relationship or friendship, go on a road trip together and be in each other’s company 24/7 for a few days!

The type of road trip will determine whether we recommend a road trip to every type of traveler. For the purposes of this post, we’ve identified two groups, one in small vehicles (cars/SUVs/trucks) and one in RVs.

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For safety reasons we have not included solo travelers for road trips. In our opinion, traveling long distances alone is never fun, especially with a lot of driving in a short period of time. While it’s worth going out on your own, it’s always easier to travel with another person.

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One of our favorite things to do is visit national parks. Over the past two years, Taylor and I have visited 16 different national parks in the US and recommend them to everyone we know. I think John Muir said it best…

There is something special about National Parks and seeing them up close allows one to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.

National parks have activities for all ages and every type of traveler. Most National Parks offer great hikes, off-trail backpacking, group camping at designated park campgrounds, romantic dinners at park lodges, and scenic tours where you can learn about the park’s history!

Travel Destination Examples

A common type of vacation combined with a road trip is a camping vacation. Taylor and I often combine vacation types and usually combine a road trip with camping in a national park (three types of vacations in one). Living on the west coast, we would happily drive 6-12 hours to a national park, pit stop along the way to eat at a local restaurant, and then camp for the weekend. We absolutely loved it. It’s always nice to get out in nature with no phone service where you can disconnect from reality and relax. We love making campfire dinners and relaxing under the stars.

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Whether we recommend this to every traveler depends on the location and campsite. On average, camping with friends or your partner is always a great time. Camping with a family with small children can be difficult, but it can be done when you have everything you need readily available. Here is our recommendation

Group vacations allow you to get the best deals possible when you travel. If you are happy with the flow of the group it is relatively easy to book with pre-planned travel and stress free! Many resorts, airlines and activity providers offer group discounts

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