Travel Destination From Singapore

Travel Destination From Singapore – Joining the Vatican and Monaco as one of the few countries/states in the world, Singapore manages to pack a lot into a smaller space than Rhode Island, USA. On our list of top destinations for 2021, this small country is a versatile and inclusive place to indulge in the fun and colorful lifestyle of the locals. Read on to find out why you should consider sending clients to Singapore.

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Travel Destination From Singapore

Travel Destination From Singapore

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) is located in the eastern part of the island. To the north, located between Malaysia and Singapore, is the island of Pulau Ubin, known for its low-key lifestyle and quieter environment. West of the airport is anything but, and unlike other countries where the airport is far from its city name, SIN is less than 25 kilometers (15 miles) from where the fun begins. Here are some things to look for to get started with your customer journey plans:

Singapore Budget Travel Guide (updated 2023)

Merlion Park is one of the most famous places in Singapore. Not only does it provide a perfect view of Singapore’s iconic skyline with the three towers of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel to the east, but it’s also where visitors take photos with the Merlion and its dog.

The Merlion’s favorite statue depicts a lion-fish hybrid standing at the edge of the garden steps, spouting a fountain of water into the sea. Standing 8.6 meters (28.2 feet) tall, the fish half of the mythical creature represents Singapore’s past as a fishing village, and the lion’s head is a proud nod to the country’s original name, “Singapura” (aka Lion Lion). Directly behind the main Merlion is the Child Merlion, a smaller scale (2m/6ft) replica of its ‘mother’. It’s so much easier to make a photo frame!

Merlion Park is a great place to start a customer’s introduction to Singapore. It provides an overview of what to see, and patrons can stop at one of the park’s oceanfront cafes or the marina steps to find out where to go from here.

Located across the bay from Merlion Park, this property is an attraction. A night at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a treat with an average room rate of $500+ per night. Although it’s up to your customers whether they want to make this sacrifice or not, you can be sure to find the best rates for them when you search for hotels in our WINGS Booking Engine. The comfort and million dollar views of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel make it the epitome of luxury in Singapore. If that’s what customers want from this trip, this is where you want to book their stay.

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Year End Travel Trends See Singapore As Top Destination: Travel Weekly Asia

If customers are not staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, there is still an opportunity to experience a sample of its grandeur at the Cé La Vi Sky Lounge, located on the roof of Tower 3. Cocktails are expensive, but not that expensive. as a party. Customers can order a drink and then relax by the world-class infinity pool overlooking the bay. Entry to the Sky Lounge is free, unless there is a special event where cover is charged. For panoramic views of the hotel’s surroundings, including the Gardens by the Bay, the SkyPark observation deck is located at the northern point of Tower 3.

Three coastal gardens make up this 250-acre nature park, and we’re not talking about your typical gardens found on your neighborhood lawn. Gardens by the Bay is a green theme park with major attractions such as the Flower Market, the world’s largest glass greenhouse and the Supertree Grove.

The highlights of the Supertree Grove are the giant man-made structures that act as “vertical gardens” that range from 25 to 50 meters (82-160 feet). Ferns, plants and exotic flowers are woven into their columns to create something of a work of art. The color of the accompanying lights around the plant is illuminated at night, creating a spectacle that is both mesmerizing and awe-inspiring.

Travel Destination From Singapore

Admission to Gardens by the Bay is FREE. Additional activities like the Skyway and seeing the world’s largest indoor waterfall are worth the extra.

Singapore: The Go To Destination For Sustainable Business Events

The Singapore Botanic Garden is the only tropical botanical garden that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 202-hectare area is alive with an endless number of amazing plants, several gardens, including the National Orchid Garden – waterfalls, ponds and independent sculptures.

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Located in northern Singapore, this massive zoo is celebrated for its “open” captive design, which allows animals to roam in large spaces with unusual barriers, rather than being confined in cages or enclosures. bottle to be arrested. Having animals around makes for a fun experience while exploring this huge attraction.

This zoo is worth making a day of, so check out its rides to add some interactive fun to your patrons’ visits. Recommend the Giant Panda Forest to see the amazing creatures up close, let them embrace the darkness on a night tour that showcases the park’s nocturnal animals, and take them on a real adventure by booking a river cruise at Asia’s only river wildlife park. send unique. Find out what happens when your customers visit here.

If your customers love birds, there is no better place than Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. About 3500 birds of 400 species live here. If this colorful park is on your customers’ itinerary, ask them to sign up for a free WildPass, the park’s digital membership program full of discounts and benefits.

Why Is Singapore A Hard To Beat Tourist Destination?

Orchard Road is Singapore’s most popular shopping district, gathering a large number of exclusive shops, cafes and restaurants along a 2.5 kilometer stretch between Orchard and Somerset Roads. Thanks to the underground tunnels that connect the malls, shopping on Orchard Road is a pleasure even when the tropical rains interrupt the planned exploration of Singapore’s parks and reserves for a few hours.

While Orchard Road is a must for shopping, Burgis Street Market is the place to find bargains and experience Singapore’s true shopping culture. It’s a very modern hub of goods and colors that won’t break the bank to enjoy. Little India and China Town are also known as the best places for budget shopping in Singapore. Selling cheap goods, Little India is the place for delicious food at low cost. Little China preserves Singapore’s Chinese heritage culture through temples, craft shops and souvenirs.

Almost covering the southern belly of the main island, Sentosa has been described as an “island playground”. Getting there is quick and easy with most modes of transportation. Sentosa is easily connected via the Sentosa Gateway, which can be driven over. The island can also be accessed by walking from Sentosa (FREE) or by cable car (about $35), which offers an aerial view of Singapore’s skyline.

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Travel Destination From Singapore

Apart from having the best beaches for swimming, Sentosa is where you can find many activities for active customers and those traveling with children. Universal Studios Theme Park and Skyline Luge are the most popular attractions in “Asia’s Favorite Playground”. A wax museum and a visit to the World War II memorial, Fort Siloso, offer comfortable breaks between adrenaline rushes.

Singapore Travel Vlog Destination Archives

As we mentioned earlier, Pulau Ubin is an island in the northeast of Singapore that maintains a quiet and modest lifestyle. People come here to experience Kampong life from the first settlers of Singapore.

At only 10 square kilometers (6.2 square miles), Pulau Ubin is quite walkable. Cycling is also a convenient way to get around the island, or a public taxi service is organized by minibuses that seat up to 10 people. If clients are physically able, we recommend walking or cycling the island to experience it at a level where we can appreciate the adventure and the wildlife that is unique to the area.

This small island of 329 hectares is the perfect way to spend a few hours in nature. People can relax here for cycling on its trails that stretch across the island and on the coastal areas overlooking the sea to the island of Palau Ubin. With two bridge entry points on the west and east ends of the island, it’s very easy to get to, and there are toilets on site.

The park is the perfect choice for a nice picnic on the grass or on the beach. Or, customers can work up an appetite by cycling around Coney Island and then head to Punggol town on the main island (north of West Island) for a delicious meal.

The Perfect 4 Day Singapore Itinerary For First Time Visitors

In the south of the main island, outside Sentosa, St. John’s Island. Its verdant beauty distracts from its fascinating past as a quarantine station for cholera cases from the late 1800s to the 1930s. Around 1975, it changed its reputation to serve as a small island with great beaches, trails (there’s a bike rental place on the island), and lagoons.

At one point, St. John is extremely popular for his cat population, which is chosen by many cats

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