Travel Destination Georgia

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Situated between Europe and Asia, the Republic of Georgia is without a doubt the best country you have ever visited. Oh, do you have? Then you will agree with us in its incredible versatility. Bordering on Armenia and Azerbaijan, it rises in places rocky, mountainous and impregnable, crowned with rocky monasteries; elsewhere it’s trendy, urban and dynamic (look no further than the elegant bustling capital of Tbilisi). If you want sea and sun, head west to the coast for all the drama, beauty and nature of the Mediterranean; It is not for nothing that the beach resort of Batumi, with its neoclassical old town, created for walking, is known as the “Pearl of the Black Sea”. And for an almost mind-boggling recent history, visit Gori, Stalin’s hometown, where the Stalin Museum houses the Soviet leader’s belongings, from clothes to a full presidential carriage – even his childhood home, a simple wooden building, reconstructed.

Travel Destination Georgia

Travel Destination Georgia

Above all, Georgia is a sensory experience – you can be moved to tears by hearing the choir sing multi-voiced songs that are thousands of years old in some secluded monastery that smells like centuries of wax and incense. There is a feast culture established by the locals – guests are always welcome here. It can be a spontaneous celebration or a more formal event. However, consider platter after platter of delicious national food (with a splash of toast), from khachapuri (similar to pizza, but oval-shaped, with cheese and egg) to khinkali (stew dumplings that burst when you bite into them). . If Georgian cuisine is delicious, then the drink is no worse; they love their castles, and the wine culture is one of the oldest in the world – they estimate it to be 8,000 years old.

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Count on a warm welcome wherever you go, from the mountains of Kazbegi in the north to spectacular national parks in the east and west – in between the stunning Kolkheti, fed by moisture flowing across the Black Sea and rich in migratory birds. In short, Georgia is beautiful. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself.

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Situated on the border of Europe and Asia, this intriguing destination is on the rise, fueled by its dramatic scenery, traditional lifestyle and warm welcome.

Visit Georgia in April to avoid the summer crowds and be rewarded with moderate temperatures, bright sunny days and few showers.

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In Georgia, the list of activities is as varied as the geography and seasons, from wilderness jumping to wine tasting, city escapes to fun in the snow – the Gudauri ski resort is gaining a particularly loyal following.

The capital Tbilisi* is an obvious place to start, throwing off all the glamor of the high class Art Nouveau city further west, say Vienna or Budapest. There are romantic green boulevards for walking, a photogenic meandering river lined with houses high on the rocks. Expect the bars of the old city where the lights are dim and late at night, and large portions of dumplings and melted cheese pies in cafes and restaurants decorated with folk art.

Travel Destination Georgia

At the other extreme are the Caucasus Mountains*, where pastures roll down the mountain slopes and ring with cows straight from Switzerland. Car rental; in the north, towards Russia, Stepantsminda is a city worth going to, an atmospheric place with a feeling of a distant border. Here is one of the most stylish hotels in the country, Rooms Kazbegi, with a wide terrace overlooking the picturesque peaks – the perfect place for digital nomads.

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No trip to Georgia is complete without tasting its famous wine production – so make an appointment with the Kakheti region*, which accounts for the majority of the national production. Here the pleasure is wine tasting at every step and getting to know Qvevri, a tradition of winemaking, included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Vessels buried in the ground cool the grapes, ensuring slow fermentation and a unique aromatic taste.

Weather permitting, don’t miss Vardzia, a breathtaking cave monastery in the south of the country. Or, for a real get back to nature, spend a few days in the far east of Georgia, where the Vashlovani National Park, located near the border with Azerbaijan, is considered semi-desert. It’s a geological feast: jagged mud craters, deep karst caves, and slopes clinging to centuries-old churches and monasteries. Do your best to climb the eerie fifth-century Khornabuji fortress, destroyed by the Mongol invasion in the 13th century.

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Whatever your trip, Georgia has a place for it – upscale urban stacks where the food and cocktails are as delicious as the design, local chalets covered in snow in winter and perfect for ski parties, rural boutiques offering home cooking, and budgetary excavations throughout the country. .level.

There are many classy hotels in Tbilisi, often designed to fit in with elegant old townhouses and apartment buildings. For a perfect example, check out Rooms Tbilisi*, a place with what you could call industrial chic and a bar that cooks negroni as well as anything you’ll find in New York.

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Maybe inexpensive chain real estate suits you better? No problem – the big names are present and true from the Hilton*, Sheraton* and Radisson Blu* hotels in the palm-fringed Black Sea resort of Batumi to the Crowne Plaza in the resort town of Borjomi.

Hikers and non-riders alike will stay at remote mountain lodges that are simple but cozy and comfortable after a day of effort and the welcome is warm. The same goes for the most unassuming huts, where you are most likely to lie in a hammock. Georgia also has a good selection of eco-camps throughout the country. If friendly personal service is paramount, check into one of the many middle-class family homes.

As you would expect from a country dominated by agriculture, agritourism is healthy – in fact, the government is making plans to make the country a top destination for the next decade. It has already established itself sufficiently in the ethnically diverse southern region of Samtskhe-Yavakheti. It is popular with visitors as a center for wine and cheese making (try the strong, slightly creamy Tenili variety). And besides Varjiya, the cave monastery mentioned above, there is also the medieval Georgian fortress of Kertvisi, high on a rocky ledge, and the Sapara monastery, hidden in dense forests. Home to the 11th century Sapa Church, it is a site of amazing frescoes and carvings.

Travel Destination Georgia

You can easily visit Georgia and spend your entire vacation exploring Tbilisi on your own. Begin with a leisurely gondola ride to the dizzying citadel, from which a map-like city sprawls far below, and Soviet-era suburbs beyond. Around the majestic cathedral to the nose, crowned with a golden dome-beacon and the faces of painted saints in the vaults of the Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior. Everywhere you look, modernity reigns everywhere. See the wonderful thousand-year-old Peace Bridge across the river and the new opera house with its spectacular chimney facade.

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Is Georgia The Ultimate Adventure Travel Destination?

Want more urban delights? On a smaller scale, consider visiting the southern city of Borjomi: a hydrothermal valley resort where the national soft drink of the same name bubbles on the surface, seeping deep into the volcanic interior of the Caucasus Mountains. Borjomi – natural carbonated water – is bottled and sold nationally and even internationally and is considered an effective pain reliever if you suffer from dehydration or liver problems. Can’t get to Borjomi? There are many springs scattered throughout Georgia, all with medicinal properties.

We have mentioned many places of interest, but Georgia is also a place of fascinating cultural traditions. Among them is the martial art of Khridoli, which is rooted in the centuries-old need of Georgians to maintain their borders (history repeatedly points to predatory threats that lie beyond their borders). There are training centers around the capital, and the judo-like sport of boxing, fencing and wrestling is hugely popular among young people.

The Kartuli dance is arranged in a similar way. This is one of the dazzling national folk dances of Georgia, which is an integral part of the wedding ritual performed by the bride and groom. Ask at the hotel for staged versions that perfectly capture the age-old flutter of courtship between a couple as she swims with swan-like motions and he follows with tiny, polished steps.

Spring (April to June) is the best time to visit Georgia for the carpets of wild flowers that grow around the most remote monasteries and the culture of street cafes in the cities. And in autumn, if you want to climb to the peaks, when the temperature has lost its high summer intensity. And in winter – not only for skiing, but also for doubly enjoying Christmas. Right. Georgians celebrate on December 25, but again

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