Travel Destination Sundarban

Travel Destination Sundarban – From above, the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans are an impressive maze of colors and textures. The pure blue of the Bay of Bengal merges with the murky waters of river systems covered with emerald leaves.

“Drifting down a river for days is like escaping into another world,” says Sabina Roers, founder of travel company Chili Reisen.

Travel Destination Sundarban

Travel Destination Sundarban

The lush expanse that stretches over India and Bangladesh is shrouded in myth. Throughout history, the locals have worshiped the goddess Bonbibi, or “lady of the forest.” According to one version, Bonbibi was the daughter of a Sufi fakir brought from Saudi Arabia to the jungles of South Asia. There she was chosen by God to fight the creature Dokhin Rai, who took the form of a tiger and hunted the locals. Instead of killing Dokhin Rai, Bonbibi agreed that she could not attack those who worshiped her.

Why Should Your Next Travel Destination Be Sundarban?

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Some say Molokai is what the Hawaiian Islands looked like 50 years ago; others say that this is how the world should aspire to look in the future. Untouched by mass development, this 10-mile-wide island has over a hundred miles of coastline, hidden waterfalls, ancient ruins, and proud Native Hawaiian heritage. what doesn’t he have? Even one traffic light.

In addition to the Bengal tiger – the only one of its species adapted to a mangrove environment – the forest is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including rare species such as the Indian python and Irrawaddy dolphins. Because of its wildlife and unique ecosystem, the Sundarbans were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

However, the animal habitat is under threat. Rising sea levels are eating into forests, and rising water salinity is harming plants and marine life, with indirect effects on larger animals. Due to land loss, people are also encroaching on animal habitats, cutting down trees to make way for farmland, and engaging in poaching. According to the 2004 census, there are about 440 tigers in the Sundarbans and the population has been steadily declining. According to recent studies, there are about 106 tigers in the Bangladesh region.

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Tourists Visit The Sundarbans By Boat, A Unesco World Heritage Site And A Wildlife Sanctuary. The Largest Littoral Mangrove Forest In The World. Kotka Stock Photo

Conservationists are working with the government to protect the Sundarbans and its wildlife. “We must do everything possible to save the remaining population and help people and tigers coexist,” said Rakibul Amin, director of the Bangladesh International Union for Conservation of Nature. The Bengal Tiger is the National Icon of Bangladesh.

The wood is available from Bangladesh and India. Visiting the Bangladeshi side is more challenging but rewarding and invites you to explore outlying areas. Many visitors fly into Jessore and take one of the airline’s buses to Khulna, a thriving city located above the entrance to the Sundarbans. Trains and night buses also run from Dhaka to Khulna. Tours to India depart from Kolkata.

“Night tours provide an opportunity to get off the beaten track and enjoy the serenity of the Sundarbans,” says Didarul Absar, founder of Bangladesh Eco Tours.

Travel Destination Sundarban

Several night trips and day trips to the Sundarbans operate from Kolkata. Khulna has fewer options, but the number of operators is steadily growing. Most all-inclusive tours include well-equipped boats, forest walks, and early-morning wildlife-watching trips. Tourists can also visit Bangladesh as part of larger tours with transport from Dhaka.

Sundarbans And It Many Facts

Day trips are available from Kolkata, India, and Mongla, Bangladesh, a small town downriver from Khulna popular with local Bangladeshi tourists. Absar highlights the importance of ethical tourism in the Sundarbans to protect the fragile ecosystem and support local communities. Travelers should use the services of local tour operators that employ local people. They must also respect wildlife and the environment: do not litter, pay attention to noise, and do not disturb animals.

The best time to travel is during the drier and colder winter months from October to February. After February the temperature will rise. Some locals prefer to come here between June and August when the monsoon rains awaken the lush forest, but many tour operators are closed during this season due to the risk of floods and cyclones.

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Weekend Trip To The Sundarbans

The flooding of the fjords, the increase in the number of avalanches, the disappearance of wildlife. Our photographer documented the effects of climate change during all four seasons in Svalbard, Norway.

It’s not just about looking at the stars. Bright city lights disorientate animals such as birds, leading to fatal collisions and potential long-term damage to their health. Known for having the largest mangrove forests in the world, the Sundarbans National Park is located about 110 km south of Kolkata in West Bengal, India. It is also a tiger sanctuary and a biosphere reserve known, among other things, for being home to the royal Bengal tigers, as well as its seething rivers and beautiful estuaries. The Sundarbans National Park is part of the Sundarbans delta that extends into Bangladesh. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a large variety of bird and animal species, including reptiles such as saltwater crocodiles.

Sundarbans, which means “beautiful forest”, was declared a UNESCO heritage site in 1984. This area has a serene charm that impresses visitors with the simplicity and uniqueness of its ecological balance, despite offering a setting for the most dynamic and prestigious. – inspiring flora and fauna. These forests are actually the last remaining remnants of the mighty jungle that once covered the plains of the Ganges. Since 1966, the Sundarbans has been a nature reserve and is estimated to be home to over 400 royal Bengal tigers.

Travel Destination Sundarban

This forest has the most sundari trees. The Sundarbans represent the wilderness with its meandering rivers, springs, streams and estuaries. It was a designated tiger reserve and home to the royal Bengal tiger, a near-extinct species that swims in salt water and is often referred to as a man-eater.

Something You Should Know About Flora In Sundarbans

Other endangered species in the bioreserve are the Batagur Basque, king crabs, olive ridleys and turtles. Forest birds, giant lizards, spotted deer, wild boars and crocodiles can also be found in these forests. Another famous attraction is Siberian ducks. In addition, there are more than 64 varieties of mangroves such as Goran, Genwa, Dundal, Garjan, Kankra, Sundari and Passour. Don’t forget to visit the Nilcamalore Chiron Point and Katka viewpoints for fantastic views of animals in the wild. Also enjoy the mud flats called Chargheri Char where you can enjoy a coastal hike.

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Boating through the mangroves is the only way to properly explore the depths of the Sundarbans, as there are no jeep safaris. Boating in the early morning along streams and canals is the best time for observing animals and birds. It is recommended to do these boat trips in small groups as large groups may scare away animals and birds.

Marijanpi is one of the most famous mangroves of the Indian Sundarbans. Marichjanpi is the setting for Amitav Ghosh’s novel The Hungry Tide and the 2020 Bengali film (More) and is known as Atrocity Island.

Avid birdwatchers can visit the Sainekhali Bird Sanctuary, located in the Sundarbans National Park. Here, in the lush greenery, you can freely observe many species of birds. Some of the species that can be seen here (More) include kingfishers, storks, sea eagles, paradise flycatchers, and rare Asian dolphins.

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Goramara Island is one of the small islands in the Sundarbans delta, located 92 km south of Kolkata. The island has been a victim of global warming, soil erosion and ever-rising water levels in the Bay of Bengal (Read more) and is shrinking at an alarming rate.

Cruises on riverboats can be made in large groups on the open waters of the river. These cruises are very popular for watching river dolphins in the national park. It’s quite funny (Read more) to see how playful dolphins are in the wild.

New Moor or Purbasha in India or South Talapatti in Bangladesh is a coastal sand island off the coast of the Sundarbans. Two kilometers from the mouth of the Haribhanga River, 25,000 m2. (More) Cape Island was completely submerged under the waters of the Bay of Bengal for many years.

Travel Destination Sundarban

There are many tall watchtowers from which visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the region and watch birds and animals. Sainekhali Watchtower and Sudhanyakhali Watchtower (details) are two such places that offer fantastic views.

Why Sundarban Is A Budget Friendly Destination

Kanak Island is the breeding ground for Olive Ridley turtles in the Sundarbans National Park. During the nesting season, a large number of turtles arrive.

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