Travel Destinations Baguio

Travel Destinations Baguio – Baguio City has two names associated with it: “City of Pines”, and “Summer Capital of the Philippines.” This hill town is a popular destination for its mild climate and various attractions. It is also accessible by private and public transport. Road improvements over the years have reduced travel time. There are also many hotels and hostels for a comfortable stay. If you are planning to visit this famous place, here are some things to do and where to go.

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Travel Destinations Baguio

Travel Destinations Baguio

This park is visited by many locals and tourists. This green area in the middle of dense forest in the mountains is where you can breathe the calm air of the city, take a long walk or find a place to read books, and grab some fast food. There is a lake where you can rent boats. There are also nearby ski resorts, many parks and playgrounds. Have some free time here after a day of exploring other attractions in and around Baguio City

New Baguio Tourist Spots To Visit: Yangco, Seollem + More

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American soldiers rest and relax here at Camp John Hay. The camp was built by the military in the 1900s. Since its establishment, Camp John Hay has undergone numerous renovations and additions and has become a major tourist attraction. This combines nature and history into one. Trees and paths allow for easy walking and historic buildings, such as the Bell House, provide a glimpse into the park’s history.

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Baguio is known as a creative city because of the creativity and diversity of the locals. Don’t leave the city without visiting the famous Bencab Museum. Here you will find the art of Landscape Artist Ben Cabrera aka BenCab. This private museum displays some of the best contemporary art in the country. You will find various sculptures, folk art, and paintings. You will also see works from various local artists during your visit.

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Scariest Places To Visit In Baguio City

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Baguio’s cool everyday weather is perfect for a good conversation over beer. For those looking for the perfect combination of atmosphere and different flavors, head to Baguio Craft Brewery. Try “Lagud” which is the famous company’s signature strawberry juice. They also source their ingredients from the Cordillera region for a truly local experience.

This beautiful cover has beautiful and unique artwork. Have time to paint during your trip and try your best to become an artist. Feel the cool breeze as you blow and relax as you paint. Go and visit some of the traditional buildings in the area. You can also eat at the restaurant before leaving or after your meeting.

Travel Destinations Baguio

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Let’s Go To Baguio City: A Weekend Guide To The City Of Pines

One of the reasons why tourists go to Baguio is its shopping. There are many markets and thrift stores that sell used/second-hand items – so-called places like this

– where you can find clothes for great money. Your P1000 will allow you to buy many items that you can use for your OOTD. Sort through the auctions to find what you’re looking for and make sure you’re always asking for the final, best price.

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This is a city that showcases the art of the Ifugaos. Here, you will see that the cutting and weaving of wood has been well preserved despite the development and commercialization of Baguio City. Buy souvenirs here and help the local people not only earn money, but also keep this traditional art form alive. Some of the items for sale include baskets, tables and more.

Christmas In Baguio

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These beautiful houses are not located in Baguio City but are located near La Trinidad, Benguet. It is only a small car or jeep ride away from town. These houses were built by artists from Tam-Awan Village. Be amazed by the different colors and take a picture before you leave.

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Travel Destinations Baguio

This festival takes place every February and lasts for a month or more. It got its name from the word Kankanaey which means “to bloom.” See the flowers blooming during the festival, watch the parade, admire the beautiful boats and enjoy dancing in the streets.

The Cordilleras (batad Sagada Baguio): A Practical Travel Guide For Diy & Budget Travelers [updated As Of 2021]

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This highway is the commercial center of the City of Pines. Here, you will find many establishments where you can eat, drink and be merry. Spend your day at the hotel and grab drinks and wine nearby after a day’s sightseeing.

Baguio is an open travel destination with plenty of accommodation options whether you’re traveling on a budget or ready to splurge. Session Street is a popular tourist area with many hotel options for those looking to stay close to the business district. You will have access to shops and restaurants if you decide to stay in this area.

There are also hotels and guesthouses near the bus station if you want to be close to public transportation. Baguio is easy to get to and from different parts of the city by jeep. Taxis are also cheap and fast. If you haven’t booked a hotel yet, here is a list of recommended hotels in Baguio as recommended by Agoda users (as of January 2019). Baguio City has many popular attractions. , from Wright Park to the historic Baguio Cathedral. There are tons and tons. unique restaurants, and cafes around the beautiful city. No wonder it’s never boring to vacation in this winter city.

Baguio Travel Guide 2022

But if you think you have explored all of Baguio, the city may have new and hidden things that you have not discovered until now. Below are some food and hangout tips in Baguio that you might have missed:

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If you want to see the beautiful Cordilleran landscape without leaving the city, Tam-Awan Village is the place to go. The director of the film, Eric de Guia or Kidlat Tahimik, here is a forest on the side of the mountain similar to the one seen in the legend. You are advised to wear rubber shoes, as the paths are difficult, and you will be walking.

If you are not a tourist, you can enjoy the nature without going to the road, or visit the museum near the door. If you’re lucky, you can get some artists to paint your artwork for a fee. After an hour of photography, a delicious meal will be served at Tam-Awan Café.

Travel Destinations Baguio

From the right place, go to Kayang Street (near Baguio Market) and find a jeepney labeled, “Long-Long/Tam-Awan Village.” You will be dropped off in front of Tam-Awan Village.

Night Market In Baguio (travel Guide)

Ili-Likha Artist Village is a unique food park that can be easily found on the party road. This area is highly visible as it has unusual buildings located next to modern buildings in the city center. From the outside, it looks like a tree house and offers a real Cordilleran vibe that will draw you in.

This food court has no less than 10 small restaurants, with offerings ranging from delicious burgers to Cordilleran cuisine. Vegetarians will love this place as it has a restaurant called Ibana Vegetarian Resto and Café, which serves organic food. If you want a vegetarian option, try going to a vegetarian place called Oh My Gulay, located along Session Road.

From Times Square, walk to Assumption Street. Ili-Likha Artist Village is close to Saint Louis University and Baguio Cathedral.

People love places that showcase natural beauty, and the Costa Mountains are a good example. Nicknamed the “green house”, this 6-hectare park has 24 gardens that cater to people of all ages. If you are a big fan of nature, this might be one of your favorite Baguio City attractions.

A Tour To The City Of Pines


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