Travel Destinations Greece

Travel Destinations Greece – Greece is one of the best places in Europe for travelers. With delicious food, famous hospitality, famous places, beautiful scenery and mild climate, it’s a recipe for a good vacation.

Because of all the options everywhere, it is difficult to choose the way that speaks to you in a short time. That is why we have created a list of the 15 best places to visit in Greece.

Travel Destinations Greece

Travel Destinations Greece

If you are planning an upcoming trip to Greece, you may not have much time to see the whole country. Even most Greeks haven’t colonized every region – or country – of their country.

Tourism In Greece

Many people visiting Greece for the first time make the mistake of sticking to the classic routes of Athens and Santorini. Although these two places are amazing places to visit, they are not the only parts of Greece that you should explore.

Instead of exploring famous sites like Acropolis, Santorini, and Crete, explore less visited, but still amazing places, for a fun, unique trip.

Although slightly larger than the state of Alabama, Greece has a variety of climates, cultures, cuisines and experiences throughout its land.

With 8,498 miles of Mediterranean coastline, eight major cities and thousands of islands, Greece has everything a traveler could want.

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Below you will find a list of the 17 best places to visit in Greece. We’ve included classic and under-the-radar spots, so you’ll have the perfect Greek vacation.

It doesn’t get more Greek than Corfu. Corfu is a beautiful island in the Ionian Sea with mountains in the interior and beautiful sandy beaches along the coast. With Italian, French and Greek influences, it’s a culinary dream.

Although it is at the top of many people’s lists, you will still enjoy a peaceful stay if you stick to small beach resorts away from the big cities.

Travel Destinations Greece

There are beautiful beaches along the coast and small towns inland as well. Corfu is a wonderful place to visit for casual travelers.

Best Places In Greece To Visit

If you are looking for a party and meet new people, the southern town of Kavos is the best place to go out at night. Acharavi in ​​the north is a children’s beach, a quiet town with blue waters that you can find if you are on a family holiday.

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If you are a history buff looking for an amazing place in Athens, Knossos is a dream come true. This is the site of Minoan ruins from 5,000 years ago during the Bronze Age.

This city is very well preserved, so you feel like you are walking through history. For fans of Greek history, Knossos has the famous palace of the king where the story of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth.

If your travel companion isn’t as into history as you are, there’s good news – Knossos is on the island of Crete. If you go to the old place, they will enjoy the beach. We will discuss what else Crete has to offer below.

Hidden Gems And Unique Places To Visit In Greece

The island of Rhodes in the Mediterranean Sea is a Greek paradise. There are sandy beaches, of course, but also forested mountains, miles of hiking and beautiful country villages.

Rhodes is not as busy as Santorini or Mykonos, but it has a nice town with unique shops and restaurants.

Known as the island of knights, Rhodes is home to the ancient city of the same name where the Order of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem left their mark on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Travel Destinations Greece

After visiting the city’s ancient gardens, head inland for some of Greece’s best vineyards. Or take an evening walk back to Salakos or Kritinia Castle for stunning views and small medieval buildings.

Top Travel Destinations In Athens, Greece

Once you visit Meteora, you will be surprised how remote it is in Greece. Located in central Greece, Meteora is home to six cliff-top churches.

The architecture is one you must see. Meteora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an official sacred site, but not for religion or antiquity. Everyone enjoyed seeing and exploring the cliffs and temples.

You can climb the cliffs to travel around the six controls that are still active today. The Great Meteoron Monastery is the largest and oldest open to visitors, so it’s a good place to start.

For more experienced hikers, the panoramic view at Holy Trinity Monastery is worth the arduous journey.

Exploring The Greek Islands: The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary

Crete is on people’s bucket lists for a good reason – it’s beautiful. With its white sand and sparkling blue waters, Crete is what people think of when they hear the words “Greek islands.”

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You can spend your entire Greek vacation in Crete and not get bored. Crete, the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, has everything you need for a Greek holiday: history, culture, food, beaches and nature.

As mentioned earlier, the site of Knossos is a destination for all history buffs and families who want to learn about history during their travels.

Travel Destinations Greece

For beach lovers, Elafonisi Beach is one of the best beaches with pink and white sand, gentle waves and endless sandbars perfect for getting a tan and sipping an Ouzo slushie. You should also take the time to walk through Samaria Valley – it’s beautiful (no pun intended).

Best Beaches In Greece

If you want to soak up the sun on a Greek island but don’t like the crowds, Kythira (also spelled Kythera) is what you’re looking for. Not only is it the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, but it also has monasteries, beaches, palaces and Venetian treasures.

If you want to stay in a more developed area, Kapsali, Chora, Diakofti, and Agia Pelagia are great towns to grab an afternoon drink and watch the sunset.

The best place to watch the sunset is around Chora as you can wander down the hill for an authentic Greek meal afterwards.

It is located between the mainland and Crete, making it a great place before or after your Crete tour. You can spend your days on the empty beaches, walking and swimming under the beautiful waterfalls along the lagoon of Mylopotamos.

Santorini Island In Greece, One Of The Most Beautiful Travel Destinations Of The World. Shot At Imerovigli Stock Photo

For clean, comfortable villas with a sea view of Santorini without the price of crowds, Sifnos is cheaper. This city is the perfect island to visit if you are looking for a relaxing vacation.

The Church of the Seven Martyrs is a beautiful place to walk because of its blue roof, white walls and Mediterranean Sea background. The water is also perfect for sailing or diving.

Diners go to Sifnos because of the love of the famous chef Nicholas Tselementes for the island. Now you can find some of the best shops, olive groves and restaurants in Greece within 1.5 miles of Sifnos.

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Travel Destinations Greece

Santorini is famous for good reason. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world, it has some of the best nightlife in Europe and many good and affordable dining options.

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Yes, it is very touristy, but still unique Greece. If you visit in the quiet months – April-June and September-October – you can take advantage of the warm weather without the crowds.

Fewer tourists mean you can more easily enjoy Santorini’s beaches and fine wines.

What is unique about Santorini is the famous caldera, created by a volcanic eruption, which you can take in at the fastest time of the day. Visitors can also travel through the famous streets of Oia to admire the colorful buildings carved into the stone.

This place is overrun with tourists during high season, so visit early in the afternoon or during the shoulder hours for the best experience.

Greece Tourist Attractions To Visit During Your Vacation In 2023

The combination of beautiful villas, clear water and access to nature and hiking trails should make Karpathos Island a hot spot in Greece.

Fortunately, you can still visit before it grows in popularity and experience the traditional way of life in the village of Karpathos.

If you really like to relax on the beach, Kyra Panagia and Apela are quiet with white sand and blue water the islands are famous for.

Travel Destinations Greece

There are coastal walks to secluded beaches, strenuous hikes to mountaintops for panoramic views and winding paths between ancient villages inland.

Most Beautiful Villages In Greece

If you’re looking for a party, look no further than the world-famous Mykonos. Staying in the town of Hóra gives you access to some of the best parties, bars and clubs with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop.

Grab a drink at Little Venice to start the night off on the right side with a spectacular sunset view from the water bar (book a table in advance).

You can have lunch in Little Venice or go into town for a good meal. The night ends at the club with a chance to see some famous DJs like David Guetta. Although the nightlife is what put Mykonos on the map, the daytime isn’t bad either.

You can spend your days in abundance

The Most Popular Greek Islands

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