Travel Destinations Honduras

Travel Destinations Honduras – Do you want to go outside the popular tourist bubble? Honduras is a country with a lot to see – you can hike through tropical rainforests, cloud forests and mountains, paddle around mangrove swamps, rivers and lakes or explore ancient mysteries. Mayan archaeological sites can be visited.

Along the coast there are beaches and cliffs, and if you want that rum punch – or a shot of local fuel,

Travel Destinations Honduras

Travel Destinations Honduras

– It’s easy to find some happiness wherever you go. Here’s our guide to the best places to visit in Honduras.

Fun Things To Do In Coxen Hole April 2023

Roatán may be touristy, but most of its sights are on the west side of the island. Head to the island’s easternmost city – Santos Guardiola – to get a feel for what real life is like for a Ruthenian. The Garifuna community in Punta Gorda is the island’s oldest permanent village.

The Garifuna people, of African and indigenous Arawak descent, fled the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, establishing Garifuna communities in parts of Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. Griffona culture has become an integral part of Honduran national culture, from Afrobeats

Garifuna culture is celebrated at the Garifuna Cultural Center in Punta Gorda, founded by Audrey Flores, a former Brooklynite from New York who came here in search of her roots. He is a great person to talk to and learn about Garifuna history, culture and the rum root and herbal spirit of his people.

, which is traditionally used as medicine. The center hosts cultural performances, which are open to the public (for a fee) throughout the year.

Best Snorkel Tours In The Bay Islands Of Honduras

Paya Bay Resort Roatán © Paya Bay Resort is located near one of the most beautiful beaches on Roatán.

Although it is quieter than the west, East Roatan is not entirely without resorts, and has good beaches. Crowning a sandy bluff, Paya Bay Resort, run by local islanders, is more of a spiritual retreat than a vacation spot.

Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, it’s quiet and secluded and offers a range of activities from snorkeling and hiking to meditation and yoga. Day passes are available to non-guests and the 22-acre private resort has a clothing-only beach on the island.

Travel Destinations Honduras

About six minutes to the southwest is Camp Bay Beach, a public beach in these parts. It is a popular spot for family cookouts and sandy picnics. With pristine white sand and wild coconut palm trees, Camp Bay represents what all of Roatán’s beaches looked like before they were used.

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Coxen Hole, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras Cruises

For a more active set, head to the south coast town of Jonesville for a kayaking trip. Roatan Sea Kayak Outfitter guides visitors through dense mangrove forests along the coast. There are even a few tunnels to paddle through. Keep an eye out for hidden treasure as the carved tunnels are rumored to have once been pirate hideouts.

Of the three main islands in the bay, Gwanja is perhaps the most beautiful. The lack of development and less convenient transportation options have preserved a peaceful and natural landscape. Come here to immerse yourself in the lush green scenery and hike the 4km (2.5 mile) trail to views of Michael’s Rock Peak. Along the way, you’ll pass the only waterfall on any island in Honduras.

Some of the island’s most beautiful beaches are so isolated that they can only be reached by water taxi. If you really want some peace and quiet, the boatmen take you to Soldado Beach, Graham Key or Bay Man Bay Beach.

Several low-end beach resorts, including Clearwater Paradise and End of the World Resort, both focus on scuba diving. If you haven’t certified yet, this is the place to do it, with access to some of the best dive sites around the country.

Honduras: Your Next Family Friendly Destination

Guanaja’s silence may be a thing of the past, however, thanks to Roatán’s new ferry service, which began in October 2021 and will run four times a week. The island is also served by domestic flights and charter boats.

Unlike Roatán, which was favored by older backpackers a generation ago, Utila is still a Neverland for young partygoers who scuba dive, drink, free dive, sing karaoke, enjoy the beach. , and do it again the next day. .

There are many stories of young travelers who intended to stay for just a few weeks and ended up staying for years. With around 150 expats making Utila their home, away from the action, and despite the city’s constant nightlife, the island has a relaxed atmosphere, whatever your age.

Travel Destinations Honduras

Its small town has only one main drag, with colorfully painted bars, shops, restaurants and hotels. Ask any seasoned traveler where the party is happening on any given night, whether it’s a live music show at Bandoo Beach or a karaoke night at La Cueva. Not everywhere has a big party atmosphere – apart from hostels (La Hamaca is a favourite), there are quieter boutique hotel options such as Manori and CI Hotel.

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Horseback Riding Vacations In Honduras

Utila is no longer a place for cheap backpacker pizza and fried food. The island has become a foodie hotspot, with high-end seafood spots such as Captain Willis Bistro and Asian fusion joint Mr. Buddha (their ‘bananaero roll’ – a maki roll with banana slices inside – is a specialty). delicious).

Cayos Cochinos is a small Honduran archipelago off the mainland near La Ceiba, consisting of two main islands, Cayo Grande and Cayo Menor, as well as 13 smaller coral cays. Some have simple Airbnbs, some are privately owned, and some have nothing but white sand beaches. The largest island, Cayo Grande, has plenty of room to host a few accommodations, including Vitos Eco Diving Resort and Cabañas Laru Beya.

A common way to get to Cayos Cochinos is a day trip from La Ceiba or Roatán. A boat will take you to the best spots for lying on the beach or snorkeling. Marine life thrives under the protection of organizations like the Coral Reef Alliance, and nurse sharks or eagle rays are nowhere to be seen.

Some tours provide lunch, but if you land on Cayo Chachuhuate, you can buy food from the local Garifuna community – the day’s catch from local fishermen will be fresher than what you’ve had cold all day. Sitting in a boat.

Surprising Things To Know About Honduras

The Cangrejal River cuts through the dense forests of Pico Bonita National Park near La Ceiba © Manuel Chinchilla / Shutterstock

La Ceiba on the north coast was once the center of the banana industry. It is believed that this is where the starving laborers were born by mistake.

Today, La Ceiba is best known as the gateway town to Pico Bonito National Park – a showcase of Honduras’ main biodiversity. Named after the triangular peak at its center, Pico Bonito is home to toucans, jaguars and monkeys, among many other animals. Book a guide to take a challenging three-hour hike to see the spectacular Cascada Zacate (you’ll hear the falls long before you see them).

Travel Destinations Honduras

Rounding Pico Bonito, the Cangrejal River (Rio Cangrejal) is La Ceiba’s playground for river sports such as whitewater rafting and kayaking – El Naranjo is a great place to base yourself, with tasteful B&Bs, La Villa Soledad has accommodations ranging from eco-friendly. Adventure – The hub of Omega Lodge.

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Major Landmarks And Cultural Points Of Interest In Honduras

Located on the northwest coast of the Caribbean, Tila is one of the most attractive beach towns on the mainland. Like La Ceiba, the town is also home to bananas, but today is better known for its beach resorts and food. If you are tired of fried fish, give it a try.

In addition to maintaining excellent water quality, the Tila Marine Research Center is a key research facility for Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease, a disease that kills coral throughout the Caribbean. There are several white sand beaches along the shores of Tella Bay, including the city’s public beach, but the best beaches are half an hour away at Parque Nacional Janet Cavas, Honduras’ largest national park.

Snakes, monkeys and jaguars lurk in the rainforest and the park also has beach bars, mangrove forests and the country’s largest saltwater lagoon. Access is by boat, so book a tour with a Tela-based company like Garífuna Tours to experience it.

If you need a break from the beach, Tela is also close to one of the largest botanical gardens in Latin America – the Lancetilla Jardín Botánico. The park is spread over 1680 hectares (4151 acres) and has an impressive grove of tall bamboo with a variety of tropical species.

Living In Roatan: Your Ultimate Guide To Existing In Paradise

In places, jungle still rules the coast in the ruins of Copán © Jos Post / Shutterstock

Visiting the well-preserved ruins of the Copán archaeological site is the main reason to visit the western part of the country. The site was home to one of the most important Maya civilizations and is full of artifacts built between 250-900 AD. And the best part? On most days, you’ll have the ruins almost to yourself.

But when you’re done playing Indiana Jones, there’s a lot more to experience in Copán. During sunrise, so are the sunflowers, so grab your camera and head to El Paseo de los Gerasoles (The Path of the Sunflowers). A working farm growing sunflowers as fodder for dairy cows,

Travel Destinations Honduras

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