Travel Destinations Le Mans

Travel Destinations Le Mans – In the third part of the Le Mans guide, Richard Webb of Travel Destinations looks at camping options.

Camping at Le Mans is a tradition. If you want to experience everything 24 hours has to offer, then the best way to do that is to stay on the road. No questions. However, camping is a big deal as over 250,000 spectators flock to the city during Le Mans week and places to walk are in short supply. Supply and demand means that affordable rooms are expensive and often booked by businesses and never sold to the public. Camping is like that.

Travel Destinations Le Mans

Travel Destinations Le Mans

Many Travel Destinations customers do not camp at any other time of the year, but Le Mans is allowed. But there are different types of camping, so it is important to make the right choice of camping on the track. The difficulty is that everyone has different opinions based on their life experiences. We talk to thousands of Le Mans customers every year and some people say their campsite is the best place to book, while others at that campsite are choosing an exception for next year. This is one of the reasons why we communicate with each client, we can talk to them to find out their needs and requests and then discuss the best options available.

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Most of the campsites along the route are operated by the Autodrome (ACO). Every year, thousands of people camp in every area. We describe it as a Glastonbury car race, even though Le Mans has twice as many spectators. While there are many different parts, there are some things that they all have in common. The size of each camp is seven by five meters. This should include a car and tents. Showers and toilets will also be provided at each camp, but as with these events, they are expected to be busy during peak hours.

Each campsite has a name and prices vary by size and location. As a rule, camping is more expensive at the start/finish point. There are always exceptions, but this is the general rule. Maison Blanche, Houx & Tertre Rouge are perhaps the most popular campsites. Maison Blanche restricted the track in front of the Ford Chicane. It has shrunk significantly in recent years due to the construction of the new Porsche Experience Center, but remains popular. Houx is a large base camp in the middle of the infield. It’s also within walking distance of the village and the start line. Perhaps best known is the fact that Houx is the only campsite that has electricity. Tertre Rouge is next to the track on the right side of the track from Dunlop Bridge. This is a small camp overlooking a road that is very popular. These campsites often sell out before a race.

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In addition to these three camps, there are other places such as Houx Annexe, Blue Nord and Blue Sud. Although these camps offer the same amenities as the first three (with the exception of electricity), the walk to the village or starting line is longer, so the price is different. Each of these camps offer a numbered pitch, which is why it’s popular with campers who arrive later in the week because they don’t have to search for a spot. Beausejour is the largest campsite. This camp is located on a private plot, the nearest part of the track are the Porsche turns. Lots are not numbered, so it’s a good idea to arrive early if you want to be close to the door. It’s a 30 minute walk from Beausejour campsite to the start line though, so bring your walking shoes. The campsite is huge with thousands of pitches so this is the last place to buy.

Further from the start line than Beausejour, there are two more campsites. The Arnage and Mulsanne campsites are located on the corners with great views. However, they are more than a short walk from the rest of the track, so new visitors should be careful as they can be quite isolated. These areas can be popular with casual visitors who don’t mind straying from the main areas.

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So far we have only mentioned campsites on the trail. It’s easy and fun, but doesn’t add much in terms of equipment and safety. However, there are alternatives for those who want to stay on the track but want a little more for their money. Private campsites offer many amenities, including 24-hour security, private showers and bathrooms, and on-site food and drink. Although there are differences between what each company offers. There are a few private campsites in the public areas of the ACO, but they are fenced in for protection. Other people are on the sidelines and there are no neighbors, so it is important to understand what exactly you are buying.

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Travel Destinations was the first company to introduce private camping over 10 years ago. Our private campsite at Porsche Curves has since grown in space and capacity, but still offers the latest security systems, service park and toilets, as well as our famous marquee where you can find our bar and restaurant. It also has our TV and evening entertainment, so it’s a real social gathering. Our Porsche Curves campsite is the only private observation deck on the track, so our guests can enjoy a unique racing experience.

For those who don’t like camping, Travel Destinations has added Glamping and Flexotels to the itinerary options. Glamping is all hidden, but the big tents come with carpet and bedding so you don’t need any furniture. Likewise, Travel Destinations Flexotel Village offers pop-up hotel rooms in the center of the track so you can return to your bedroom and comfortable bed every night. The pinnacle of luxury at Le Mans.

Travel Destinations Le Mans

Due to their nature, all exclusive sites on the track will be limited and more expensive than the main track campsites, but it should be noted that private campsites sell out very quickly. Early booking is important as seating may be limited as the race approaches.

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Tours is the UK’s largest Le Mans tour operator. Travel Destinations is a Le Mans nominated company and an ABTA and ATOL certified tour operator.

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Peugeot paid for Le Mans because Peugeot’s Sebring hypercar competition didn’t show its pace at the WEC round due to reliability issues, but the team is heading in the right direction 16th March 2023 By. Gary Watkins Destinations Travel Flexotel Village is perfect for those who want to stay on the trail but don’t want to camp and want the privacy and luxury of their bedroom. We are delighted to be able to offer our customers a whole village of Flexotel lodges in our private area at Antares Sud, in the center of the track, just a few minutes walk from the tram stop.

Flexotel rooms offer your own bedroom on the track. Bed linen and towels are provided with separate beds. You will be met at the front desk and shown to your room. You will find a dedicated parking space at the Flexotel. Each room can be locked and the key left at the reception when you leave the premises.

Each room has an electrical outlet that provides enough power to charge mobile phones and laptop batteries.

Travel Destinations Le Mans

N.B. Visitors wishing to travel from the UK can purchase this option. Price

Travel Destinations Le Mans

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