Ultimate Travel List Lonely Planet Book

Ultimate Travel List Lonely Planet Book – Since 1973, Lonely Planet has been the world’s leading travel media company. It produces guidebooks to every destination, award-winning websites, mobile and digital travel products, and a dedicated community of travelers. With that same adventurous spirit, he has now produced ‘Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel: A List of the 500 Best Places to See…Ranked’.

You can’t beat a good list can you? Lonely Planet knows it and Ultimate Travel is a beautifully covered celebration of the best places to visit on the planet. The good travel debate is always interesting and not everyone will agree with the choices or the order in which they are placed. But the Lonely Planet authors are some of the world’s leading travel experts and if they rank destinations according to their knowledge and experience, their list definitely has some credibility.

Ultimate Travel List Lonely Planet Book

Ultimate Travel List Lonely Planet Book

As the publisher made clear in the introduction, the list isn’t just random opinion. It comes from many different opinions, votes and ratings. Ultimate Travel is a composite of many lists and serves as the ultimate travel bucket list. It’s a debate starter, it looks great on your coffee table, but more than anything, it’s fuel for your wanderlust. Choose glossy, colorful pages and let your imagination rule you.

Us & The Americas

So, from a compilation of 500 of the world’s most unmissable sights and attractions, what will be your number 1 question? Through its pages, it’s an interesting battle between mega-sights like the Taj Mahal and lesser-known hidden gems. This sure-fire wish list is packed with insightful writing and inspiring photography to keep you motivated. Will their number 1 be your number 1 and what else would you add to your wish list? Find out in Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Journey!

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‘The Lonely Planet. It’s on everyone’s bookshelf; it is in the hands of every traveler. It’s on the phone. It’s on the Internet. It’s everywhere and it’s telling generations of people how to travel the world.’ -Fairfax Media

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel book is being sold in hardcover format via Amazon. Over 80 customer reviews rated this book 4.6 stars out of five. Buying online through Amazon is a guarantee of convenience and the best price and there is free shipping on orders with at least $25 of a book. I was gifted a copy of Lonely Planet’s ‘Ultimate Travel List’ for review. I only ever write 100% honest reviews and will never promote something I don’t like.

This is the new edition of Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List and features the 500 most thrilling and memorable places on earth. And the folks at Lonely Planet have ranked them by brilliance.

Lonely Planet Reveals Best Places To Visit In 2019

These must-see spots were selected from each Lonely Planet guide, then options were shared with everyone in the Lonely Planet community, who then voted for their favourites.

This is the second edition of this book and has been updated with over 200 new entries. These are places that may be more relevant to how we travel today, sights that manage tourism in a sustainable manner, or places that have only stepped up their game since the last time.

If you’re like me (someone who just loves lists), the full 500 lists are indexed, in order towards the front of the book, so you can quickly scan to see how many you’ve done or more importantly which ones. you want to do next! I wouldn’t give anything but the number one ranking spot in the world blows my mind, but it’s definitely one that’s high up on my wish list (probably even higher now).

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Ultimate Travel List Lonely Planet Book

Then before you get into it, there are beautiful illustrations of each continent, with pins dropping at the points of interest. And for me this is one of my favorite features because it can also help you plan future trips if you’re heading to that part of the world.

Lonely Planet Ranks Ultimate Travel Destinations In New List

With 2020 being an unpredictable year for travel, you might be a little hesitant to make any travel plans for next year, but no matter where you are, there are plenty of adventures to be had close to home. Say I live in London, and there are 34 amazing places listed in the UK alone that can keep me going. Actually, there are several that I have planned for next year, including Glen Coe and Loch Lomond.

In addition to the top 500, this book is PACKED full of beautiful photography, and each place also has a few extra tips on how to plan your visit and how to make the most of your time there, for example, the best way to catch a glimpse of geisha life in Kyoto, or the best time of year to see wildlife in Etosha National Park. And did you know that since its 600th anniversary, the Forbidden City in Beijing has now opened more areas to the public than ever before? And another thing on my Wish List, exploring Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way can be done by car, bus, or bicycle, and you can pick up your Wild Atlantic Way passport and stamp it along the way!

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With Christmas coming up, this book would make the perfect gift for the travel lover in your life, or maybe a great gift to add to your wish list. And if you want to win a copy, I’m happy to say I have another copy to give away! Go to my instagram account @official to login.

Many thanks to Lonely Planet for the opportunity to review this book, and if you like the sound of this book, I can promise you, it won’t fail to spark wanderlust, even if it’s been dormant for the past year or so.

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Us Travel List

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