Villa D’este Best Hotel In The World

Villa D’este Best Hotel In The World – It’s seven o’clock in the evening in the middle of September and it’s still hot. It’s so hot you’ll want to wear a lighter blazer (you should!).

Blazer). It’s so hot you’ll regret grabbing a table in the setting sun (you’ll get over it). The climate is one of Lake Como’s biggest challenges. That, and the proximity of Milan’s three-foot lake, 50 minutes by train, 40 by car, 20 by helicopter. The Villa d’Este helicopter isn’t just for show.

Villa D’este Best Hotel In The World

Villa D'este Best Hotel In The World

Danilo Tzuketti tells a good joke. For example, he was 14 when he couldn’t follow his own path, passing to the general manager of this 16th-century cardinal-crash-poke-turned-palatial-hotel outside of Chernobyl.

Hotel Villa D’este Acquires Adjacent Villa Belinzaghi

The large, white estate with its manicured gardens and famous mosaic Nymphaeum has made a name for itself as one of the most luxurious villas on Lake Como, some of which include:

, let’s say the world, because a group of Milanese businessmen transformed it in 1873.

After thirty years, Zucchetti returned. with clothes, eyes and more like Roger Moore (

, if you had to pin it). Waiter in black tie. all service staff always wear black tie, plus Ruinart, the hotel’s champagne, nachos, and Zucchetti, who has been at Villa d’Este since 2005, its manager since 2012, or has been here since. continues to pour. the most memorable moments of his tenure so far.

Villa D’este Rooms: Pictures & Reviews

When a duck wandered into the dining room, it spooked and flew through the window, prompting the butler to explain that duck was no longer on the menu. Then the woman, who had thrown her diamond ring into the lake after flinging it with her other half, jumped to catch the fish in seconds (failed).

The crowd is well-dressed and well-behaved; smaller than you’d expect for an 18+ hotel

Century antiques from most museums. Many are repeat visitors. Few people stay at Villa d’Este just once.

Villa D'este Best Hotel In The World

Down the lake on our left, connected to the hotel’s beach bar; free caipirinha, cold peroni, high club sandwiches between 11:30 and 18:00. a pool, installed in 1966, connected to the shore by a wooden walkway, the first of its kind. On Lake Como. Last winter, the entire 167-tonne structure had to be towed to Valmadrera, nine hours away, for a £700,000 refurbishment. There is a hood in the corner of the pontoon, facing the lake. The same drought, says another waiter in the same black tie, later in the evening, has been visiting the same place for more years than the one he attracts. Myths and magic. Fact and fiction.

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Villa D’este Pool Pictures & Reviews

Fact: Villa d’Este once belonged to Caroline of Brunswick, Princess of Wales and the short-lived queen consort of King George IV (her first cousin, by the way). Claiming herself to be a descendant of the princely Este family of northern Italy, she was a Saxon princess by birth who bequeathed the estate its modern name.

Fact: In 1948, at the end of a party following a fashion show by Milanese designer Elvira Leonardi Bouye, Pia Bellentani, a happy-go-lucky socialite married to a talented actor, shot him dead. former lover, wealthy silk magnate Carlo Sacci, on the edge of the Villa d’Este dance floor. Bellentani then pointed the gun at himself but was unable to fire. He was later committed to a psychiatric hospital following one of the most complex criminal trials in Italian legal history.

Artistic, those medieval castles on the hill. Well, they are true, in a real sense. You can climb on them, touch them, take a selfie from their heads. But they are a sham, a futile project created in 1808 by the villa’s then-owner, Vittoria Peluso, a former dancer at Milan’s prestigious La Scala ballet school, to honor the exploits of her husband, a commissioned general in Napoleon’s army. . There is a path to the top that goes through secret pockets and openings and secret passageways. Few people are bothered by it. It was one of the highlights of our stay.

Villa d’Este has 152 rooms; 125 in the Cardinal Building; 27 Queen’s Pavilion. After a long walk down a very wide corridor, each is accessed by a heavy brass key. No two rooms are alike. Heavy velvet curtains keep you in the dark at night. In the morning, heavy outer walls fall from the gaps in the outer walls of the hotel. Marble bathrooms are available. The beds are spacious. Elizabeth Taylor hid out at the Villa d’Este early in her relationship with Richard Barton.

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Best Hotels In Lake Como

Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand and Bill Gates have all stayed at the hotel. Ditto, Michael Douglas, Mel Gibson, Mick Jagger and Madonna. You can go through the alphabet from A to Z, from King Albert of Belgium to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Despite world wars and global pandemics, Villa d’Este has hosted the Concorso d’Eleganza, the prestigious gathering of classic cars, since 1929. In 2013, Ralph Lauren flew Best in Show in a 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. To cover the cost of the 70 or more participants in the race, Zucchetti needs to insure the hotel garages for around 270 million euros.

Books have been written about the gardens of Villa d’Este. The 18th century nymphaeum was declared a national monument. A double chain of stone basins, hundreds in all, connects the mosaic of polychrome stones to the statue of Hercules throwing Lycha into the sea.

Villa D'este Best Hotel In The World

Until November. Executive chef Michele Zambanini sources her herbs and vegetables from the garden below Hercules. A ballet of waiters emerges from the kitchen and huge plates of fresh pasta and whole seabass are served. Men are required to wear a jacket. The pianist plays in the yard until midnight.

The Lux Traveller

There is a fitness center with sauna and steam room and a large indoor pool. There is a squash court, a digital golf simulator and eight tennis courts. You can kayak, canoe and paddleboard for free; You can go sailing, surfing and water skiing for a fee. It’s really hard to say what more you could ask for from a hotel.

Every morning he stays at your door without asking. When the weather means halfway through dinner, return your plate to the kitchen to warm up.

The bell tower of Chernobyl strikes at eight o’clock. Across the lake, the street lights of Blevio flickered like the flames of a dying fire. The sun disappeared and so did Ruinart. Heron is still there. How would Tsuketi treat her 14-year-old self if she moved in today? “And if I get up in my pants and shorts, I didn’t let him through the door.” The best in the world… It has to be at the top.

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Rooms at Villa d’Este start from €920 (around £840) per night for a double, including breakfast,

Coppa D’oro Villa D’este

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Villa D'este Best Hotel In The World

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Villa D’este, Lake Como, Italy

/ United Kingdom Weekend break. A bucolic escape from London in less than three hours, 16 February 2023. Annabelle Harrison Around aperitivo hour at Villa d’Este, a grand hotel on Lake Como in northern Italy, well-dressed guests gather under the ship’s trees. marble the balcony overlooks the lake, listening to a pianist as they sip Negronis and Aperol grinders and nibble on olives and walnuts served by black-tie waiters.

From there, some will head for dinner at The Veranda, the property’s official restaurant a few steps away. Others will opt for the more informal options, the Grill or Il Platano. The Grill is where George and Amal Clooney celebrated their first night in the area this summer. George always eats there when he visits the house, the waiter tells me, because he doesn’t like to wear a tie. (Uncommon among modern restaurants, Veranda has a jacket and tie dress code.)

Even the world’s most famous movie star feels comfortable here, walking hand-in-hand with his wife on the way to dinner and shaking the hands of the waiters who extend him. It’s common in this club, because everyone here is made to feel at home with small but very attentive touches.

Amal and George Clooney dined at the hotel in late June to celebrate Amal’s first night in Lake Como this summer.

Discover Villa D’este, Hotel With Restaurant In Cernobbio

George Clooney always dines at a fancy restaurant when he visits the mansion, a waiter told me, because he doesn’t like to wear a tie.

Forgot to sign a check for one of your drinks at the pool? It doesn’t matter if the waiter took your room number when you ordered. until

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