World Highest Tourist Destination

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World Highest Tourist Destination

World Highest Tourist Destination

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The World’s Most Visited Tourist Attractions

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World Highest Tourist Destination

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There are plenty of exotic attractions to entertain you in China – whole sharks and crocodiles sold in supermarkets in Dongyang, fragile spring eggs soaked in young men’s urine ( or “girl’s eggs”, as they call them) – but unsatisfied with this basic level of weirdness, the country has redoubled its efforts to attract tourists with its always captivating attractions .

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So far this summer, China has introduced three life-threatening inventions to lucky travelers. Here is a selection of some of China’s most fascinating attractions, past and present.

In August, a 5-meter-wide glass-bottom walkway opened at an altitude of 4,600 meters on Hunan’s Tianmen Mountain. Cooling 100 meters around the cliff face of Tianmen,

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That same month, the world’s tallest and longest glass bridge was inaugurated – in Hunan, and Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon yawned violently. The 430m long, 6m wide bridge spanning a depth of 985ft below was closed just two weeks after opening due to the danger of the bridge. The bridge can safely carry 8,000 people a day, but 10 times that number, an official told reporters. The bridge appears to be undergoing an “internal system upgrade” to control visitor numbers.

World Highest Tourist Destination

Just this month, a horrifying video of tourists falling more than 1,000 feet at Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park near Chongqing took the internet by storm. The rope is pushed by jumping

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The flight attendant lifted the smiling (exasperated?) passenger into the air, descending like a misty cave.

Hats off to the sparks behind this impressive structure, turning your factory-built observatory into a fairground near the top of the 1,968-meter-tall building. Guangzhou’s Canton Tower was briefly the world’s tallest tower before being surpassed by the Dubai Burj Khalifa’s record 2,722m. But the real attraction is the roller coaster that winds around Canton’s steep elliptical lookout, about 500 meters above the ground. 16 transparent knobs provide a 360-degree view around the track. Each takes 20 to 40 minutes of mild dread to complete the 15-degree angle rotation.

Shanghai’s extremely odd “tourist tunnel” – remember, it’s a river tunnel with no city views – is worth mentioning for always being covered. Linking the futuristic Pudong district with the classic waterfront district, the Bund, bisected by the Huangpu River, exposes passengers to bright lights and revolving lasers for a 10-minute ride. ships in glass cabins, while an ominous sound emits illuminated phrases such as ‘Emerging Magma’ and ‘Fossil Variant’. Consider taking the public ferry from side to side. the other side of Huangpu, and you will be able to see more realistic scenery, more bamboo.

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Just as tourist attractions in a similar sense have been forced to embark on kamikaze style from Yungas, Bolivia, where tourists are encouraged by a free life on a path carved 400 meters up the mountainside in Henan Province in 1977. The 20-foot wide road diverts both pedestrian and vehicle traffic for 1,200 meters, and the risk of falling into a ravine is very real. While drivers are constantly honking their horns to avoid collisions, the sheer volume of thrill-seeking tourists doesn’t make things any easier.

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This summer, China presents a new and unique horror travel experience, with ants kicking their ass and flying. But this country has a history of harboring extremist activism – and this is the worst of them all

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World Highest Tourist Destination

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