World Travel Ideas

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Finding the cheapest ways to travel isn’t about one big secret that everyone is keeping from you. But it’s about making small changes now to various areas of your travel planning to ensure you cut costs where you can and make your hard-earned money more affordable.

World Travel Ideas

World Travel Ideas

I don’t believe in turning so hard that you feel like you can’t enjoy anything until you reach your destination. I mean, what does that mean?

The Best Apps And Sites For Travelers

This post is not meant to be a to-do list for every occasion you travel, but rather a list of ideas you can try to incorporate where you see fit.

Let’s face it – everyone’s journey is different. It’s up to you to decide which parts are most important to enhance your own experiences and then look for places where you can save money while traveling without feeling like you’re going to lose out.

I hope this post will give you some tips to keep you going when planning a budget trip – and some ideas you might not have thought of before.

I have divided this guide into sections to make it easier for you to digest depending on the type of itinerary you are on.

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So without further ado, here is my list of 101 ways to make your next trip easier!

First thing: you have to decide where you want to go. Americans are fortunate that our passports allow us to visit many countries around the world with little effort, but there are still people who require a large fee to obtain a tourist visa, such as Russia and Nigeria.

If you want to learn more, Matador Network created a great article on the most important visas for Americans in 2019. If you’re on a budget and can easily find where to go, discard those areas with more expensive visas and save them for another day . .

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World Travel Ideas

If you are planning a long trip, choosing destinations that are close to or within the same country will significantly reduce your costs on transportation between destinations. I know it’s tempting to want to fly around the world when you’re on vacation, but think of all the ways you could put that money to good use and have amazing experiences around the world instead. burn everything on air travel.

Genius Ideas For The Cheapest Ways To Travel The World

Earning more money (in real terms) while traveling is one of the easiest ways to save on daily expenses in your chosen country. So choose wisely. Choose your destination based on where your currency (or local currency) will go when you want to travel.

Prices are constantly changing due to the economy, so do your research as you begin to decide where you want to go. Historically for America, exchange rates have been better for destinations such as Southeast Asia, India, Central America and Eastern Europe.

I love Momondo and Kayak because of their “Anywhere” features that allow you to search for flights from your hometown to anywhere in the world. You can filter by price and the sites will pull up a map to give you a quick overview of the cheapest places to fly on the selected travel dates. The genius!

Fancy going to Cuba on that group tour guide? Or do you just want to fly United? Be sure to follow your favorite travel companies on social media and check them regularly to be the first to know about offers, sales or special promotions that will help you find a place for a better place.

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Sometimes it’s easier to go on a trip, but we know how much gear we need for real activities when we arrive. Be sure to add this to your budget ahead of time so you don’t get stuck getting ready and spending money on the car near departure. Tropical travel is a great way to travel because you don’t need to pack a lot!

Gone are the days of buying guides before traveling as a requirement for survival in the world. There are a LOT of free blogs out there (ahem, you’re reading one right now) that offer great advice on topics all over the world. So skip the bookstore and get in touch to get your free travel tips and advice.

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Yes, travel agents are always a thing. In fact, with so much information out there, it’s better than ever. Did you know that many travel agents only work on commission? This means you can get their design and registration services at no cost to you.

World Travel Ideas

Best of all, not only will you pay more, you’ll often save precious dollars on things like flights and accommodations because travelers can get insider deals that other travelers can’t get when they’re available.

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I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t travel insurance an extra expense I don’t need? Not so fast. It is commonly said that if you can’t get travel insurance, then you can’t travel. We don’t expect accidents or unexpected things to happen to us, but when they do, they can be expected to cost us hundreds or thousands of dollars.

No one wants to come down with a serious illness abroad only to pay tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket to be sent back to their country. Err on the safe side and get travel insurance – trust me, it’s better to have peace of mind on your next trip than to be in deep debt if something goes wrong. I use World Nomads and was refunded $1,500 within two months of leaving for my trip around the world.

Sometimes the best tips and tricks to save money on your trip can be found through the community of people who have gone before you. Trust me, adventures on Facebook

Share their advice. So join the right group for your chosen country and start asking questions about the best coffee shops, hotels and deals on your trip.

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How often do you hear stories about people who don’t disclose their destination without being prepared and get scammed off the lot by a taxi driver? I promise every minute, 24 hours a day. Remember, knowledge is power. Talk to friends ahead of you or do your research online to find out how much things like taxis from the airport should cost so you don’t end up paying too much. .

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Want to save money on transportation? My last hack is to plan your trip around the neighborhood (my favorite tool for this is Google Maps). What I do is research and find out all the things I want to accomplish on my trip and then create a new Google Map including everything related to restaurants, museums, hikes, cafes, etc.

When everything is placed on the map, you can plan each of your days by combining the things that are close so that you do not spend your entire trip on your trip. I love this tool so much that I wrote an entire blog guide about it. Read more about my use of Google Maps as a trip planner here.

World Travel Ideas

It is common knowledge that flight and hotel prices tend to increase during the peak season of travel. If you want the lowest prices on your trip, then choose to visit during the low or shoulder season (the time between low and high season), when the crowds start to increase but the places have not reached their maximum.

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If you need to stick to a budget, then make a list of essentials for your trip BEFORE you leave. Do you really want to eat at great restaurants on your trip, but can’t think of booking private travel experiences? Write it down!

This will help you understand where to save while on vacation, while helping you keep your eye on the prize – the things that will make your trip exciting.

When good deals come along, we often don’t get to take advantage because time doesn’t work with our schedules. Try to keep it simple this year by booking a trip based on the deals you see before you book.

I always use the Google Flights calendar feature in my search process because it makes it easy to find the cheapest days to fly so I know I’m getting the best price.

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Different countries have different expectations when it comes to tipping, so do you.

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