Best Eco Hotel In The World

Best Eco Hotel In The World – Hotels are usually not the most eco-friendly part of your vacation. With so many visitors during the year, valuable resources such as electricity and water are consumed and leave an environmental impact.

Fortunately, more and more hotels have begun to invest in sustainable practices. Whether it’s doing their part to conserve resources or reduce their carbon footprint – it’s possible to implement green practices while delivering exceptional luxury experiences.

Best Eco Hotel In The World

Best Eco Hotel In The World

If there’s one hotel I hope to cross off my list in 2019, it’s Malawi’s Mambo Island. Located on the edge of Lake Malawi National Park, the small rustic luxury eco-hotel is the ultimate digital detox destination.

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Throughout your stay, you will not have access to Wi-Fi, cell phone service, or electricity. Instead, your days will be filled with exceptional diving and snorkeling conditions, delicious meals, sunset cocktail hours, hiking, kayaking, and relaxing in your lake view bungalow.

1 Hotel Central Park was designed with recycled materials and is an urban retreat inspired by nature. The hotel uses wood from water towers or warehouses in New York City, painted brick, steel and copper accents, organic cotton mattresses and sheets, and lots of live plants.

The hotel chain’s mission is to improve the world by fueling the conversation around socially responsible hospitality. The restaurant uses farm-to-table practices, and every room has LEED-certified lighting.

I stayed at Jack Camp during my 10 day trip to Botswana. The luxury camp is off the grid with no Wi-Fi available and has done its best to minimize its impact on the environment.

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Jack’s supports conservation in the Kalahari region by funding the Makgadikgadi-Nxai Pans Conservation Initiative. The project aims to reduce human-wildlife conflicts and ensure that wildlife migration routes are not affected by increased tourism in the region.

Saffire Freycinet is a luxury eco-hotel in Tasmania, Australia, located in the stunning Freycinet National Park. The facility uses energy efficient insulation, hot water use and lighting.

For the past six years, Saffire has been voted Australia’s best luxury hotel as well as the world’s best luxury hotel by TripAdvisor. Featuring 20 private suites, a luxury day spa and a fine dining restaurant led by Executive Chef Iain Todd.

Best Eco Hotel In The World

Six Senses Yai Nai is one of Thailand’s premier luxury eco-hotels. The property creates its own water supply through reverse osmosis and bottles it with reusable glass bottles.

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Of The Best Eco Hotels In The World 2022

The proceeds from the sale of the water are donated to two nearby schools as well as to disadvantaged communities that do not have access to clean drinking water. The Six Senses restaurant also grows its own organic vegetables and sources other ingredients from local suppliers.

Little Kolala is one of my favorite luxury eco-hotels. It is a desert oasis in the heart of Namibia and the country had very little native wildlife until the camp stepped in and supported restoration efforts.

As the camp is located in a very water-stressed area, a lot of attention is paid to saving water. Little Kulala uses water saving equipment and reverse osmosis filtration to provide staff and guests with high quality drinking water.

Each room has inverter air conditioning units that help the camp use less electricity as well as energy efficient lights and appliances. The camp also strictly adheres to internal environmental standards and uses only approved environmentally friendly chemicals and cleaning agents.

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Soneva Fushi is located on a private island known as Baa Atoll, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve that is home to endangered sea turtles. The hotel has put eco-luxury on the map for the Maldives.

The luxurious villas are hidden among dense jungle, and each suite faces its own private white sand beach. But in addition to the hotel’s luxurious amenities, it has the largest solar array on the islands and all food is grown and sourced locally.

Tongabezi in Zambia is a luxury eco-hotel straight out of a Mark Twain story. You’ll fall asleep to the roar of hippos in the distance, monkeys swinging in the trees outside your cabin and you can watch the sun set as you float down the river on a village raft.

Best Eco Hotel In The World

The lodge is solar powered and completely off the grid. All shampoo and cleaning products are biodegradable, and all wood comes from sustainable forests in Zambia.

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Tongai also uses a bottling system that saves the lodge from using 20,000 plastic water bottles a year.

Located 1,200 miles off the southeast coast of Africa, Mauritius is an incredible island destination. Constance Belle Mare Plage is located in a private bay with impeccable white sand beaches and a five-star experience.

Both Constance Belle Mare Plage and its sister hotel, Constance Prince Maurice, have a strong focus on sustainability. The hotel chain has an environmental policy that focuses on reducing electricity consumption, increasing environmental awareness in the local community and using environmentally friendly products.

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Hopefully these luxury eco hotels have inspired you to take a sustainable vacation. Although traveling is not the most environmentally friendly activity, we can also reduce our impact by making greener choices when we go abroad. This year is the time to go green when you travel. Not sure where to start? Take a look at some of the world’s best eco-sleeping spots, including luxury hotels, eco-friendly lodges and safari stays…

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Feel the peace as you float over the calm, crystal clear waters of the Holandsfjord and enjoy the fantastic natural scenery or Norway.

Located just above the Arctic Circle, Svart is the world’s first energy-positive hotel, opening in 2021. The circular property has 360-degree views of the Svartisen Glacier and aims to reduce its annual energy consumption by 85% compared to other modern ones. Hotels that use solar energy.

Experience eco-luxury on the beaches of Arugam Bay on Sri Lanka’s southeast coast. The hotel’s architecture and design is inspired by nature with a structure made of wood, palm fronds and dried aloe grass, designed to create as little disturbance to the surrounding vegetation as possible.

Best Eco Hotel In The World

Where possible, natural ventilation and lighting are used and waste water is treated biologically to protect the natural habitat.

Top 10 Most Fabulous Eco Friendly Luxury Hotels In The World

Get back to nature in more ways than one at this luxurious tented camp in the Macaulay Conservancy. The camp makes every effort to reduce its carbon footprint, including using solar panels for 30% of its energy consumption.

The property also has a heat pump system to reduce electricity consumption by up to 80% and a biogas system to convert food and natural waste into natural gas for cooking. The used water is filtered and purified so that it can be fed to the camp’s watering holes for the animals.

Palawan’s four resorts live by green ethics, including sourcing their products and hiring staff locally, providing guests with opportunities to experience nature and the region’s culture, and creating new sustainability programs each year.

Along with green design and architecture, the resorts offer sustainable menus and many nature-based activities in their green surroundings.

Eco Luxury Resorts That Are Worth The Hype

Tucked away in tropical rainforests and surrounded by beautiful beaches, this resort in Thailand is the perfect blend of eco-friendliness and luxury.

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Soneva is committed to sustainability at all of its locations, but at Soneva Curry, it has developed a carbon calculator to monitor the entire footprint of its operations. From energy consumption to shipping, food, paper, waste and water. They even have their own organic garden, reducing their environmental impact by not importing products over long distances.

Cachi is the first permanent lodge of its kind in Bolivia’s Serle de Uni above-ground salt flats. Located at the foot of Tunupa Volcano, it offers an elegant, solar-powered spin on glamping, all at a breathtaking altitude (3,600m).

Best Eco Hotel In The World

Here its six white domes seem to float on the horizon. Lanterns keep you warm at night, and local food comes courtesy of the chefs at La Paz’s very popular restaurant Gusto, which serves as a base for vulnerable youth to start out.

Hotels That Keep It Green

In the light of the Gobi Desert, Three Camel Lodge looks like a mirage, nestled between the cliffs of Bayanzag and the Altai Mountains. A cluster of cosy, eco-conscious retreats: round felt tents, warmly decorated in the Mongolian tradition, with local materials and hand-painted interiors.

Yes, it sounds sensational, but most importantly, it is socially responsible – the solar-powered Jire Camp bans the use of plastic, protects wildlife and winters. have used profits to help struggling nomads.

Located deep in the rainforest of the central highlands, no road leads to this eco-lodge, so if you decide not to navigate the rapids of the Pacuare River, you can instead take a hanging gondola up the river.

It is widely known for high-octane adventure, natural beauty and exotic animal sightings, but the commitment to sustainability is evident throughout the lodge.

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Clean energy is a major focus, with electricity generated from a turbine in a nearby river. There are no buffets here – you order the sumptuous food in advance so nothing goes to waste. No trees were felled to house the bungalows, which are lit by lanterns, creating natural warmth. Afterwards, wash off the day with solar-heated water – or take a dip in the infinity pool, set to the sounds of the rainforest and nature.

With its handful of handcrafted teak houses and bamboo “tents” nestled among the treetops, the Bamboo Egg is stylish yet durable—and won’t blow your budget.

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Best Eco Hotel In The World

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