Best Expensive Hotel In The World

Best Expensive Hotel In The World – There is leisure travel, then there is budget travel, then there is travel, then there is business travel, and then there is elite travel. Way, way, way – much higher than any other – it’s a mega ride. It’s the kind of trip that only happens in a private jet, chauffeured to the most expensive hotel in the world. That “I have a pet tiger and I can easily stop feeding it to someone” trip.

Of course, this level of travel requires some sort of accommodation. There are no hostels, no shared bathrooms, no trips to the ice machine at this level of accommodation. This is

Best Expensive Hotel In The World

Best Expensive Hotel In The World

Place This is “I need a place to spend the night while my slave refills my yacht’s cocaine bins” in the living room.

Which Is The Most Expensive Hotel In The World?

You get the idea. These are the most expensive hotels in the world. That’s what it looks like to spend more than most of the world’s annual income on a hotel room in one night.

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At $23,500 per night, the Apartment offers a private bathroom and menus created by Michelin star chef Helene Darroze. It has a wrap-around terrace that overlooks the incredibly peaceful Mayfair area of ​​London.

To get a good idea of ​​how generous this place is with British blue bloods, check out their interactive website about the Apartment – it includes stories about a suitor flying to Paris after guests left to get their shoes on. that they had forgotten to take back. and a man who wanted to cook for his wife and a Michelin chef was giving him advice behind a secret door. That is, Christ.

Dubai’s 6 Most Luxurious Hotels

For $26,000 a night, the Presidential Suite at the Cala di Volpe Hotel in Sardinia offers three bedrooms, a solarium, a private pool, and a fitness center. All three bathrooms have a Jacuzzi, “a large shower” and “Sardinian marble countertops.”

At $26,385 per night, the Shangri-La Suite occupies the entire top floor of the Shangri-La hotel, overlooking Istanbul’s Bosphorus. There’s a TV in that bathroom mirror, by the way. The room has three private terraces that give you a view of almost the entire Istanbul skyline.

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In glamorous, sky-high Pudong, the best room at the Mandarin Oriental is about $26,450 a night. It’s a two-bedroom apartment with its own wine cellar and gorgeous 25th-floor views of the Shanghai skyline. Of course, it has butler service, and they promise flexible check-in and check-out, saying you can enjoy your full 24 hours at the hotel. I should hope so!

Best Expensive Hotel In The World

The Royal Suite in this hotel is the largest hotel room in Paris, with 450 square meters. It’s also $27,000 a night… $27,000 that could have gone entirely towards paying off my student loans. The set includes televisions hidden behind mirrors, and “all the decorations are made with gold threads.” For the most part, what you pay for in this series is close to gold.

These Are The Most Expensive Hotels In The World

The villa at the JW Marriott Mauritius Resort is the largest villa on the island and costs $30,000 per night. It includes a Jacuzzi, a lounge, a bar, and a private chef. In addition, the best place listed on the website is that they are experts in “carefully dealing with the needs of guests.”

At $35,000 per night, the Royal Room at St. Regis is the largest hotel room in the UAE. It has two floors, butler service, and a private theater. There is also a pool and games room. The bedroom occupies almost the entire lower floor and overlooks the sea.

The Royal Villa, at $35,000 a night, once hosted Mel Gibson and Leonardo DiCaprio. There are two master bedrooms, each with marble bathrooms with their own steam baths, as well as butler’s closets. There is also a private massage area, a heated pool, and a private terrace that leads to the beach.

For a staggering $37,500 per night, the Penthouse Suite at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes offers views of Lake Cannes (from a terrace Jacuzzi, of course) and two king bedrooms. Surprisingly, compared to other rooms on this list, the Grand Hyatt’s list of amenities, in addition to the words “luxurious,” “luxury,” and, “heated toilet seat with gold leaf,” things like “wireless Internet,” “Bathroom, and “Windows that open.” Don’t let that modest description fool you—it’s the fourth most expensive hotel room in the world, according to

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Best Luxury Hotels In Paris

This villa is not only $40,000 a night, but you can’t reserve the room. You must apply for the privilege to pay them enough money to pay for most of the four-year college tuition in one day.

The whole island is owned by billionaire Red Bull and consists of 25 villas, but the best part is this. It has panoramic views of the island, free massages, horseback riding on the lake, and I imagine it lets you hunt the deadliest game of all: men.

The site – which uses the word “rich” because it’s a good thing – also says it offers chefs, drivers and private conversation. It will, and I call it, bring you “unstoppable happiness”. Which is like underestimating the strange pleasures that people have in dreams.

Best Expensive Hotel In The World

The Ty Warner Suite at the Four Seasons in New York will set you back $45,000 a night. It is the highest hotel room in New York, with a 360 view of the city, and it took seven years and 50 million dollars to build. The room also has its own state-of-the-art concierge and a large library. There are only three – with preparations for a child (and to be honest, the only child

The ‘world’s Most Expensive Hotel Room’ Has A Bar Made Out Of Medical Waste

Here’s a pathologically detailed description of the bathroom on the website: “The master suite is completely encased in custom rare Chinese onyx slabs and features LED lighting carved from solid blocks of rock crystal.” . Relax in the cool chromotherapy infinity tub or the large Dornbracht rain shower with six body jets. Other features include a Toto Neorest toilet with wireless remote, sensor and heated seat, and radiant heated floors. Walls, ceiling and the guest powder room sink are like jewels of semi-precious tiger’s eye stone.”

At $40,000 a night, the Sky Villa offers a private glass elevator, a glass spa that flows onto the balcony with views of the ridge, a dry sauna, and 24-hour butler service. There are actually several Sky Villas, but the most luxurious is called the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. Because it’s Vegas, of course.

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No price catalog would be complete without mentioning Dubai. While many of our other hotels on this list get there with a ridiculously expensive luxury suite, the Burj Al Arab goes above and beyond to have one.

All their rooms are duplex, the cheapest one is 2000 dollars per night. Without taxes and fees. The most expensive hotel is around $12,000. This may be – in total – the most expensive hotel in the world.

Top 10: Most Luxurious Hotels In Las Vegas

Facilities? You can take advantage of their Rolls-Royce, Mercedes and helicopter transportation services. Or take advantage of your personal butlers. Also, you can go to their four pools and private beach, or get free access to a nearby water park. It’s a great place to go to show your absolute distaste for the concept of moderation.

This room at the Raj Palace Hotel costs $45, 000. For one night. There are six bedrooms, a private theater, a library, and a private kitchen staff, but again: it will be a great 45 nights. Whether you’re a Bond villain, a royal, or just need a good place to meet up with some friends for a trip of a lifetime in India.

At 60,000 Swiss francs a night – or about $68,000 – this is the most expensive hotel room in the world. The suite has hosted the likes of Bill Gates and Michael Douglas and has its own elevator, gym and pool table; It has maximum security, a Steinway Grand Piano, and a panoramic view of Lake Geneva.

Best Expensive Hotel In The World

The good news is that it sleeps up to six (it has 12 bedrooms and a bathroom, but the website says it only sleeps six). So you can split the price with your other ridiculously rich friends.

Most Expensive Hotels In The World 2023

A version of this article was previously published on 10 May 2014, and was updated on 11 April 2022.

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