Best Gift Ideas During Quarantine

Best Gift Ideas During Quarantine – Looking for gift ideas for women on your gift list? Whether it’s birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or “just because,” we’ve found the best gifts for moms, sisters, friends, mothers-in-law, teachers, grandmas, and more. With gifts in every price range, these gift ideas for women will WOW all the ladies on your gift list this year!

Find more great gift ideas in our Mother’s Day gift guide or for something handmade, treat her to a soothing winter hand scrub or these popular leather diffuser earrings

Best Gift Ideas During Quarantine

Best Gift Ideas During Quarantine

Whether you’re looking for Christmas, Mother’s Day, or birthday gifts for her, this list of the BEST gifts for women has something for that important person in your life!

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If you see something you think she’ll like, grab it now, as shipping and delivery issues have made shopping a bit bananas this year. Heck, I bought stuff for Christmas next year because I know someone will like it.

It should also be noted that just because this list lists “gifts for women” doesn’t mean guys won’t love these ideas, too. We all have unique personalities and I LOVE that there can be items on this list for the boys in your life too. Happy giving my friend!

Mom Tote Bag – A simple and modern tote bag, it would be especially cute as a gift filled with a few of mom’s favorite things (keep reading for ideas on how to fill it!)

Wine Cooler – A beautiful wine cooler (and a bubbly one) that can keep mom’s wine cold for hours.

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GoVino Shatterproof Wine Glasses – My go-to travel wine containers for poolside drinking, picnics, decks, or anywhere you don’t want to risk breaking the glass.

Crystal Eye Mask – Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” like an excuse for mom to take some time for herself.

One Line Journal – This little journal is perfect for jotting down a sentence or two about your day to look back on – perfect for women who are very busy but want to remember it all.

Best Gift Ideas During Quarantine

Newbury Picnic Basket – What a fun way to enjoy a beautiful day outside when you take a picnic full of goodies to a favorite spot. This will be used for decades.

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Kindle Paperwhite – I am a former school librarian and hated the idea of ​​not reading paper books. When my husband gave me a Kindle for Mother’s Day, I reluctantly used it and immediately realized how easy it was to read. Plus, he gave me a waterproof version, which means I can read it in the bath or on the beach.

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NOTE: Kindle automatically promotes books when you open it, the photo above does not reflect my current reading! Not that it matters, but I thought I’d put it out there, ha!

Wall mounted wine rack – I’m not saying you SHOULD drink more because of 2020, but just in case you’re passing out faster than usual, this gorgeous wine rack is a work of art. Leaning into 2020, everyone.

Essential Oil Diffuser – If there’s a better time to use essential oils, I don’t know what it is. Between the benefits of aromatherapy and the health-enhancing nature of essential oils, we have diffusers all over our house and absolutely love them.

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Portable Exercise Pole – I bought this during quarantine and I love it! It’s a portable exercise bar and it’s strong enough to use resistance bands and hold a lot of weight (trust me, the karan nineteen is real). . It then folds and rolls up when not in use. Great for those who want to barre but don’t have a lot of space!

Massage Gun – This deep tissue massage gun is portable, practical, and has 5-star reviews. We’re sure your mom will love it too!

Electric Kettle – My UK neighbors were horrified when I used the MICROWAVE to heat water for a cup of tea. This kettle is a great way to heat water in the microwave and I wish I had one in college for not only tea but ramen too. It’s pretty enough to keep in the office for easy tea making!

Best Gift Ideas During Quarantine

Apple Watch – Another thing I thought I didn’t need until I had it and now I’m in love. It has a built-in gyroscope and you can program it to call 911 if you fall if you’re unresponsive. I accidentally tested this feature and I can tell you it works – luckily I was able to press the button to stop a 911 call after a particularly hard fall in my driveway (I’m seriously the Clumsiest person you’ll ever meet.) In addition to helping the clumsy/ for older people like me, it also tracks steps, workouts and much more.

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Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven – Another great gift for the home cook, this cast iron iron is as useful as it is beautiful.

Silk sleep set – Almost everyone will appreciate this silk sleep set. With a silk pillowcase that protects hair from damage, a silky touch and an eye mask, this set is like a hug for someone you love.

Starter Necklace – I get compliments on this necklace every time I wear it. It’s so classic and pretty.

Wooden bath rack with live edge – Bath lovers will love the bath tub rack for drinks, washcloths and bath bubbles.

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Jonathan Adler Special Edition Keurig – This mini Keurig is just that… ADORABLE! Fashionistas will love it.

We personally use Nespresso and I’ve gotten to make the most delicious lattes using oat milk in the frother, so if your budget is a bit bigger this is another great idea for coffee drinkers.

Instant Pot – I am head over heels in love with my Instant Pot! If you have someone on your list who loves to cook (or is a busy parent without much free time), this will be a huge hit.

Best Gift Ideas During Quarantine

Phone Dock and Planter – Plants are a true MVP of 2020, combining practicality with a plant that’s like my dream come true.

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Cursive Name Rings – I’ve been supporting small businesses like crazy this year and here’s one of my favorites! I ordered these rings with my children’s names on them as a gift to myself and I can’t wait for them to arrive.

Mario Badescu Toner – This face toner is such a treat. It’s cooling on your face and my skin feels so fresh. I know I’m a nerd, but I look forward to using this everyday!

Vestige Lipstick Holder – This lipstick holder also fits essential oil roller bottles for a gorgeous storage solution for the essential oil lover on your list.

Reusable Makeup Eraser – Does exactly what the name says! I actually have several because I use them so often. There are also these makeup remover pads which are nice AND come in a pack of 10.

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Tory Burch Crossbody Bag – Definitely a high-end gift, but the recipient will love it! I personally started wearing a small crossbody and I love it so much because it’s practical, light and totally trendy.

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TRX Exercise Set – Ideal for home workouts, TRX straps attach to holders and allow strength training almost anywhere. We had them at the gym I used to belong to and I used them every week.

Polaroid Pocket Printer – Know someone who takes a lot of photos but never prints them? (As is probably everyone.) This is a great solution.

Best Gift Ideas During Quarantine

Copper Bird Feeder – This is a fun gift for nature lovers or people who can’t leave their home. My kids have had so much fun watching nature and wildlife and this brings them right outside your window.

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Owl Reach Owl Box – Got a nature lover on your list? Owl boxes from Owl Reach make a great gift for anyone with a yard. Just wait for the baby owls to peek out, it’s the best feeling in the world!

Revlon single-stage hair dryer – ideal for moms who are short on time, but still want beautiful hair.

I know it’s been a tough year and I hope this gift guide gives you some gift ideas to make this time a little easier and more comfortable for the ones we love. Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Would you believe it?! Basically, May is here and with it Mother’s Day. I’m sure many of you have been struggling to get gifts this year due to the situation going on in our world right now… but I think it’s still such an important day to celebrate all the special moms in our lives. This is one of my favorite gift guides that I love to put together – along with the Father’s Day gift guide, of course. Parents of all kinds make such a difference in our lives that I feel like letting them know how much they mean to us through a gift (handmade or purchased) means the world. Today I’ve rounded up the “Best Mother’s Day Gift Guide” below, featuring some of my own

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