Best Holiday Destination In January

Best Holiday Destination In January – January is a great time to take a European vacation. In many places, the Christmas markets are open and the Christmas decorations are put up late in the first part of the month. However, the general craziness of the Christmas season is over. It’s short term in most places, so you should be able to find great flight and hotel deals. In addition, attractions that attract more people will attract more people and will be more fun to browse. In Europe, you have the best of both worlds. You have cool destinations, some with rain sports to choose from and warm climates where you can enjoy the warmth of the sun. Of all the possibilities, where should you go? Here are 24 best places to visit in Europe in January.

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Best Holiday Destination In January

Best Holiday Destination In January

You may be wondering if Europe in January is the right option for you. While you’re still undecided, here are the 24 best places to visit in the USA in January.

Where To Go In January For Sun

Many places may have Christmas markets open and Christmas lights up in early January. For a list of amazing Christmas destinations you might want to check out, check out 24 Best Places to Visit in Europe for Christmas.

If you are looking for the best snow and winter destinations in Europe, please check out the 17 best winter destinations to visit in Europe.

For those looking for a sunset in Europe, please see 28 Best Places in Europe to See the Best Sunsets.

If you are not sure about your time, then here is a list of other European destinations that would be good at different times of the year.

The Best Places To Visit Each Month Of The Year

I asked some of the best travel bloggers and industry experts about the best European destinations for a January vacation. There are cities, towns, mountains, and beaches all over Europe that offer hot and cold weather. Whether you want to explore the city’s cities, spend the night on the beach, discover the natural beauty, or get active with skiing or other sports, there is something for everyone.

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In the following article, the best things to do in each destination are explained, as well as the best way to get there. In addition, the weather forecast is set so that you can pack safely. If the travel blogger has stayed in a luxury hotel or other accommodation, their recommendations are also included. Finally, special annual events or festivals are described.

One of the best places to visit in January in Europe if you are looking for sunny days is Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands. With pleasant temperatures, Tenerife is one of the warmest places in Europe during the winter months.

Best Holiday Destination In January

Besides discovering the beaches of Tenerife and enjoying the sun, there are many unique things to do on this island. The easiest way to explore is to rent a car, but you can also book tours to some of the most popular attractions, such as National Parque El Teide.

Best Places For Winter Sun I Discover I

The national park includes Mount El Teide, the highest point in Tenerife, and all of Spain (12,188 ft). There is a cable car that takes you to the top where you will have amazing views over the island. If you are lucky, you can also see other Canary Islands, such as Gran Canaria. Make sure you also take time to hike and explore other parts of the Park. The nature of the volcano is simply fascinating.

Another great national park for hiking is the Parque Rural de Anaga in the north. You need a car to get there, but it’s worth the drive.

Two other towns worth exploring are Garachico and the Unesco World Heritage listed San Cristobal de La Laguna. San Cristobal offers colonial architecture and the visible lines of its streets – built in the 15th century without outer walls – combine to give a unique feel to this old university town.

You can expect average temperatures between 65 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The best place to be is in the south of the island because it has more hours of sunshine and less rain.

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It’s only a fifteen-minute drive from Aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur (TFS) to Costa Adeje, the most popular city in the south.

“Costa Adeje is a very popular city in the south,” says Lara. During the summer, Tenerife and Costa Adeje can feel very touristy due to the large crowds, but in January it really is a great place to be. Especially when you skip the big hotels and stay at a nice boutique hotel, like B&B Villa Boutique Tenerife. ”

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What better place to experience the true wonder of the sun than in Lapland. Located in the Arctic Circle and part of Swedish Lapland, Kiruna is one of the best places to visit in January in Europe. It’s the northernmost city in Sweden, and it feels like it’s in a world of its own. Kiruna thrived because of a huge mine and apart from the mine and the town itself, there is nothing but snow, forest and desert.

Best Holiday Destination In January

A great activity is dog walking in the Lapland countryside. Being pulled by a group of dogs in the snow and the absolute silence around you allows you to enjoy the amazing nature. You can choose to ride your own sled or be driven by a guide, relax and enjoy the views.

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No trip to the north would be complete without looking for the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights can be seen in the city of Kiruna but the lights are best when you are away from any light. For example, some of the best northern lights you can see are when you are driving between cities because there is no light at all. A tour company offers tours in the north, but anywhere with less light is a chance to see it.

January in Kiruna is a good time to visit because it is still in the polar night (at least the first week or so). A polar night means a day when the sun sets or rises above the entire sky. The colors are unmatched and the shorter hours of the day mean more darkness to see the Northern Lights.

January is one of the coldest months of the year. You can expect a lot of snow and 10°F – 17°F (-30°C) is normal. So make sure you pack warm clothes with a high percentage of wool. High quality standards make all the difference.

Kiruna is accessible by plane from Stockholm. The flight is 1.5 hours. They run several times a day during the winter. There is also an overnight train from Stockholm that offers amazing views of Sweden.

Europe In January: Top 10 Best Places To Visit

Ellie says: “Kiruna is home to the first Hotel in the World. Chambers were carved out of ice and kept at -5°C inside the chambers. When you sleep in the ice room you are given a deer skin and a sleeping bag. The rooms are changed every year and are made by ice artists from all over the world, so they are amazing. They also have heated rooms if the idea of ​​sleeping in -5°C doesn’t appeal to you. This hotel overlooks the River Tourne which is quite cool and has a great view. ”

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Sicilyis Italy’s largest island, with its rich history, local culture, and unique cuisine, it’s no wonder that thousands of tourists come here every year. If you love old cities full of history, but also beautiful nature, Sicily should be on your bucket list.

Visiting Sicily in winter is the best time to enjoy your trip without the extreme heat you get in summer, but also less crowded and cheaper.

Best Holiday Destination In January

Catania is a major city to visit on the east coast of Sicily, nestled at the foot of Mount Etna. The city was founded by the Greeks about 2800 years ago and today it is an open museum, where one can see the remains of the Greek culture around the city.

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Castello Ursino dates back to the 13th century and is one of the city’s top tourist attractions. Today, it hosts a museum containing works of art from Catania and its region. The Greek/Roman Theater of Catania is another must-see during your visit.

From Catania, you can not skip Mount Etna or a day trip to the beautiful and bohemian city of Taormina. Once a favorite of poets and writers from all over the world, Taormina will delight you in its narrow and well-built streets.

Getting to Catania is easy both within Italy, but also from other major European cities. Catania – Fontanarossa Airport is less than 5 km from the city center and is easily accessible by car or public transport.

“Time,” says Ingrid

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