Best Holiday Destinations For Singles

Best Holiday Destinations For Singles – A global pandemic might not seem like the most ideal time to go on vacation, but solo female travel is on the rise. Witness the explosion in interest in overseas adventure travel: More than 24,000 single travelers have booked trips for 2021, with women-only departures growing in popularity. According to the company, this growth is driven by a strong appetite for solo travel among Americans over 50, especially women. “We see single women, in particular, with a passion for meeting and bonding with locals. It’s life-changing,” says CEO and President Brian Fitzgerald.

And according to research from travel company Cox & Kings, solo travel could be one of the first segments to return as the travel sector begins to recover. A quarter of the company’s recent bookings have come from solo travellers, says Sue Livesey, senior manager, who reports that their consumers still retain their sense of adventure: “They want to travel, there Hungry.”

Best Holiday Destinations For Singles

Best Holiday Destinations For Singles

Here’s another part of the appeal: There are so many deals right now and so many companies are dropping the dreaded single supplements that make solo travelers miserable when they stay in a room that was designed for two people. For example, Riviera River Cruises is running eight single-only European cruises in 2021, which means you can get a room for two for the price of one, plus half the number of passengers on board (88 vs. 169 passengers). will be “We’ve seen a lot of interest in our dedicated solo river cruises since we started offering them a few years ago, and that interest is exponential with bookings for 2021,” said Marilyn Conroy, Executive Vice President of Sales and Riviera River Cruises. continues during Marketing North America. “Women make up the majority of passengers on our solo departures – they travel solo more than men.”

Of The Best Solo Travel Holidays For 2023

According to Chizoba Anyaoha, co-founder of TravSolo, a planning app for solo travelers, solo travel continues to grow and grow each year with 25% of travelers saying they will consider traveling solo in the next 12 months. “Solo travel is one of the top two travel plans that travelers plan to take, especially during and after Covid-19,” Anyaoha says. “It’s easier to practice social distancing and good hygiene guidelines.”

Adventure Woman—which has also seen interest—is expanding its offerings for domestic tours that allow guests to venture outdoors while maintaining proper social distancing from other travelers. Adventures include rafting the Salmon River in Idaho; canyoneering through Utah’s desert landscapes; and a winter trip to Yellowstone.

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On a recent report listing the world’s top 50 destinations for solo female travel, Paris is the third most popular destination on the list … [+]

Lindsey Myers, a Los Angeles-based budget travel and lifestyle expert who has a solo travel series on, says she’s starting to see more travelers heading to exotic locations to live their nomadic lives—esp. Because women “Travel has a new meaning now that we’ve been stuck at home for months,” says Myers. “We want the freedom to rediscover and tap into that adventure. One should not be afraid to go it alone. Traveling alone is an experience that everyone should incorporate into their life: it really helps you dig in and find yourself in so many ways.

Europe’s Best Single Parent Holiday Destinations

So where are single women going on these trips? Budget Direct Travel Insurance analyzed Instagram hashtags and geolocation data to discover the most popular destinations around the world for solo female travelers. In its research, the company analyzed 1,426,053 Instagram posts tagged with the #WomenWhoTravel hashtag, as well as six other related hashtags (to find #travelgirlsgo, #shetravels, #solofemaletraveler, #damestravel, #citizenfemme, #solofemaletravel). . Places around the world where women love to travel.

Looking at country data, the United States was the far-and-away winner. New York City made it the top destination in the US for solo female travelers, followed by Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Chicago. Globally, London was the most popular destination.

To travel alone to the US Read on for the top destinations in, followed by the top destinations globally. The thought of traveling alone can be daunting if you’ve never traveled alone before. Checking in for your outbound flight is easy – it only gets real when you arrive alone at an unknown destination. But any initial doubts are temporary. By the time you check into your hotel and hit the streets in search of your first meal, nerves will already be giving way to the thrill of being somewhere new.

Best Holiday Destinations For Singles

A key factor in mastering the art of solo travel is choosing the right destination. Whether you’re going on an epic multi-country trip or taking an impressive city break, some places are more suited to a solo travel experience than others. There are destinations that naturally lend themselves to solitude, and destinations where travelers naturally congregate make it easy to meet new people.

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Where To Go When: The Best Places To Go On Holiday

Best of all, there are solo travel spots in every corner of the world, so you can travel solo in the depths of winter as easily as in the height of summer. Here are 10 surefire destinations for solo travelers, sorted by interest. Whether you’re into raves, relaxation, hiking or sightseeing, these spots are sure to get your solo travel adventure off on the right foot.

With mountains to climb, rivers to raft, ancient ruins to uncover and jungles to explore, South America is the ultimate adventure destination. And Northern Hemisphere winter is South American summer – prime time to visit Patagonia and the Andes. From the white-knuckle trails of Argentina, Chile and Brazil to the pristine jungle trails of Ecuador and Colombia, the continent has something for every type of adventurer. You will definitely never struggle for company on your trip to Machu Picchu!

Don’t let the size of the continent put you off – with easy border crossings and well-established traveler hubs, South America is ideal for solo overlanding. The well-worn Gringo Trail, which takes in some of the continent’s most popular destinations, ensures frequent encounters with fellow adventurers and offers ample opportunities to make friends with travelers heading in the same direction. This, combined with the general warmth of the locals and the continent’s premium hostel network, makes solo travel simple.

Epic solo travel experience: Mountain biking down Bolivia’s infamous Death Road (the name is an exaggeration, in case you’re worried) and chat with your fellow riders over a few beers afterward.

Trips To Book To The Top Solo Travel Destinations

Whether you love or hate Elizabeth Gilbert’s solo travel memoir, Eat, Pray, Love, there’s no denying that Bali has a special magic. The island’s artistic and spiritual center, Ubud, is where the author found love (and presumably ate and prayed) and remains a wonderfully relaxing place for solo travelers to rest, reflect and recharge. And Bali is a year-round destination – summer is the season, but in winter the island has a quiet and peaceful charm.

Nestled among emerald rice fields surrounded by mist-shrouded mountains, Ubud attracts a throng of solo travellers, meaning if you arrive alone for a morning yoga class or a table at one of the town’s excellent vegetarian cafes. If you ask, you will not see anything. To truly harness the healing power of Ubud (and for some serious solitude), check yourself into one of the many health retreats that dot the green hills surrounding the town.

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The epic solo travel experience: Wake up early before the heat rises to attend a perfect class—you get lessons in everything from yoga and meditation, and you get a massage at a tried-and-tested spa like Taksu Spa. can follow with

Best Holiday Destinations For Singles

Some say you’re more likely to end up at Berghain, Berlin’s most famous nightclub, if you arrive alone. Whether or not this is the case, the rumor reflects the German capital’s natural affinity for solo travelers. Legions of solo city breakers are drawn by Berlin’s well-deserved reputation as one of Europe’s friendliest, most inclusive cities, and its famous nightlife.

The Best Holiday Destinations For Solo Over 50 Travellers

Berlin is one of the best places in Europe to party, offering a collection of huge clubs and graffiti-spattered beer gardens, but going clubbing is just one of the many things to do in Berlin. From the Brandenburg Gate to the Holocaust Memorial, thought-provoking history surrounds you from the moment you arrive, while quirky cafes, chic boutiques, weekend flea markets and a burgeoning food-truck scene provide more laid-back pleasures. Berlin is an easy place to explore alone, or join a company on a walking tour.

Epic solo travel experience: Head to a bar or nightclub and see where the night takes you. For some guided imbibing, join a beer tour with a brewer’s Berlin tour or the Berlin Craft Beer Experience.

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Planning Solo Travel In The Caribbean ?15 Destinations You Should Check

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