Best Hotel Developers In The World

Best Hotel Developers In The World – Talk about eye candy. In our first list of top hotel projects, we highlight interior design and construction techniques that make hotels beautiful, sustainable and fun.

The hotel industry is coming out of recession, so now is the time to celebrate a bright future fueled by innovation. We’ve scoured the world to find some of the best people in hotel architecture and interior design. These 15 films present a diverse mix of themes and philosophies. Some are myths, while others are myths. All of them know how to use the latest innovations to make guests happy, whether it’s limited service, luxury restaurants, or tent hotels.

Best Hotel Developers In The World

Best Hotel Developers In The World

Jean-Michel Gathy’s success has always been luck – even more so in terms of agriculture. After graduating from college in the early 1980s, his work caught the eye of Adrian Zecha, the founder of Aman Resorts. Forty years later, Gathy Denniston’s film client is a Who’s Who of the most recognized brands in five-star hoteling, with 34 properties in 20 countries. Gathy, who is from Belgium, has worked extensively in Asia, where he spent four seasons in Bangkok in 2020. The property is one of the hardest to find shows, according to Gathy: “City Break”. Four main lodges and river walkways provide visitors with a place to relax. “You really forget you’re in the middle of Bangkok, one of the busiest, busiest, most exciting cities in the world,” he said.

Leading Boutique Hotel Development

There’s education, and there’s instinct, according to Elder & Ash directors Robert Blood and Megan Kennedy. Neither half of the two have the means to paint. Kennedy said, “What the business and lifestyle partners have is years of experience doing ‘the whole hotel part.’ or checkout. Elder & Ash is the Massachusetts-based retail design firm of Lark Hotels, where Scandinavian elegance meets millennial nostalgia. Guests often use QR codes with detailed information elsewhere and one to enter their living spaces and research. classic look, fun and colorful posters. “Because we have the opportunity to design places where people live for a short time. time, we can push the boundaries and attract people’s attention, “he said. number.”

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Jennifer Johanson is no stranger to hospitality. The president and CEO of EDG Design cut his teeth in restaurant design, and his work—and business—has taken off around the world after creating projects for Se Seasons F&B in Prague, Riyadh, Budapest and Shanghai. EDG members choose to bring The Appeal to Life, the hotel’s new “chef-first” brand from acclaimed chef Charlie Palmer and veteran chef Christopher Hunsberger. Johanson said the collaboration reflects his style and “experiential storytelling.” “An open kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows and a beautiful view of the Sonoma wine country in Healdsburg, California, offers an immersive experience. The outdoor installation is one of EDG’s hallmarks, such as Luxury Suites — “cabins” overlooking the landscape. . in Chiang Mai — or the five-star Terramor Outdoor resort in Maine. Good design, Johanson said, is “a great story.” fun organizes the whole story. The design works for everyone differently and is certainly inspiring when a deeper story calls for it.” to know more about the experience.”

P49 director Carl Almeida’s latest building with the Sofitel Adelaide was not a complete 180-degree departure from projects – such as Chiang Mai’s 137 Pillars – that require architectural historians and conservationists. things his firm is known for. The modern design of this hotel pays homage to Old World elegance. “Our vision was to bring together three of Adelaide’s most important themes – the city of churches, art and culture, and wine – and weave these stories into a modern hotel environment, while connecting the culture of the hotel and the city of Bordeaux in France,” said Almeida. His education in Adelaide made him a natural choice for Sofitel’s launch in South Australia, although much of Almeida’s portfolio – including P49 – operates in Thailand and All of Asia.

A love of the outdoors and nature comes easily to Bill Bensley, who grew up on a farm and trained as a landscape architect. But it wasn’t until he earned his master’s degree at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design that he criss-crossed Europe, traveled to Malaysia, and worked in Asia when his love of travel – and hotels – took hold. first. The landscape is the true canvas for his creative work. It is the main point rather than following portfolio projects and camping tents and gardens – worthy of the “Willy Wonka” of horticulture. His Shinta Mani Wild, a beautiful camp in the Cambodian jungle, is one of many examples where Bensley’s buildings embrace the environment in a way that allows hotels to connect with nature. Durability is one of Bensley’s main focuses. It makes a big difference in one of the following projects: InterContinental Hotel Kao Yai Resort in Thailand. There, guests can expect to see full train carriages re-emerging as suits after the second phase of the hotel’s opening this year.

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As an interior designer who started building her portfolio with luxury residential projects, Olga Hanono was able to take creative license and offer clients a wide variety of designs, colors, eye-catching shapes and lighting. But he welcomes the latest move towards low-end hoteliers, allowing the market to offer guests a “home away from home.” This marriage is a marriage between work and “emotional” hospitality, and Hanono keeps in mind “many works” in his work, such as the epidemic project called The Next Hotel. “We sleep, play, eat and work in the same place now, so we have to change everything from technology to lighting to create a better experience,” Hanono said. . “We don’t want our desk facing the wall with a laptop camera. There are new things and activities to be embraced and incorporated these days.”

Key people: Luca Franco, co-founder and CEO; Anomien Smith, creative director and director; Nadia Ghillino, director of interior design and planning.

When the Naviva resort opens next to the Four Seasons Punta Mita in late 2022, it will have a striking contrast to the main property – especially the lack of traditional “walls”. Instead, 15 beautiful tents blur the line between indoors and outdoors, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature. The concept will surprise anyone familiar with The Limits of Luxury. South African brands mark some of the most luxurious tents in the world. Nadia Ghillino, head of interior design and graphics, said that rope connects every project – “whether it’s showering under a tree at Nayara Tent Camp in Costa Rica or sleeping under star blanket Puku Ridge Zambia” – that’s the context. “In order for the design to be good, it must be justified in its place. And the place is more than the place where cultural characteristics, functional goals, environment, linguistic effects, tangible and intangible things are included. “, said Ghillino. I can get this right, the magic is there for visitors. ”

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Best Hotel Developers In The World

When Marriott needed an attractive aesthetic, it turned to Occa Design. He was responsible for this establishment to balance the simplicity of Northern Europe and the luxury of Southern Europe when the world government presented the image of Fairfield and Marriott for Europe and the Middle East. Copenhagen’s new Fairfield showroom perfectly combines modernity and luxury for business and leisure travelers thanks to the Occa group’s use of natural materials and the connection between interior and exterior with natural lighting. Founder Kate Mooney is aware of the impact of textiles and clothing as a result of starting her own family business – specializing in soft hotel furnishings. Today, that early experience has expanded to provide furniture and lighting and interior design for many of Marriott’s most popular brands, including Hampton and Hilton, Crowne Plaza, and Holiday Inn.

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Ritu Bhatia Kler launched the India office of this Singapore-based company in 1995. Since then, TID India has specialized in hotel renovations, conversions, new construction materials, and prototyping. brands, such as Ibis India. “Lighting plays an important role in design, and at TID, we consider it sacred,” says Bhatia. “Light can be used to create a theme or be an art in itself.” The studio also investigates the characteristics of space. surroundings to ensure hotel design conveys a sense of place. Consider fabrics that replicate patterns found in traditional fabrics. “Art and design can create

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