Best Hotel Gyms In The World

Best Hotel Gyms In The World – With a market value of just under £5bn, it’s no secret that the UK fitness industry has exploded in the last ten years. Gym culture has become the norm with 4.5 million of us active members. The change in culture can be seen in hotels, which now prioritize health and fitness facilities over old luxuries. Today in this health conscious world, state-of-the-art gym equipment has become a more important indicator in defining the opulence of a retreat. With as many hotel gyms as there are plates on a squat rack, we’ve put together a roundup of the best luxury hotel gyms in the world. Take the guesswork out of your sports vacation and choose a hotel with a fitness center that’s right for you.

At the highest point of the resort, overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, is Kamalaya’s luxurious 25m outdoor pool and newly built gym. Designated tiles, stretching areas and free weights create an experience that welcomes all, housed in architecture that is in harmony with the rest of the resort and the natural landscape. Even on an active vacation, that feeling of pumping blood and fresh light in your lungs as you jump into the purifying water of a mountaintop pool is rare. The Kamalaya facilities offer a unique experience in a unique place. Sometimes it’s not what you do but where you do it.

Best Hotel Gyms In The World

Best Hotel Gyms In The World

BodyHoliday, like many others on this list, offers exceptional facilities and a dedicated staff of consummate professionals. The standout feature of this gym is its body-aware program led by personal trainers. This program is a renewal of your routine and lifestyle, a break from bad habits. Spin classes, high-tech machines, and bodyweight machines are on that list, but the BodyHoliday gym has the potential to change lives. Without good advice and constructive lifestyle advice, all that fancy gym equipment becomes useless. The education and personal support make this gym worthy of this list.

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Any part of your body that you feel could use some work? Do you feel a little letdown in your inner thighs or hamstrings or maybe even your rear deltoids? Pine Cliffs Complete Gym offers machines to work any muscle group that you feel is holding you back from reaching your goals. Exquisite views and a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere are great for getting you into the right headspace to conquer your fitness challenges. Expert advice from residents is always available should you need that extra boost. Get the perfect physique with the cable car and enjoy the glamorous beaches of the Algarve.

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Working outdoors, weather permitting, is a great experience. The freshness of taking a deep breath, oxygenating your entire body, is a vast improvement over the smell of sweat in a hot, crowded gym. Revivo, as the name suggests, seeks to revive from Nasu Dua in South Bali. In addition to various facilities such as a yoga barn, a pilates studio, a gym and a 50-meter swimming pool, Revivo has a 500-square-meter landscaped park for outdoor exercise. A gym and proximity to nature make your time here a spiritual retreat. Revivo offers a holistic gym that does not skimp on luxury.

This penthouse gym in Portugal is a fusion of fitness and luxury. Working out on a terrace overlooking one of Europe’s most beautiful coastlines is the defining feature of this hotel’s gym. Intense cardio can be immediately traded for panoramic views and stretching in the bright sun. Working out and tanning often go hand in hand, but not often in this incredible luxury. Fresh towels and bottled water give this gym a civilized vibe. It is a quiet center for meditation skills rather than a room for the noise of metal plates on the chalk-covered floor. Rise above your pressure with the luxury gym at Conrad Algarve.

Mecca of fitness, Forte Village in Sardinia offers sports holidays with a gym equipped with a whole complex of tracks and equipment. If you are not satisfied with a few dumbbells and a yoga mat, then Forte Village is for you as you will be spoiled for choice. Two floors of equipment are bathed in natural light from the windows that overlook the Sardinian landscape. The combination of personalized fitness programs and holistic yoga studios means slow recovery is for the work week, not your vacation. Strenuous physical activity will take you back as you take on new fitness challenges at Forte Village’s luxury fitness center.

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Just before reaching Amanpuri, the peak of the facade of this luxury hotel will appear on the top of the hill, reminiscent of an ancient Thai temple. When you enter this temple, you will notice an amazing idol in physical condition. The glass-walled Amanpuri Sports Club features top-of-the-line amenities housed inside with stunning views outside. The adjoining Muay Thai studio is the perfect place to discover why Thai boxers are revered around the world for their fitness and fighting skills. The wooden floors and ceiling beams give the feeling of discovering the hidden mysteries of training in an old Asian dojo.

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SHA Wellness Clinic, on the Costa del Sol, takes a modern approach to fitness that places its gym at the forefront of the wellness industry. SHA gymnastics is the most scientifically rigorous on this list because it provides an unmatched methodical approach to exercise and injury repair. 30 minutes of the electrostimulation program in the SHA fitness center will be equivalent to an hour and a half of isolated intensive training. The Postural Reeducation service at this gym can help you solve the musculoskeletal problems you’ve had for years. Worries about accidents and feelings of uncertainty about your health can be overcome with a brief consultation with resident experts.

‘Underwater treadmill’ is all that needs to be said about this gym to give you an idea of ​​the experience. Grantley Hall has all the specialist equipment you could ask for. Targeting every muscle and improving every aspect of your physique, this gym features a wide variety of machines and free weights. The conditioning studio goes further, providing pull-up equipment for calisthenics enthusiasts and a weighted prowler for strongmen and sprinters. Half the battle of physical improvement is in recovery and Grantley Hall has a state-of-the-art cryotherapy room for immediate muscle repair.

Best Hotel Gyms In The World

When it comes to the gym, it’s not just about size, but at Six Senses, size is something you can guarantee. Six Senses Kaplankaya has a capacious spa and healing center spanning 107,640 square feet. A multitude of sophisticated machines add to the professional feel of this gym. Consultation with resident personal trainers will make your workout smarter than hard, focusing on the areas you need to focus on. At Six Senses you will receive strength training and a nutritious breakfast before enjoying your water sports vacation. Work your muscles in the gym and relax them in the Turkish surf.

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We’ve all been to those sad hotel gyms. You know, the closet-sized gym tucked away in a hard-to-find corner (probably an old storage closet) with a 20-year-old stationary bike and mismatched set of weights stacked by the door.

Today, the quality of a hotel gym is becoming an increasingly important factor for travelers, and the hotel industry has responded by building better fitness facilities for guests. Some of them aren’t even hotel gyms, they’re cult-favorite fitness centers simply found in hotels.

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Hotels are also taking advantage of partnerships with boutique fitness studios, introducing group classes, and generally making wellness a bigger part of the travel experience. Think: gear and clothing.

To select the best hotel gyms for travelers, we searched for large, beautiful fitness centers with a range of equipment that can accommodate various fitness regimens. We also look for less expensive amenities like rock climbing walls, swimming pools, and group fitness classes.

The Club in the Park gym and aerobics studio flank each side of a pool on the 47th floor of the legendary Park Hyatt Tokyo. The studio features sonic flooring for the body, while the gym is equipped with a full range of Life Fitness weight-training and exercise equipment. Uninterrupted panoramas from the club’s floor-to-ceiling windows make this Tokyo hotel’s gym one of the best sights. Rates start at $440 or 30,000 World of Hyatt points per night.

Best Hotel Gyms In The World

1 Hotel South Beach has partnered with Anatomy, a South Beach sports facility brand, to redesign its fitness center. The 14,000-square-foot second-floor fitness center, formerly the first of its kind at Spartan Gym, has all the standard cardio and weight-training equipment you’d expect, plus a

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