Best Hotel In Disney World For Adults

Best Hotel In Disney World For Adults – One of the pillars of any trip to Walt Disney World is choosing your hotel. And one of the factors that will affect this decision is what your party will be like. A three-generation family of six people is going to consider different options and factors than a young couple. In this post, we’ll talk about the best Disney World hotels for adults-only travel.

This post covers most of the Disney Hotels – hotels that are owned and operated by Disney. These hotels have access to all the benefits of staying at a Disney hotel and are an option for most travelers visiting the resort.

Best Hotel In Disney World For Adults

Best Hotel In Disney World For Adults

Another unique group of hotels that adults are interested in is the Disney Springs Resort Area hotels. These hotels have

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The key to Springs hotels is their location. All are within walking distance of Disney Springs, the dining and entertainment district at Walt Disney World. While it certainly makes sense for adults to live here, you might think twice about the significance of the place.

If you wake up at 6 or 7 a.m. every day and spend more than 12 hours walking around the parks, you may not have much energy for the night life. And most of the hotels we cover have several bars and restaurants, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Even though we were mostly adults only, it took us over 350 posts to finally get around to writing this post because there is no single “adult” factor for Disney hotels.

There are things about every hotel that adults love, and there are things about every hotel that kids love. And just pointing to a hotel and saying “pick that one” won’t help much because even adults have a wide variety of plans and expectations for their Disney World trips.

Best Hotels For Kids In Orlando

So, let’s start with a list of factors that are important when choosing your Disney World hotel for adult travel. Then when we talk about the hotels themselves, we can get to the point and you’ll have a better understanding of whether our analysis fits your trip.

All the hotels discussed in this post have free transportation to all four Disney parks. But some of them only have buses which may take 20+ minutes (after waiting 20+ minutes). Others are within walking distance of a park…or two!

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Are your adults planning to grab drinks and snacks at Epcot World’s Fair? Hardcore Star Wars fans need multiple visits to Hollywood Studios? Some hotels have walkways to these parks, some hotels have Disney’s Skyliner, and others you’ll have to rely on buses.

Best Hotel In Disney World For Adults

Think Magic Kingdom is just for kids? Well, I think you’d be wrong, but you probably don’t have to pay for monorail hotels.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Hotel Review Best Skyliner Access And Themed Pool

But none of that probably matters because you’re Uber everywhere anyway. You can use Uber to get anywhere in Disney World, so if you’re on a budget of $15-$30 a day, location may not matter.

And if you prefer to Uber or drive, your options expand dramatically. You might even consider booking an Airbnb near Disney World.

Access to any restaurant or bar in Disney World if desired. But it is convenient to have good restaurants and bars within your reach. And keep in mind whether you want fine dining, casual dining, dining experiences with character, or all of the above.

Value resorts only have cafeterias and pool bars. There are many options for dining and drinking at luxury resorts. Mid-range resorts are often located in between these locations.

Waldorf Astoria Orlando: 5 Star Luxury Hotels Of The World

You might find it helpful to read our post on Disney World Bar Crawls to see if there is a specific set of hotels you want to be at.

If you’re looking for romance, maybe avoid All Star movies. If you’re on a budget, be sure to book All Star Movies.

If you’re going to be in the parks all day every day, you probably don’t want to stay in a hotel because there’s usually just a bed to rest your head on. If you plan on relaxing by the pool for a day or two, you might want a luxury resort (or maybe a split stay—split your trip between two hotels).

Best Hotel In Disney World For Adults

If you need a high alcohol or dining budget, or if you want to do Disney-ticketed events, or if you’re planning a trip to Universal Orlando Resort, the hotel budget might make sense to cut back on. activities.

The Best Hotels In Disney World That Won’t Bust Your Budget

You probably travel with zero kids – that’s why you’re reading this post. And probably, all other factors being equal, you’d prefer a hotel

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Surely you know you can’t completely escape the kids, this is Disney World after all. But more expensive hotels usually have fewer children (more people means more tickets/food which means less money for the hotel).

Also, hotels with a more “grown-up” theme are less appealing to children than hotels with large plastic figurines from Finding Nemo.

We’ll go through each of the three tiers of Disney World hotels—luxury, midrange, and value—and highlight the best options at each price point. We will also briefly talk about other hotels and how the factors mentioned above may lead you to one of them.

Hotels Near Walt Disney World Resort

We are longtime fans of Animal Kingdom Lodge and consistently rate it for almost everyone. It is priced lower than many other resorts because it only depends on bus transportation to the parks. This makes adults feel comfortable using Uber.

Animal Kingdom Lodge has three excellent on-site restaurants, a beautiful savanna full of animals, and a great club-level option, Club Kilimanjaro. Adults always benefit from the Club Level at Disney World because they eat more than children and can consume moderate amounts of alcohol.

In most cases, luxury resorts have a higher proportion of adults than value and mid-range resorts due to their higher cost.

Best Hotel In Disney World For Adults

Most adults will (and should) strongly consider the hotels at Crescent Lake – the Disney Beach Hotel, the Yacht Club and the BoardWalk Inn. These hotels give you access to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, both theme parks that appeal to adults.

Best Hotels Near Disney World With A Shuttle

The area is also full of bars and restaurants. Of the Disney hotels on the Boardwalk, we recommend the Yacht Club. The Marriott-operated Swan and Dolphin are also in this range and are priced lower than Disney’s options.

Like Animal Kingdom Lodge, Wilderness Lodge has lower prices among luxury resorts as well as lower transportation. With great food and drink and beautiful decor, this one is also worth a visit.

Monorail resorts (Contemporary, Grand Floridian and Polynesian) provide easy access to the Magic Kingdom. This location may not be a high priority for most adults, especially given the high prices of these hotels. And it’s not a Disney hotel, but guests looking for true luxury will want to check out Orlando’s Four Seasons.

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The Gran Destino Tower rooms are among the newest at Disney World, and the selection of restaurants and bars both in the tower and minutes away from Disney’s Coronado Springs Hotel is enough for a casual trip. The Grand Destino Tower is also the only central resort with a club level – the Kronos Club.

Fun For Adults At Walt Disney World Resort

The Gran Destino Tower certainly has the most grown-up feel of the mid-range resorts. The hotel was added specifically to cater to the conference crowd, so it’s no surprise that the design feels elegant from top to bottom.

Medium resorts are the hardest to distinguish for this purpose. In fact, they all have advantages that appeal to adults.

Skyliner on the Caribbean Coast – giving you easy access to Hollywood Studios and Epcot – and the nearby Riviera Resort enhance your dining and beverage options.

Best Hotel In Disney World For Adults

Port Orleans’ French Quarter is small, charming, and has easy boat access to Disney Springs, along with easy access to the nearby Port Orleans River. The Port Orleans River is beautiful and there is also boat access to Disney Springs. The cabin at Fort Wilderness is a truly unique experience.

Review: Four Seasons Resort Orlando At Walt Disney World

I’m actually only talking about the value resorts in one segment here because they have a clear set of trade-offs compared to the other two types of hotels.

As the least expensive option at Disney World, the Value Resorts have the highest ratio of children. They also host children who compete in sports throughout the year, so the ratio of children to adults is sometimes unbalanced.

We have stayed at each resort many times as adults only. I’d be lying if I said we’ve never felt uncomfortable or embarrassed sailing in a sea of ​​kids, but if the price is right, we keep coming back to these resorts.

Additionally, the most important thing adults should know about value resorts is that they have limited food and beverage options. All they have is a cafe and a pool bar.

Disney World Pool Rules And Faqs (including The Facts About Pool

This is certainly a limitation, but it is also an opportunity. Do your dining and nightlife elsewhere and you’ll hardly be at your hotel, which makes the other disadvantages disappear.

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