Best Hotel Operators In The World

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The good news for American travelers looking for luxury is that there are more luxury hotels around the world than ever before. The bad news is that not every shiny new expensive hotel is a luxury property.

Best Hotel Operators In The World

Best Hotel Operators In The World

The past decade has seen a huge global hospitality construction boom, in established hotel markets such as New York, London and Paris, as well as red-hot emerging destinations such as Morocco, China and Southeast Asia. As chains expand in numbers and geography, maintaining their quality standards becomes a challenge, and only the best international luxury hotel brands have been able to deliver the consistency of excellence that luxury travelers expect. Toronto-based Four Seasons is a great example of a brand that has spent so much time developing very detailed standards, practices and training over the years that it has been able to grow quite quickly while maintaining its reputation for excellence.

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At the same time, the growth of luxury travel has resulted in the global expansion of once-regional brands that are less familiar to American travelers. For example, almost thirty years ago, boutique operator Aman Resorts & Hotels started on the Thai resort island of Phuket. Only in the last decade or so has the name become familiar to travelers in the US. Today, Amen operates in about 20 countries, with two resorts in the US, and more in the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. Similarly, after a century of dominance in India, Taj Hotels has gone global, with major hotels in the United States and Europe.

So what makes these ten brands so good? There are several factors. First is consistency of quality, service and experience across all their properties. They’re not cookie-cutter, but they all have something in common throughout the brand that customers can trust, from the exclusive, high-touch, full-service, exclusive urban hotel model to Belmond’s focus on uniquely historic and naturally significant buildings and settings.

Second, these are all big enough and common enough brands to be of interest to the frequent flyer. There are some very good micro-chains or groups with a handful of hotels, but for high-end travelers to stick with them first, they have to be accessible. For example, India’s Leela is a fantastic brand, but doesn’t operate outside of the country, which severely limits the number of travelers who will consider it.

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Third, although consistently excellent, each of these brands has one or more flagship-type spectacular features. The three new Ritz-Carlton luxury resorts come to mind, as do the Four Seasons George V in Paris, The Peninsula Hong Kong, Fairmont’s Savoy in London, Park Hyatt’s ground-breaking Tokyo hotel featuring the movie Lost in Translation. The model for a new generation of high-rise urban properties, and the superlative of Rosewood, Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos, the most beautiful resort in North America.

Best Hotel Chains Around The World

Finally, these brands never sleep on the counter and are consistently improving. Among the eighteen new 5-star ratings awarded this year to existing hotels around the world, Rosewood won three, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton and Mandarin won two, and Park Hyatt added one to its portfolio.

Of course, there are more than 10 major luxury brands in the world, and several others should be mentioned in the honor, including Oberoi, Banyan Tree, St.

Just called his Udaivilas, the best hotel in the world. But Oberoi, while truly excellent, is still primarily a brand for travelers in India, and has not entered the Western Hemisphere at all, although it is starting to operate more hotels in destinations of interest to American travelers, such as Bali, Mauritius, and throughout the Middle East. Banyan Tree was launched as a villa concept, but has since moved into more traditional city hotels. Villa resorts like Mayakaoba in Mexico offer some of the best physical lodging products in the industry. Street. Pan Pacific is not yet big enough to take its place on the world stage for US travelers, with only nine hotels and resorts, many in highly saturated luxury markets. Shangri La is a large global brand with many prominent properties, but they rarely dominate every market Lonely, with great hotels in places like Paris, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney, but in almost every case they won’t be a top choice No. 1. Nevertheless, these brands are all veterans with enough hotels and many resorts to keep luxury travelers in mind.

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Best Hotel Operators In The World

Watch the slideshow to see, in no particular order, 10 of the best luxury hotel brands in the world. such as reviews, popularity, availability and annual revenue, to discover the most (and least) successful hotel chains in the world.

Largest Hotel Chains In The World

The flagship brand of Hilton Worldwide, Hilton Hotels & Resorts is ranked as the best hotel chain in the world. With a total of 584 locations in 124 countries, there is no shortage of Hilton hotels. The chain even owns seven 5* hotels, including the breathtaking Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa in Egypt.

Ranking in second place is Holiday Inn. The Memphis-based budget chain is one of the most popular hotel brands out there, operating 1,190 locations in 54 countries around the world.

The Four Seasons luxury hotel chain comes in third place. The hotel brand has 122 locations in 47 countries, with the Four Seasons Maui resort recently serving as a filming location for HBO’s.

Ranked as the worst hotel chain is Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts. With hotels in only 7 countries, the Park Plaza chain has limited availability. The network also receives the lowest number of annual Google searches (155,400).

Winner Of Best Hotel In France Revealed By Conde Nast Traveller

This site uses cookies to personalize content and ads and analyze our traffic. If you continue, you agree to our use of cookies. Ok, I got it for more information In the last two decades, luxurious five-star (and even six- and seven-star) hotels and resorts have been popping up like mushrooms in all corners of the world. While this is good news for discerning travelers (and I count myself among them), not all expensive, shiny new hotels live up to the standards of a truly sophisticated and memorable experience. In my humble opinion, only a few hotel chains have been able to deliver the consistency of unparalleled excellence expected of luxury-minded globetrotters these days. These brands stand out and leave the competition behind with impeccable service, exceptional locations (whether beach, city or remote desert location), world-class health facilities, excellent gastronomy, spectacular hospitality, and – last but not least – an environmentally conscious policy. Here I present to you the 10 exclusive hotel brands in the world that I keep coming back to when I travel around the world.

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There’s more information (with reviews and YouTube videos) below the slideshow. Do you agree or do you have a favorite hotel brand that didn’t make my list? Leave a comment or take my poll below.

Park Hyatt is the most prestigious brand of the US-based Hyatt Hotel Group, which now manages more than 10 unique brands in its portfolio, all designed to deliver experiences tailored to guests’ lifestyles, attitudes, values ​​and aspirations. Designed. Park Hyatt Hotels, located in gateway cities Premier resorts and travel destinations around the world, they are a symbol of luxury, offering impeccable service, world-class spas and state-of-the-art guest rooms, all perfectly tailored to those who expect nothing but the best. Each Park Hyatt property is designed to reflect the unique character of its location – the chic of Paris, the exotic allure of the Maldives or the all-American style of Chicago, Park Hyatt hotels are particularly known for their acclaimed art programs, elegant, minimalist interiors and exceptional dining venues led by celebrated chefs.

Best Hotel Operators In The World

St Regis is one of two ultra-luxury hotel brands managed by the Marriott hotel group (the other being the Ritz-Carlton). The luxury hospitality brand, born from a unique heritage and created for discerning travelers who want the best experiences, has expanded with the launch of the St. Regis New York property founded in 1904. A masterpiece on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, Mark St. Butler service was a distinct feature of the St. Regis has been around for over a century, and St. Regis remains the only luxury hospitality brand in the world to offer this personal service in all of its hotels. A combination of classic sophistication with a modern sensibility, more than 30 st.

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Over the past 50 years, Mandarin Oriental has grown from a respected Asian hotel company to a global brand. The group has a rich and proud history that began with the opening of the brand’s flagship property, The Mandarin, in 1963 in Hong Kong. those

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