Best Recreational Activities At A Resort

Best Recreational Activities At A Resort – On the SUP board you develop balance and body awareness and with constant consistency you achieve a well-toned form. Being outside is also exciting, feeling the wind on your face is refreshing and seeing water under and around you is extremely exciting. The flicker that still occurs provides an additional challenge in maintaining stability.

Be one with nature and practice SUP yoga while balancing. Or experience yourself in intense and challenging SUP training. Still wondering why SUP is so popular? Find out more about what we have to offer and why you should definitely try it.

Best Recreational Activities At A Resort

Best Recreational Activities At A Resort

From the first moment that founder Janek stepped into the SUP board, he had an indescribable feeling, as if he recognized himself. Today, after countless fun events and moments on the water, our whole team knows why – SUP connects people! It creates warm and sincere moments, fun and unforgettable memories. You just can’t end up with a sad face – it’s highly unlikely! 🙂 We want to share these beautiful moments with you in the beautiful Estonian nature.

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Maybe you’ve done SUP, you love it and you think, “You know what…I can do this all day.”

Our mission is to share with you all the positives that juice contains – instant communication, a wide range of emotions, excitement, challenge, personal progress and of course a healthy lifestyle. We have experience and knowledge and are happy to share it with anyone who has the desire and interest to try making soup.

A true winner in the world of exciting water activities, SUP has features that make it suitable for everyone. The area is so versatile that the possibilities are endless! Take your family or special someone for a fun ride into the sunset or invite your friends over for a crazy SUP Polo match.

Practice balance and connect with nature at a SUP Yoga class or Try SUP Fitness and let yourself go, your core muscles won’t be happy afterwards  One of the reasons SUP is so good, you can learn it very quickly, and it is easy. Anyone can do it! See for yourself, the history of stand-up paddle boarding or SUP.

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Offers super cool SUP activities that become more and more popular in the world during the summer period. Our range of trendy water sports activities this season include SUP polo, SUP yoga, SUP walks, FITMAT training and, of course, SUP equipment hire. The team ball game SUP polo is definitely a must try summer activity for any fun group of friends looking for new adventures to spice up the summer. SUP yoga is our second main activity, which offers great sensations and is performed by real specialists in their field from yoga schools in Tallinn. In addition, we also run several SUP tours – scenic SUP tours on Ahjaälven, Piritaälven and other places, and for the first time this summer exciting light tours. the range of products also includes large team soups “Myrakad”, which can accommodate 6-8 people at the same time. With them it is possible to hold smaller competitions and successfully test teamwork. Of course, we also offer SUP board rental, with all the necessary equipment (support board, paddle, safety vest, pump).

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Come to our weekly scheduled SUP tours on the Pirita or Ahja rivers, and of course don’t miss the great opportunity to do an exciting swamp tour or light walk on a dark summer evening. A SUP trip is a great way to spend your afternoon in nature, enjoy good company, surf the ocean waves and relax at the end of the day with a beautiful sunset. There is nothing more refreshing after a long day at work. Bring your friends and come and enjoy! Make your summer more exciting and discover the Estonian nature on a SUP board. See our events calendar for regular walks.

We also offer our exciting activities for corporate events, birthdays, hen parties and many other enjoyable gatherings. We have carried out fun SUP activities in the summer with smaller groups of friends and with groups of 600 people. Feel free to request a quote to organize an event at a location that suits you. We are still accepting bookings for events for the 2019 summer season.

Best Recreational Activities At A Resort

Our SUP station on the Pirita River is open! From the SUP equipment rental machine it is possible to rent SUP boards at a convenient moment, conveniently via the mobile application for a maximum usage time of up to 6 hours. Renting dining tables by the quiet and beautiful Pirita River in Tallinn is a good opportunity to make your domestic summer vacation memorable or to surprise your friends and family members with a great free time. The first lesson is 15 EUR, each subsequent lesson is 10 EUR. But if you want to rent SUP boards for a longer period, for example for a day or even a weekend, and use them exactly where you want, contact us and we’ll pack the equipment!

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Develop balance and body awareness and get in great toned shape with our effective full body workouts on the water. Make friends with our FITMAT pool sessions HIIT and Yoga. HIIT is an intense and fun full body workout on water that improves muscle endurance and strength, develops coordination and balance and burns calories efficiently. Yoga is a new and fun exercise based on the basic movements of Ashtanga yoga on water, which offers a perfect combination of training for body, mind and balance and injecting positive emotions.

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One of the most common questions among SUP beginners is “Which SUP board should I get?” There are many paddleboard suppliers on the market today, starting with hardware stores and mail order catalogs and ending with specialized companies that are active in the field on a daily basis. We’re not saying you should prefer one over the other, but you should do your homework before making a buying decision. The choice of SUP board depends on your purpose, body type, budget and some other factors. If the basic and deciding factor is the budget, it is understandable that the equipment in the cheaper end seems to be the easiest path to resistance. The cheapest SUP boards on the market are inflatable SUP boards, whose price range starts from 200 EUR and ends with price tags with four-digit numbers on them. Of course, the cheaper inflatable SUP board looks attractive in an attractive promotional offer – the set contains all possible accessories and the price is so good that it is impossible to refuse it. In reality, most of them disappoint the user already the first time they are used, and the desire to exercise the area can have a serious setback. The main disadvantages of cheap paddleboards are their flexibility and resulting instability, heavy weight, air loss, drag and heavy paddles and poor accessories that try to increase the value of the kit. If the goal is to buy a toy at the home pond or lake, on which you can float and sunbathe, then of course you don’t need more. If you aren’t buying a bike or jogging stroller based on price alone, don’t buy water sports equipment either. Let us explain the differences between the products and help you choose the right one for you. As a result of many years of experience, we have developed light, stiff and stable SUP boards with the best price-quality ratio. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, want to do SUP yoga or participate in a SUP competition, we can help you choose the best one for you. See our products and offers.

Our experience as an activity operator leads us to develop high quality products. You can trust them because they give you the best value for your money. Rest assured, at Ocean Spray Resort there is never a dull moment! Whether you choose to celebrate a reunion, wedding, conference, honeymoon, anniversary or family vacation with us, our recreational facilities will ensure you have the time of your life.

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Lilaea is perhaps the largest island pool in South India. The undulating curves host inviting and sparkling blue waters. The edges are covered with large shells that spray screaming water. This 12,000 sq m pool has thirst-quenching Bisous. Swim up for refreshing mocktails by the pool, sip a chilled juice or enjoy delicious snacks served in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. The 3000 square meter children’s pool is ideal and safe for children to have their own fun! Use of the swimming pool from 07.00 to 19.00 (with proper swimwear made of nylon material, pool rules apply)

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Nothing beats the magical quality of a glassy blue lagoon, the calm water that is not only aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, but also therapeutic! Admire the resort’s beautiful man-made serpentine lake, revealing its beauty and opulence over five acres. Lined with lush green, coconut leaves and dotted with impressive villas and rooms, all in an enchanting terracotta red. Enjoy the beauty of this riot of colors in this natural oasis.

At Ocean Spray, one of the best resorts in Pondicherry gives you the privilege and opportunity to customize your very own itinerary and fulfill your vacation dreams. We adapt your itinerary not only based on your budget, but also your personal preferences, interests and length of stay. Just tell us if your heart is in local sightseeing, adventure/water sports, gourmet food or nature walks, and leave the rest to us! We can also tailor itineraries for romantic honeymoons, special anniversaries.

Float gently down the lake or lagoon in a slow boat under a criss-cross of dappled sunlight. Dream dreams as you look at the cloudy skies or admire the brilliant reflections of this idyllic sky in the resort’s waterways. See how the colors change dramatically with a sun-drenched sun. Doubtfully watch waterways transform into an ethereal wonderland at night: hazy reflections of glowing lights, fresh sea breezes, complete silence and enjoy your own piece of heaven. A fancy hotel in the city center or a dreamy Caribbean seaside resort? The choice between hotel vs. Resorts can take some serious thought into your trip and the best decision depends on the reason for traveling.

Best Recreational Activities At A Resort

Just looking for a place to stay near the congress center downtown? Or are you going on a long-awaited vacation with the family? Are you planning to spend most of your time outdoors exploring your destination all day? Or do you plan to relax by the pool and do as little as possible?

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