Best Travel Campaigns In The World

Best Travel Campaigns In The World – Historically, the marketing and advertising industries have been more about fantasy than reality and the idealization of women than power.

Today, however, we are seeing a huge change in the way brands represent and market women, fueled by social and political trends.

Best Travel Campaigns In The World

Best Travel Campaigns In The World

There is still work to be done, of course. That beach body campaign wasn’t that long ago, was it? Fortunately though, many brands are working hard to make it a distant memory.

Essential Costa Rica

In 2018, Smirnoff supported a campaign to listen to women. This is based on Spotify data showing that none of the top 10 most streamed tracks of 2017 were performed by female artists or bands.

He created ‘The Smirnoff Equalizer’ – an API – which analyzes user data to provide the percentage of female and male artists who have streamed on Spotify in the previous six months. It offered a balanced playlist, consisting of an equal number of male and female tracks.

Designed to address gender bias in the music industry and empower female and male creative talent – it’s a brilliant collaboration of two big name brands.

I just did @SmirnoffEurope @Spotify #SmirnoffEqualiser and I’m listening to more female artists than usual. I’m not surprised if you look at my music collection. — ????????Emma FitzG??????? (@ElfieKawaii) March 31, 2018

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In 2016, H&M took social media by storm with its stereotype-breaking campaign, She’s a Lady. The campaign is designed to break gender norms and encourage self-expression, encouraging women to be wild and fearless with their fashion choices rather than being ‘girly’ in general.

The ad was particularly praised for talking about fashion in this context, rather than regularly targeting consumers.

In a 2016 Masters of Marketing award-winning campaign, domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid used experiential marketing to get people to stop and take notice of the problem.

Best Travel Campaigns In The World

Those who stopped and looked at the poster, the woman’s wounds disappeared quickly.

The End Of Tourism?

Following the groundbreaking Always #LikeAGirl campaign in 2014, the brand continued its quest to inspire confidence in women and girls.

In 2017, their #KeepGoing campaign aimed to break down the negative associations of failure, helping women see that it can inspire ambition, confidence and success.

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In 2018, Forever launched a new campaign in the UK called #EndPeriodPoverty, with the brand donating a portion of products and sales to schools in need.

Another video – from 2015 – highlights the absurdity of violence against women, in which filmmakers put young men in front of young women and asked boys to drag girls.

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There is a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way, largely due to the way marketing and advertising has portrayed it over the years.

Dove wanted to highlight the issue in this emotional video campaign from 2013, showing the stark difference between two images of women themselves – one they created and another drawn by a forensic artist who got special training to create realistic portraits of people.

The video shows several tweets that make negative comments about women’s looks or bodies, and suggests a simple way to change the conversation.

Best Travel Campaigns In The World

In 2017, Western Union celebrated International Women’s Day with a campaign that celebrates the role education plays in helping women achieve their goals.

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Created by Mcgarrybowen, the campaign video shows girls from around the world running to school in the morning. The story tells that they are racing towards future goals like the first woman president, the first woman on the moon, or the first man on Mars.

In addition to highlighting the bank’s heavy female customer base, the campaign also announced the expansion of Western Union Foundations’ ‘Better Education’ campaign, which now includes a target of 50,000 equipping women and youth for the 21st century. Employability by 2020.

This clip from 2015 is cleverly made and is aimed at anyone who looks down on women who choose to stay at home and raise their families (not sure why, but some people are weird).

I’m sure you’ve already seen this, and I hope you have because I’ve completely ruined the conversion.

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Don’t watch this if you’re not going to swear, or especially young kids swear, but you should watch it anyway because it has a strong message.

The idea is that viewers are shocked by a child saying the F-word, rather than a statistic that highlights massive gender inequality.

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The 2015 campaign is designed to encourage women to exercise without fear of judgement, and reflects the rise of female sports stars in recent years.

Best Travel Campaigns In The World

The lack of women entering STEM disciplines is a real issue, especially when there is a skills shortage in these professions.

Ryan Gosling Stars In The Gucci Valigeria Campaign Reflecting The House’s Vision Of Travel In All Its Forms And A Heritage Rooted In The World Of Luggage.

Following their Girls Do Science campaign in 2015, the #MakeWhatsNext campaign from 2017 continues the brand’s mission to encourage girls to study science, maths, engineering and technology.

The campaign video sees many women talking about the issues they are most passionate about solving, including breast cancer and the world’s water supply. Since these issues cannot be resolved without science, women express their desire to pursue a career in their chosen fields.

This 2014 video shows the feedback Gisele Bundchen gets when she punches and kicks a punching bag in real time.

Comments appear on the walls around her, and as you can see, most of them are very embarrassing.

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You could argue that influencers get attention as part of their job, but no one deserves the reactions YouTube star My Pale Skin got when she showed off her makeup-free face and revealed her acne.

This 2015 video is great, showing the transition between the reactions people gave Em when she didn’t have makeup on and the strange reactions she got when it was on.

I have told my wife several times and half-smilingly that if I ever have a daughter, I will strictly ban all things princess-related (I know, what in killjoy).

Best Travel Campaigns In The World

Whether or not I win that argument remains to be seen, but this video certainly makes my point.

Your Travel Marketing Platform

A 2013 campaign by a Catholic girls’ school in Kentucky urged girls to forget about the whole princess thing and get ready for real life. Powerful things.

This 2013 clip from Pantene in the Philippines shows a man and a woman doing the same thing in two different ways.

The campaign is particularly aimed at the workplace, where a strong female leader is seen as a ‘boss’, but that label may not be given to a male equivalent.

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2013 saw another attack on the infamous princess thing by GoldieBlox – a company that makes toys and games designed to encourage girls’ interest in engineering and problem solving.

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The video shows a ‘Princess Machine’ created by a group of young women using different engineering principles.

These are the campaigns that came to mind when I wrote this post, but let me know any good ones I missed in the comments below. For the first time since March 2020, travelers will be able to walk new routes and taste new flavors to experience the culture and nature of the country that has international value anew.

The timing of the campaign is good as it was honored by the World Travel Awards (WTA) as Asia’s top destination for 2021 last month. Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO heritage site in Quang Ninh, is recognized by the WTA as a top tourist destination in Asia. A few weeks after receiving the award, travelers can visit this natural wonder of the world, starting a new adventure from green water to ancient limestone rocks that bend like teeth.

Best Travel Campaigns In The World

Quang Nam province is home to Hoi An, another UNESCO heritage site that regularly wins global travel awards for being the most “romantic”, “beautiful” or “beautiful” or “head- best cultural destination” in the world. Famous for its skilled tailors and beautiful paper lanterns, Hoi An’s pedestrian-friendly Old Town is full of French colonial buildings and local specialties such as Khao Lau and Mi Quang served hot from ancient architecture shop fronts along the street.

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Ha Long and Hoi An have been popular destinations for decades, but Phu Quoc is a rising star in the tourism industry. Surrounded by world-class luxury resorts, Phu Quoc’s 150 kilometers of coastline stretch past a mountainous national park and small fishing villages.

Nha Trang and Da Nang are the two main beach attractions. The water sports capital of Phu Quoc, Nha Trang is usually the scuba diving center of the country. Nha Trang is an upscale and urban beach town with 19 small island neighborhoods, a resort town with nightlife. Da Nang is another beach town that feels hip, creative and balanced. Surrounded by Sun Tra and Marble Mountain in the north

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