Best Travel Destinations In Central America

Best Travel Destinations In Central America – There is something special about the countries of Central America. From their closeness to ancient traditions to slow food, made with love, a visit to the area leaves you feeling grounded.

In today’s globalized world, you can find many of these special cities that have also adopted health traditions from around the world: yoga, meditation, and all-encompassing spiritual ceremonies.

Best Travel Destinations In Central America

Best Travel Destinations In Central America

These three cities are my top choices for places to stay in Central America. They have evolved into the perfect destination to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.

The Best Destinations In Central America To Rejuvenate The Body And Mind

Each of these cities is surrounded by a uniquely powerful natural environment that lends itself to a growing culture of health-focused offerings. And I left all of them feeling completely refreshed in body and mind.

Located in the volcanic mountains of central Guatemala, a few hours from the colony of Antigua, Lake Atitlan is a place of peace. This 50 square kilometer lake is the perfect place to hop between waterfront towns (by water taxi – roads are few and far between here).

San Marcos is a quiet yogi town, perfect for harnessing the spiritual power of the lake. In San Marcos, you’ll find plenty of yoga classes, all the peaceful energy you need to rejuvenate, and homemade, locally sourced food. Be sure to check out the Cacao Ceremony where you will use the cacao tree as a physical and spiritual medicine, the way the ancient Mayans used to.

Across the lake in San Pedro, the backpacker spirit and loose party spirit are ideal for those looking to embrace human connection.

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Towards Santa Cruz, this small town is the easiest place to relax in the relaxed local atmosphere. Santa Cruz is perfect for chilling – either in a hammock or at the end of the dock, over the cool waters of the lake.

In Costa Rica, that place is La Fortuna, a small boho village at the base of Arenal Volcano.

You can follow the locals to the natural hot springs (look for cars parked on the roadside outside of town) or you can stay at one of the hotels that offer private access to the hot springs, complete with fluffy bathrobes.

Best Travel Destinations In Central America

To learn more about nature and local wildlife, take a rainforest walk at Hanging Bridges Park.

Best Travel Destinations In Central America For A Worthwhile Holiday

During my own time in La Fortuna, halfway around the volcano, I sat down on a rock and I remember “this is probably the most peaceful I’ve ever felt”. And that concludes La Fortuna.

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This is the place to go if you’re looking for a relaxing nature getaway with plenty to do and not feel bad about it. Waking up late, drinking coffee on your balcony overlooking the bean garden, and chilling out.

When you need some socializing, venture to Boquete Brewing Company, the city’s only brewery where the locals play live music and you can drink an IPA in peace.

If you want exercise or a change of scenery, go hiking in The Lost Waterfalls. A short drive out of town, the hike takes you through mountain cloud forests to three waterfalls.

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After I walked behind a waterfall, I used water. It is a meditation away from the outside world for a while. And really, what’s more peaceful than meditating behind a wall of water in the jungles of Panama?

Danie is a full-time traveler and freelance travel writer. She has been on the move since 2015 from Albania to Zambia (and 70+ others in between). She has developed a very sophisticated algorithm that evaluates countries based on a detailed analysis of wine, hot sauce, friendliness of the locals, and she is very happy – crying in their nature. You can find her portfolio at or her photos on Instagram @danieelizabethCentral America is full of incredible places. I just came back from a long trip there and I want you to know where to go in Central America to see the most amazing places.

Some months ago I started traveling full time and working as a digital artist, and I decided to start a long trip from Central America.

Best Travel Destinations In Central America

My decision was great because I literally fell in love. with this part of the world. Central America is just amazing and full of places to see and visit.

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It is very complete because it has historical sites such as Mayan ruins, it has beautiful colonial cities, but you can also find beautiful beaches and abundant nature such as volcanoes and waterfalls.

So, let’s start this guide, in which I will tell you where to go in Central America and my favorite places that I had the pleasure and opportunity to explore in the last three months.

Mexico is probably the most famous country in Central America and the first country that comes to your mind when you think of this part of the world.

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It’s a huge country and it’s not easy to choose its best places, but I’ll try to tell you about my favorite places.

Best Cities In South America To Visit

Merida is the jewel of the Yucatan Peninsula. Quiet and definitely cheaper compared to other nearby cities, it’s a place you can’t miss.

It is perfect to base here while you explore the wonders of Yucatan, for example the Mayan ruins or the nearby cenotes.

Merida has a lot to offer and you can spend several weeks there. Maybe you are interested in some volunteer opportunities with the city of Merida, this way you can save a lot of money while exploring the city and the Yucatan Peninsula and helping the locals.

Best Travel Destinations In Central America

San Francisco de Campeche is a wonderful colonial city. Its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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This is a city you must visit if you are planning to go to Central America. It is also one of the safest places to visit in Mexico.

The best way to explore it is to lose yourself in the colorful streets and eat at the market like a local.

Most travelers go with the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itzá when visiting Mexico, but if you want to discover a place off the beaten path, the ruins of Calakmul are the place for you.

It’s not a common place you’ll read about when looking for places to go in Central America, but it’s worth the money and it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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When I meet other travelers on long trips, everyone tells me to go to Guatemala because it is one of the best places in Central America. I decided to listen to them and they are absolutely right.

Antigua is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen in Central America. Its colonial style, all the volcanoes in the background, shops full of handmade things, just took my breath away.

A trip to Guatemala is incomplete if you don’t go hiking. And you know what? In Guatemala you can hike and see with your own eyes another explosion in front of you.

Best Travel Destinations In Central America

You can see this if you hike the Actenango volcano. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so exciting!

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Hiking in Acatenango is not easy, and the weather may be very cold there, but the thrill of seeing an erupting volcano is something you will never forget.

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The ruins of Tikal are the largest in Central America, and in my opinion are still the most beautiful and amazing.

The best thing about Tikal is that despite its worldwide fame, it has not been ruined by too much tourism and it remains very authentic.

Belize is not a very popular country among backpackers because it is considered one of the most expensive places in Central America.

Cost Of Travel In South America

But it is very worth visiting, and I hope you will give it a chance after reading about these wonderful places.

Caye Caulker is a small, quiet island that you can reach from Belize City with a one-hour boat ride.

Of course, it is heaven on earth. Crystal water, palm beach, small fish restaurant and warm wind is a dream.

Best Travel Destinations In Central America

If you are thinking about where to go in Central America, give this place a chance and you will have a perfect dream beach vacation.

Best Places To Visit In Central America For Solo Travel

I am talking about the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the second largest reef in the world after the one in Australia, where you can swim with amazing animals such as manatees, fish, rays, turtles, and see beautiful colorful reserves. Coral.

Ometepe Island is located in the middle of Lake Cocibolca, and it is full of things to explore.

Among the things you can do here are hiking the volcano, watching the sunset. Exciting, and relaxing on one of the beaches.

Leon is an amazing colonial city, and its white cathedral is one of the most beautiful in all of Central America.

Central America Archives

Leon is worth standing on the list of places to go in Central America if only for this important and unique piece of architecture.

Many people do not consider El Salvador when thinking of their trip to Central America, but it is a mistake.

It is a small but very beautiful country and it deserves a lot of attention. Here you can find examples of available sites

Best Travel Destinations In Central America

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