Biggest Road Trips In The World

Biggest Road Trips In The World – Are you a travel enthusiast and want to experience a new adventure? Tired of classic routes and common places? Park Indigo has mapped the world’s longest road trips that a person can ride.

On such a trip you will have the opportunity not only to travel from one country to another, but also from one continent to another, cross many countries, see dozens of fascinating landscapes and mainly travel many miles. Have you ever wondered what the biggest roundabout in Europe is? Or what is the longest land route you can cover in a car?

Biggest Road Trips In The World

Biggest Road Trips In The World

Starting the road trip from Reykjavik, Iceland, you cover a distance of 1,339 kilometers, pass through 22 cities and communities across Iceland, drive 21 hours and 40 minutes, and finally arrive back in Reykjavik.

Of The Best Road Trips In Europe

Starting your journey in Ireland’s Inishowen Peninsula, you’ll drive 15.6 hours and you’ll end up in Kinsale, Ireland, covering a distance of 2,750 km.

It is a 181-hour journey from London to Cape Town and will take more than a week to cover the 13,652.07km route. This inspiring journey starts in London, UK and travels to many countries including France, Spain, Algeria, Nigeria, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Namibia and South Africa.

It takes you 165 hours to cover a distance of 13,563 km across Perth, Australia.

The 186-hour journey from Zagreb, Portugal to Talon, Russia covers a distance of 15,191 kilometers between continents.

The Ultimate Arizona Road Trip Itinerary

The Trans-Eurasian Belt Development (TEPR) was designed by the Russian School of Science. That means you can drive from the top of the UK (using Eurostar and the Panama Canal) to, say, Wick in Scotland, covering a distance of 19,955 km to Cape Horn in South America. The number of hours it would take to complete such a road trip is not calculated.

Asian Highway 1 is the longest road in the Asian Highway Network, running 20,557 kilometers from Tokyo, Japan to Korea, China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran to the border between western Turkey and Bulgaria. In Istanbul it ends with the European route E80. You will need 123 hours of driving and more than 5 days to complete this scenic route.

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The longest road trip covers a distance of 33,612 km. Starting on the southern side of the Indian Ocean in Serai, Indonesia, this long journey includes ferries from Malaysia, north to China, west to Asia and Russia to Europe, Belarus. From here the route travels west through Europe to Spain, South Africa to its final destination at Quoin Point in South Africa. Without stopping, to sleep or even check the map, something that is impossible and, of course, not recommended, you will need 22 days to complete the route.

Biggest Road Trips In The World

Los Angeles, officially the City of Los Angeles and often referred to by its namesake LA, is a cultural, financial and commercial center.

Best Road Trips In Chile

You may have noticed that most of the aircraft are white in color and each company’s logo is placed somewhere. Except of course…everyone loves a road trip – off the open road, free to explore wherever and whenever you want. With a classic playlist of shuffleboard, car snacks and a roughly drawn road into the unknown, there’s a reason road trips seem synonymous with the pursuit of adventure and freedom. With this list, we’re curating some of the longest and most ambitious road trips we can think of, with a focus on distance. Grab a backpack, a map and some friends and ride off into the sunset…

This is a classic and many intrepid adventurers have crossed this monster trek off their bucket list. As part of a campaign for the new Ford Cortina, the world’s longest north-south journey was completed in 13 days, 8 hours and 48 minutes. He beat the previous champion by 18 minutes! However, if you are really keen to see the amazing scenery, it will take at least a month to cover these two continents.

From Eurostar to Calais, passengers can enjoy a scenic drive through rural France and Spain, before disembarking by ferry through the Strait of Gibraltar into the heart of Africa. For those traveling through the harsh Sahara Desert, the route paves the way through numerous national parks, from the primate-filled rainforest reserve of Cameroon to the lions and elephants of Etosha National Park. In Namibia. The track, which stretches from the southern tip of South Africa to Cape Town, spans 13,207 kilometers (8,207 mi) and covers 13 countries.

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Driving ‘The Big Lap’ is another adventure that is often planned and rarely attempted. With large areas of the continent uninhabited due to the hot desert climate, Australian road trips can be deadly for those without a map and adequate backup fuel. The best bet for anyone looking to cover the entire country is to stick to Highway 1, a 14,935 km (9280 mi) long highway that follows the entire Australian coastline in a large loop. Starting in Sydney, drivers can follow the coast to Brisbane, passing through Cairns, Darwin, Port Hedland, Perth and Adelaide, arriving at Melbourne’s scenic Great Ocean Road before finally returning to Sydney.

Road Trip Quotes (& Images) To Inspire Your Next Adventure

Can be run in under a month, but three months gives drivers time to fully explore each stop. Because of Australia’s size, it’s also important to be aware of the seasons. It is recommended to start in the south in winter and in the north in summer, following the milder temperatures as you go.

Centuries ago, nomadic settlers traveled along the steppes of Central Asia in search of new lands and adventures. Now you can follow their path by traveling through Eastern Europe and Turkey. Crossing the Istanbul Bridge, Europe turns slowly towards Asia, exchanging crumbling Christian churches for Islamic minarets and the countryside of Lake Van. From Turkey you have two options, go through the ancient Persian settlements in Iran or across the Caspian Sea to Russia. The two routes meet again in the grasslands of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, before the Gobi Desert looms on the horizon.

In recent years, adventurers have turned the trek into a challenge and called it the Mongol Rally. Each year, participants register, buy vintage cars and drive from Europe to Mongolia. The challenge is designed to be as disaster-filled as possible, creating the opportunity for “automotive stupidity on a global scale” and unexpected adventures, usually while broadcasting their progress (or lack of progress) on social media. If this sounds like your cup of tea, register for the 2022 Mongol Rally and start looking for your junk vehicle!

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Biggest Road Trips In The World

So you may have taken a road trip across the United States, but how about dreaming a little bigger? This massive road trip covers almost all of the Americas, from northern Alaska to Canada and the United States to Colombia, coastal Peru and Chile. The only break in the journey is the Darien Gap, a roadless zone that prevents driving access between Panama and Colombia (and all of North America by extension to South America). Although many efforts have been made to build highways, the impenetrable dense rainforest and the spread of tropical diseases (not to mention the importance of protecting indigenous communities living in the forests) mean that road crossings are never possible.

Longest Roads In The World For Your Fabulous Road Trips

The only alternative to the famous 5-day ferry trip is to take a flight, but once safely in Medellin or Bogotá, the journey south can be seamlessly continued. Assuming a drive from Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay to Panama City, then Medellin, Colombia to Quelon, Chile, this insane road trip should be a cool 23,662 km (14,703 miles). Assuming you drive 8 hours a day, this trip will take you a month. However, those who do, take anywhere from 2 months to 2 years.

Our final route on this list is not yet available. It is a fictional driving route that follows the same route as the Mongolian Rally – from London to Ulaanbaatar. But after it hits Mongolia, it moves eastward across Siberia and across the Bering Strait to Alaska. From there, the entire Americas can be done, even connecting to South America. Travel is not yet possible as the Bering Strait is unconnected. However, plans are underway for the development of the Trans-Eurasian Belt, and we may soon see the construction of a connecting bridge to truly connect the world.

Who knows what such a connecting bridge will do for global trade and the perception of East and West? All we know is that it looks like an epic road trip.

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