Curl Cream Leave In Conditioner

Curl Cream Leave In Conditioner – Continuing the Top 10 series, today I’m sharing the best curl creams and conditioners for all types of curly hair. These range from drugstore to high-end and have various price points. I’m ranking each one based on its moisture level, humectant ingredients, protein ingredients, and more.

The easiest way to think of it is that leave-ins are used as an extra step to add moisture exclusively to super dry hair. They are usually lighter than curl creams. Sometimes they contain ingredients to help retain moisture. Leave-ins are also commonly used for freshening because they are lightweight and help to detangle. They usually provide slip and manageability.

Curl Cream Leave In Conditioner

Curl Cream Leave In Conditioner

Curl creams are designed to improve your hair’s appearance AND provide moisture. They are considered a styling product because they can improve your curl pattern/definition, encourage clumps, hydrate and help retain moisture. Curl creams are usually a little heavier than leave-ins and sometimes contain oils and butters.

Curl Up Shampoo Conditioner & Curl Cream Review

Both leave-ins and curl creams need to be layered under a gel or mousse if you want long-lasting hold and frizz control. While they hydrate dry hair, they don’t fully tame frizz because they don’t provide a strong “mold” or hold.

Most leave-ins and curl creams work with all types of curly hair. The ones I’ve included in this post are suitable for most. However, there are some things to keep in mind:

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