Destination Spa In The Philippines

Destination Spa In The Philippines – Eagle Wellness Center is a wellness center located on Balsin Island that offers programs to… [+] find balance and restore health.

As a travel destination, the Philippines is mostly known for its pristine beaches and clear blue waters. Whenever one goes to a country with 7,107 islands, the beach comes first as far as vacations are concerned.

Destination Spa In The Philippines

Destination Spa In The Philippines

The expansive forest views on the farm in San Benito create an ideal environment for relaxation and… [+] meditation.

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There are a number of luxury resorts that offer a great experience of the country’s natural wonders. Some properties that stand out in particular are those that focus on holistic health and healing. The rise of establishments that promote healthy lifestyles is a response to the growing number of travelers seeking vacation experiences that promote overall well-being.

Weekend getaways at Anya Resort and Residences are enhanced with modern Filipino interiors and distinctive brand… [+] Filipino hospitality.

Whether located in the highlands or on a private island, these wellness destinations provide guests with services, facilities and treatments that help relax, rejuvenate and refresh the mind, body and spirit. Bootcamp with a vision. And while clean eating and exercise are definitely on the menu, healthy Michelin-starred dinners and sunrise yoga sessions are few things that enhance the experience. No single destination or treatment program can meet all health needs and travel expectations. Here’s a guide to help you decide on the health and wellness destination that works best for you.

All 88 suites at Anya are designed for maximum comfort with meticulous attention to detail to make guests feel… [+]

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Anya will never claim to offer only organic fare. “Not everything that’s grown naturally is organic. The term is used lightly and with a bit of caution these days. At Anya, we pride ourselves on living a completely organic lifestyle,” explains Joy Sylvester, head of marketing. We have accepted the natural.

An indigenous luxury resort brand in the Philippines, Anya Resort and Residences is a haven where “time is the ultimate luxury.” The property aims to provide guests with a bespoke escape experience where one feels like they are in a family home. It is through the smallest details that this is achieved. The bedrooms are arranged according to the preferences of the guests.

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Which pillow gives you the best comfort? Feather or buckwheat? How would you like to make your own bedding? With a quilt or bedspread? how about your morning coffee Would you like a French press or a classic brew? There is also variety when it comes to nibbles in the mini bar. Several jars of dried fruits and nuts are available in the suites to provide healthy and natural alternatives to junk food.

Destination Spa In The Philippines

You know you’ve found home as soon as you’re greeted with Anya’s signature drink of… [+] calamansi, ginger and honey.

Spa Hotel Destinations

A new addition to the small luxury hotel group, Anya Boutique Hotel’s approach enhances a short break. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a warm cup of table (local chocolate) or a flute of fresh juice. Modern Filipino suites are specially designed for ultimate comfort and pampering. It’s the kind of home away from home where one can enjoy the luxury of staying under the sheets after the usual waking hours.

There are also several food outlets on the property. Samira is an excellent restaurant that offers a delicious menu created by the famous chef Emmanuel Strobant. Fine wines or craft beers are an option for those who feel comfortable.

Samira’s fine dining restaurant and Anila’s poolside food store use only the freshest natural ingredients… [+]

The cozy complex inside each of the 88 suites will immediately make one want to stay in it all day and night. Room service is impressive with meals and other requests arriving quickly, even on fully booked weekends. Guests looking for more activities can ask the lifestyle assistants to arrange private yoga sessions or even early morning walks along the nearby Taal Lake. For those traveling with the family, a popular activity of choice is an afternoon in the heated infinity pools followed by a healthy midday snack at Anila’s poolside restaurant.

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The Ranch in San Benito is best known for its detoxification and mind-body rejuvenation programs… [+] Weekend Stays.

Healing and restoration are two things that the farm at San Benito does not take for granted. Hailed as one of the premier wellness destinations in the country, the farm offers guests the opportunity to restore and rejuvenate in a vast forested landscape. The setting is both beautiful and peaceful to allow the ultimate healer, Mother Nature, to work her magic.

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Once inside, all stressors and toxic elements remain at the gate. This means absolutely no smoking, alcohol, junk food or any other element that might prevent you from fully enjoying the farm life experience. It can be a little daunting, especially for guests who easily love their city, but it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind and heart.

Destination Spa In The Philippines

Vehicles are only allowed up to the reception area, after which guests are encouraged to explore the extensive forested gardens on foot. There are several on-farm treatment programs. Most guests book a three- to five-day stay for the signature detox cleanse. It is a program that aims to cleanse the body through medically guided colonics, juice fasting and lymphatic drainage. All of the farm’s programs integrate Western medicinal practices and Eastern healing philosophies.

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Nature, as the ultimate healer, surrounds the villas and various facilities of the property. A few nights at Bagh Farms Villa can refresh the mind, body and soul. Aside from the premium amenities that blend seamlessly with the natural terrain features, there are elements in the suites that enhance the ranch experience. There is a tea set that includes alkaline teas, periwinkle and pitto pitto. It is best to enjoy them in the late afternoon or at night before a nap.

The cleansing ritual, which may also be performed in the outdoor tub, is made more enjoyable with the in-house combination of organic body scrub, shampoo and conditioner. These aromatic products are 100 percent all-natural and can also be purchased in the gift shop to take back home.

A weekend of mind and body regeneration at the farm is ideal, especially for those who want to take a break from the toxic city life. A two and a half drive south from the capital is enough to arrive in time for a healthy lunch at the resort’s Alive restaurant. This food store serves delicious vegan food. Special dishes on the menu include grilled tofu steak and grilled eggplant with ratatouille. Alive food is also gluten-free, so even the pasta dishes are made from vegetables. Interestingly, they complement the vegetarian version of Carbonara with nut cheese. As for the coffee, it is served with an option to add coconut milk.

Fresh fruit shakes from Alive are made to serve as a meal in themselves. They are full of … [+] vitamins and nutrients that sustain the body especially during fasting.

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Every day at the farm, a schedule of activities is lined up. Among the things guests should make time for are yoga sessions, food preparation seminars, as well as a leisurely morning dedicated to mandala flower arranging. It’s worth waking up earlier than usual for an hour of sunrise yoga. Later in the day, return to the Meditation Hut for Yin Yoga. These relaxing practice spots focus on the idea of ​​holding poses for longer. At sunrise, a walk to the Shafa Sanctuary is recommended. Enjoy The Farm’s signature fruit shake while relaxing by the pool. Otherwise, book an alkaline bath or body detox with Kayod and Kalaag peels.

The Kalawag treatment utilizes the natural healing properties of ginger and turmeric, resulting in the elimination of toxins and perfectly moisturized skin.

Located in Balsin Island’s Mykonos Village, Eagle Health Center is a premium wellness destination that distinguishes itself through state-of-the-art medical facilities and world-class thalassotherapy pools. Being on an exclusive island accessible only to members is an added bonus.

Destination Spa In The Philippines

A weekly program at Aegle is designed to cover diagnosis, exercise routines, detoxification, nutrition planning as well as spa treatments and yoga sessions. Diagnosis begins with an assessment of the guest’s current state of health through blood analysis and a general medical examination. A customized nutritional plan and supplements are then recommended. At Eagle, guests are given a month’s supply of vitamins and other supplements tailored to their body’s needs. This is accompanied by regular consultations with a nutritionist who will help create a meal plan tailored to your specific health goals, concerns and lifestyle.

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An initial consultation with the center’s interns helps to set goals and achieve a sustainable health plan. Each day follows a schedule of early breakfast, one-on-one training at the island gym, a relaxing dip in the thalassotherapy pool, followed by a steam bath and lymphatic massage. By noon, there is

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