Family Resorts In Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Family Resorts In Punta Cana Dominican Republic – There are hundreds of hotels in the Dominican Republic but not all of them qualify as family resorts in Punta Cana. When you are planning a vacation in Punta Cana with children it is very important to pay attention to the amenities of each resort. What can be experienced first hand is breathtaking with the following list of the best family hotels in Punta Cana, which has a hand-picked selection of Punta Cana resorts for children. Take into account the important amenities such as family suites, water parks, children’s clubs, children’s entertainment or leisure time suitable for everyone, the following Punta Cana All family resorts are some of the best options for family vacations in Punta Cana. And the best part of this list: the children’s resorts in Punta Cana are not the only option – we have visited 90% of them ourselves and know all the advantages and disadvantages of the facilities vacation hotel.

If you are not sure which Punta Cana hotel is right for you, you can check here how to find the best place in Punta Cana.

Family Resorts In Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Family Resorts In Punta Cana Dominican Republic

It is very difficult to find the best family vacation in Punta Cana, because each resort has certain amenities and is suitable for different types of families. That’s why we decided to list the children’s favorite resorts in Punta Cana alphabetically.

Best All Inclusive Resorts In Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

If we had to choose a special Punta Cana family resort, Dream Macao might not be the winner, but it makes it to this list because it has a good balance for all the person It can certainly be considered a children’s hotel in Punta Cana but is recommended for young and old alike. Dream Macao Beach is a newly built hotel, which will only open its doors in 2020. So far, it is the only resort in Punta Cana at Macao Beach, one of the beaches The most beautiful place in Punta Cana. Although the beach is beautiful and has a great view, it must be said that sometimes the waves and/or currents can be very strong, which is why Dreams Macao Beach will not be a hotel Best family vacation in Punta Cana if your kids like the ocean more than the pool. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t go swimming at Macao Beach, because the waves and currents are only occasional.

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So what makes Dreams Macao Beach the best place in Punta Cana for families? Children aged 3-12 will love the Explorer’s Club, which offers a wide range of activities, from their basketball court, trampoline, children’s cinema, indoor games room with TV and video games, Weekly entertainment and the big screen. movies on the beach. For young families in Punta Cana, it will be the best place to play because young people can not only enjoy the youth with night activities, but also the best surf spot in Punta Cana is in front of the hotel, where they can surf. lessons with the famous Macao surf school *. And last but not least, adults can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Playa Macao, explore the hidden beach nearby and immerse themselves in the local culture by explore the small village of Macao next to the hotel.

If this is not enough, Dreams Macao is also one of the all family parks in Punta Cana with 2 water parks – one for children and one for children and teenagers . Endless fun is guaranteed!

If you want to know more about this Punta Cana family resort, check out the Dream Macao Beach review here on the Punta Cana Travel Blog.

Family Vacations At Nickelodeon Punta Cana

And if you want to know about all the things you can do while visiting this children’s resort, check out the best family activities in Punta Cana 2022.

– Macao Beach is the best surfing spot in Punta Cana, perfect for young people who want to participate in this sport

Maximum occupancy: 6 adults + 2 children (up to 12 years old) in a Deluxe Double Room Villa with Pool (check room details *)

Family Resorts In Punta Cana Dominican Republic

The Best Punta Cana is one of the newest additions to all the hotels in Punta Cana. He lives in Uvero Alto and belongs to the Excellence Group. Contrary to the other resorts of this chain, Excellence Punta Cana and Excellence El Carmen which are both adults-only resorts, Finest Punta Cana is designed specifically as a children’s hotel and may be one of the best family hotels in Punta Cana. , takes into account its high-end models with some interesting details when it comes to taking care of families in Punta Cana.

Reviews Of Kid Friendly Hotel

Similar to Dreams Macao Beach, Finest Punta Cana is a new development that opened only in October 2021, so everything is new with state-of-the-art design. It is definitely a family luxury and has some of the best that you can find among the best all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana for families.

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What makes Finest Punta Cana apart is that there are only so many well-thought-of elements, such as children’s and young people’s playtime during dinner, the children’s spa or the people who do work play on the side of each restaurant, so that parents can enjoy. have a relaxing and romantic dinner whenever their children feel like playing. The Finest also has several suites for up to 5 guests – perfect when you’re looking for a Punta Cana all-inclusive resort for a family of 5. Some of these rooms also have private pools, which are perfect for those children and young people. who wants to use the pool outside the main pool listed.

In addition, young people will love the flipper arcade machines, pool chairs and soccer tables in the area, where they can play against other guests. Last, but not least, one of the Best Clubs available (the Finest Club) is also a family exclusive VIP club.

But not only children will enjoy the hotel Punta Cana, Finest Punta Cana has the highest standards for adults as well. Parents can enjoy great food, including à-la-carte lunch, lobster dinner or family dinner on the beach (all inclusive), with a wide selection of drinks sugar, including fresh coconut, different types of products. Beer and wine in every bar. There is a spa for adults and their children. The suites are the best with the design, all the services are good and the menu is good.

Best All Inclusive Resorts In Punta Cana For Families

For our previous experiences at Punta Cana all family hotels, check out the Finest Punta Cana reviews here on the Punta Cana Travel Blog.

Room occupancy: 3 adults + 1 child (up to 12 years old) or 2 adults + 2 children (up to 12 years old), i.e. Family Suite (product details *)

Maximum occupancy: 3 adults + 2 children (up to 12 years) in the Finest Club Imperial Family Suite with pool (product details *)

Family Resorts In Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Grand Sirenis Punta Cana was the first all-inclusive family resort we visited – and it’s still one we love. The hotel underwent renovation in 2018 and thus offers modern and newly designed suites throughout the hotel. Similar to one of the children’s resorts below, Serenade Punta Cana, Grand Sirenis has a good value-for-money ratio, especially considering the modern and spacious rooms (like their guest suites) and dishes and good food.

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Paradisus Palma Real Resort

However, the reason Grand Sirenis Punta Cana is one of the best family hotels in Punta Cana is the water park, Sirenis Aquagames. This famous Punta Cana park has 7 different areas for children and teenagers, a large area with a pirate ship for children aged 4 to 11 years (including 10 mini water slides and 4 splash barrels ) and a water park with different water features and animals. statues for the youngest guests (2 to 4 years old) who like to play in the water.

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Besides the water park, especially the children’s club is worth mentioning at the Grand Sirenis Punta Cana, because it has more children than the other children’s hotels in Punta Cana. It is divided into several areas, guaranteeing a whole day (or week) of fun for children aged 4 to 12 years. Areas include a chef area, lego

Jewel Resorts Punta Cana Dominican Republic

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