Fun Activities For Work Meetings

Fun Activities For Work Meetings – National Fun at Work Day is a holiday that encourages employees to relax and enjoy themselves. For example, managers and employees play games, do team activities, enjoy fun, and show appreciation to each other. The purpose of this day is to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction. National Fun at Work Day is celebrated in the US on January 28. International Labor Day falls on April 1. We recommend observing both. 🙂 This occasion is also known as “National Fun at Work Day”.

National Fun at Work Day is an employee morale booster and a great way to increase employee engagement and have fun at work.

Fun Activities For Work Meetings

Fun Activities For Work Meetings

From virtual team-building events to scavenger hunts to photo booths, here are ways to keep your employees engaged and entertained on National Work Day.

Virtual Morning Meeting Activities & Games In 2023

Scavenger Hunts are a great way to get employees moving. To conduct a scavenger hunt, divide participants into teams and hand out lists of clues. The first team to observe all the items on the list or complete all the tasks wins. Or you can give the teams a certain amount of time to complete the challenge and name the group with the most points as the winner.

A virtual scavenger hunt is a great way to engage remote employees. The best approach for online games is a blitz hunt, where participants compete for items.

For more tips, check out our list of virtual cleaner hunt ideas and examples and these office cleaner hunt templates.

Bingo is one of the easiest games to play at work and can help employees get to know each other better. To play team bingo, pass out the cards, then challenge participants to find coworkers who match the descriptions in the squares. The first player to mark five squares in a row, in a column or diagonally, wins, or you can play Blackout Bingo and ask the participants to mark each square.

Best Office Party Games (large & Small Group)

By the way, you can also play bingo online. Check out Online Team Building Bingo to learn more.

Online office games are virtual competition like office Olympics. Over the course of 90 minutes, employees compete in online mini-games such as trivia, scavenger hunts and “can you hear me now?” Icebreakers and team slogans encourage colleagues to connect and interact via Zoom. Throughout the event, the high-energy host plays the role of cheerleader, judge, and master of ceremonies extraordinaire, motivating the teams to victory and a good time for everyone involved.

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Virtual Team Trivia is an online challenge that tests your team’s wits. Themes include party, rock and roll, international and more. Or, with the custom DIY option, staff will create a pub quiz on a topic of your choosing.

Fun Activities For Work Meetings

During this 60-minute virtual event, a smarty-pants facilitator plays game show host and asks brainstorming questions. Teams guess the answers together and communicate in the process.

Virtual Team Quiz Ideas To Energize Team Meetings

Superhero Academy is a virtual team activity of heroic proportions. The event challenges colleagues to unite in an epic battle to save the world. The competition lasts 90 minutes. During the event, a charismatic host facilitates Zoom team-building activities and work-friendly virtual games. Teams will create alter egos and battle salutes, solve fast-paced brainteasers and face virtual games that win by the minute. In addition, the participants must determine which teams among them are secretly filled with villains. Superhero Academy is a game that inspires unshakable bonds while testing the player’s brains and brains.

Monster Hunter International Monster Hunter is a great activity for teams that prefer to work together rather than patch up. During this 90-minute virtual team-building session, participants play as international investigators tracking mythical beasts around the world. A live host plays cryptozoologist and guides the group through a series of puzzles, trivia and clues that promote team bonding and adventure.

Murder mysteries involve participants following a script while searching for a killer. If your crew is very theatrical, then murder mysteries can be a lot of fun. You can download a stand-alone game and follow the instructions, or reserve a simple secret and let the host run the game. If your team is remote, then you can solve murder mysteries virtually.

Laughter and fun go hand in hand. To entertain and challenge your team at the same time, host a stand-up comedy workshop at Workday Fun.

Ice Breakers For Virtual Meetings

First, find a comedian or comedy group to teach the class. Then, invite employees to hone their comedy skills by writing and practicing routines or playing improv games. To break up the training, hold a mini-exhibition where the participants perform a short routine. If your crew feels comfortable, then invite other employees to watch.

Depending on the interests of the staff, you can run the activity as an all-day event or make it up to 1 or 2 hours.

Talent shows are easy to coordinate and are one of the best activities for national weekday entertainment. These showcases give employees a chance to showcase non-work opportunities that help colleagues get to know each other on a more personal level.

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Fun Activities For Work Meetings

For best results, either turn the show into a contest and name a winner, or simply enjoy the talents of your employees.

Team Meeting Ideas: Activities For Fun Team Building 😃

Speaking of performance, karaoke is a fun social activity that brings out the inner star power of your employees. While karaoke machines and microphones are useful, instrumental songs with lyrics work great too.

To start karaoke, set up your stage, test your technology, and invite individuals and groups to sign up for songs.

Pro-tip: Shy employees may feel more comfortable if managers or event organizers start the session with a funny routine with a silly song. Or get the whole room to sing a group number to a popular song like “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Movies are one of the easiest entertainment options to pass the time on a weekday. Showing a movie is a low-maintenance way to entertain employees.

Top 10 Ice Breakers For Work Events

Dishes are the perfect mix of eating and competition. During these tasty contests, employees compete in a battle of culinary skills.

For an extra challenge, keep the theme a surprise before the contest or provide a basket of secret ingredients. If employees provide their own materials, then reimbursement for groceries up to a certain amount is a nice gesture.

If your team is entirely online, then host a virtual kitchen and pick a winner based on looks and creativity alone.

Fun Activities For Work Meetings

To celebrate the day and give employees a fun souvenir, set up a photo booth during the event. While you can always rent a photo booth, these attractions are easy and inexpensive to make. For maximum wow factor, provide photobooth props and an interesting backdrop.

Fun & Cheap 5 Minute Team Building Activities

Setting up a photo booth is even easier online. Just touch the screen during a video call and take screenshots. We suggest adjusting the video display settings in the software so that as many participants as possible appear on the screen. Don’t forget to pose!

After that, you can use a program like Canva to add borders or other graphics. Be sure to give your staff copies of the finished photos!

In recent years, escape rooms have become a staple of corporate outings. These puzzle experiences challenge participants to find clues and solve riddles to open doors or “escape the room” within a certain amount of time, usually 1 to 2 hours.

Escape rooms are great games for the national weekday pastime. You can travel to visit a physical location, or build your own homemade escape room in a spare space or conference room. If your team is all remote or hybrid remote, then visit an online escape room together.

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Virtual Games To Play On Microsoft Teams With Coworkers

Whether your crew is friendly or hyper-competitive, board games are a good time. To incorporate board games into your workday, stock up on fan favorites like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, Clue, Jenga, Uno, Battleship, and Trivial Pursuit. Feel free to poll the staff to narrow down the most popular choices, or invite staff to bring in games.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, then you can turn entire rooms into life-sized versions of board games like CandyLand or Chess, with co-workers playing pieces.

Party games are games suitable for large groups that encourage social interaction. As a rule, these games require minimal skills or knowledge, which means that they have mass appeal.

Fun Activities For Work Meetings

Experts agree that free food significantly increases the fun factor in the workplace. Meals nourish employees and increase energy levels, while meal breaks provide an opportunity and incentive for employees to gather and socialize.

Fun Icebreakers Perfect For Virtual And Hybrid Meetings

If catering isn’t in the budget, then coordinating a potluck is a great alternative. Employees still eat and split the cost of the meal by bringing each dish. This format adds a more personal touch to the party as employees learn each other’s favorite recipes.

Remote teams also deserve food. Simply send gift cards to employees for meal delivery services like DoorDash or GrubHub, or reimburse meals up to a certain amount. Then, go to video call and enjoy together.

Giveaways and contests are fun bonuses that encourage participation. Not to mention, prizes remind attendees of the event long after the day is over.

Animals add instant fun to any activity. You can surprise your employees with visits from furry, scaly or feathered friends.

Fun Activities At Work To Improve Company Culture

Whatever the location, do your research to ensure the animals are treated ethically. If you allow employees to bring their own pets,

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