Fun Kid Ideas Near Me

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Check out these 40 fun places to take the kids near me and plan a family, just-the-kids, or day trip!

Fun Kid Ideas Near Me

Fun Kid Ideas Near Me

Every trip to the grocery store, the park, or the beach always feels overwhelming.

Fun Family Spring Activities

But summer also means day trips and family trips, which will allow your kids to travel to new places, see a different part of the world, or have a new experience.

So today we’re sharing a FREE printable list of 40+ fun places to go with kids and some great travel tips that will get you out the door fast and prepare your family for adventure!

Trust me, I’ve been carrying and hugging my kids for 20 years on trips to nature centers, factories, and historic sites.

We’ve had our fair share of awesomeness! and not-so-great moments on the road (be sure to check out our list of 27 Travel Hacks & Road Trip Tips).

Fun Things To Do With Kids In Prince George

We had been driving for 2 hours to see the sites and when I opened the back of the van I realized I had forgotten my snack bag (

My kids also remember locking the keys in the car when visiting the Farmer’s Market in mid-July.

Then we took our son over an hour away from home to play golf, and my 3-year-old son and I got to explore the local children’s center and explore nature.

Fun Kid Ideas Near Me

But guess who decided to take off her shoes before she got into the car?

Top Family Friendly Attractions In Surrey

And guess who was in too much of a hurry to make sure both kids were wearing shoes?

However, every summer my kids ask me what fun places to travel this year, so I must be doing something right

Here are our TOP tips, favorite things to take with us, affiliate links, and FREE printable lists to inspire you on your adventure together!

So now we stock our ‘what if’ bags with things we might need to get us through the day.

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Indoor Play Areas And Activities For Kids This Weekend In Visakhapatnam

Most of our trips require driving – let’s face it, we live in the Midwest and most are over an hour away!

Not all “fun places near me” are nearby, so prepare your kids for things to do while you’re on the road.

We limit the kids’ technology time on road trips – car rides are great bonding time, which is really hard to do if the kids are always watching movies.

Fun Kid Ideas Near Me

We do not bring DVD players or iPads on trips that take less than 3 hours by car.

Outdoor Summer Activities For Kids

Instead, our kids can use crayons, dry erase boards, markers, knitting, travel size carving and other creative activities in the car. When they were little I loved the Water WOW! activity mat for cars.

I also love putting together a road trip folder with over 40 free printable games and activities, including printables for fun places we’ll stop that summer (National Parks, Historic Sites, etc.).

Another great life skill for older kids is letting them take you on trips! Keep a kid-friendly atlas in your car and teach them how to read maps and road signs while traveling.

Headphones for kids are the first thing we get because we all love music but not each other’s music πŸ˜‰

School Holiday Activities To Entertain Kids

It also blocks out other noise if the kids decide to take a quick nap on the trip or want to read without all the distractions.

We also always pack a few books – my kids are big readers, so a few great books make the drive go by faster. We also love reading aloud and audiobooks – try Audible and get two free audiobooks

Travel tip: Place a box in the back seat of your bus or car and fill it with “new” library books before each trip! Fun way to keep reading them πŸ˜‰

Fun Kid Ideas Near Me

My kids can’t seem to walk from home to the library without telling me how “hungry” they are and need a snack.

Fun Orange County Events This Weekend For Families & Kids

To be honest, I’m usually hungry every few hours, so it’s a good thing I’m feeding my mom too πŸ˜‰

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Water is #1 on our day trip/road trip bucket list – having a reusable water or cup for everyone is a must for summer trips!

Travel Tips: Not only do we use water bottles in the car, but our day trips include sightseeing, hiking, and the zoo, so we always need to have water with us during the trip, so it saves us from having to buy extra drinks. when we arrive.

For groceries, we like to bring easy-to-eat fruit (bananas, apples, grapes) and quick snacks like granola bars, protein bars, and healthy snacks.

Indoor Activities In Nj For Any Season

Not only does it hold snacks, but it also gives kids a flat surface they can use for travel!

I know you’ll be in your car on a lot of trips, but I’m sorry to say that these fluffy boots won’t cut it on the sidewalk or in the sawdust on the playground.

We’re a pretty active family, so most of our day trips involve walking, hiking or climbing.

Fun Kid Ideas Near Me

Sometimes this includes horseback riding and wading through streams. We always make sure everyone has sturdy and comfortable shoes for their day trip.

Super Easy Toddler Activities

Travel Tip: I’ve learned over the years to plan the morning’s most energy-intensive activities and then move on to other things I want to do that day.

Especially in the summer when it’s cooler, it’s always better to go for a hike or a trip to the playground in the morning and head to the indoor attractions in the afternoon.

Now you have an idea of ​​what to wear and what to bring on your next TOTALLY AMAZING day trip, but where can you go?

Get these FREE printable day trip ideas for your kids to explore new places! Vancouver WA is a great place to connect with family. Maybe it’s a leisurely stroll through our friendly town or one of the many fun and educational activities that will delight all members of your family, from toddlers to teenagers.

Fun Indoor Playdate Ideas For Toddlers

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site is a must-see for all visitors to the area. In addition to touring the restored fort’s working blacksmith shop, wood shop, and other period shops, kids can also search for artifacts on site. Be sure to stop next door at the Pearson Air Museum to get a historical perspective on aviation or board one of the restored planes.

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There are plenty of outdoor activities to keep kids busy Kids get a better look at our drinking water and where it comes from.

Indoor options are also available for inclement weather days. The Vancouver Community Library has one of the largest discovery zones in the country, with a fifth-floor observation deck. If the little ones really need to burn off some energy, try the Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park or the rock wall at the Source Climbing Center. I’ve compiled a list of fun activities for kids in my neighborhood to do at home when it’s rainy and hot. or cold days. From pet stores to bowling alleys, these things to do with kids near me always bring us joy! Don’t you live near me? Then don’t worry, my list covers ALL areas and these places will be close to you too!

Fun Kid Ideas Near Me

Whether you’re avoiding the outdoors because of the sweltering heat, or the flip side, trying to avoid the cold weather… I’ve compiled a list of indoor activities for kids nearby and posted them on the fridge. Now, whenever our kids are indoors for a long time, we can look at the list and pick out a fun outing (would that technically be an innings? haha.)

Fun Things To Do With Your Kids Before School Starts

Yes, it may sound silly, but I have some of my fondest childhood memories of going to the pet store. I’ve never been on a pet walk, but animal watching was so memorable that it tops my list of indoor activities for kids near me. Today, I still get giddy when I walk into a pet store with my kids. So many different lives, so many colors,

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