Holiday Destinations For Muslim Families

Holiday Destinations For Muslim Families – Muslim tourists are no longer only seen in Mecca and the Middle East. Today, with the development of halal tourism, more and more people are taking selfies in front of the Colosseum or tasting delicious French croissants. That is why modern hotels provide services that comply with Sharia norms and have a certain infrastructure.

What is adventure travel for the average traveler? As usual, such trips should include natural environment, physical activity and cultural immersion. What about Muslim travelers? This includes those traveling as a family unit with children. Read on if you’re ready to learn about some of the options that could be right for your next vacation.

Holiday Destinations For Muslim Families

Holiday Destinations For Muslim Families

The very concept of “halal” means everything that is permissible in Islam. People often use it when talking about food, but it’s broader and applies to clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, personal care, finances, and even relationships. And over the past decade, halal has become more deeply rooted in tourism.

Best Travel Destinations In The World, Ranked

This type of recreation allows Muslims to receive services that comply with Sharia rules and principles. An example is staying in a hotel that doesn’t serve a single hard drink.

Explicit paintings by Gustav Klimt are not exhibited. Nightclubs are not included in the itinerary. Halal tourism has a few more requirements.

Malaysia and Turkey were the first countries to express the need to conduct tourism according to Islamic norms. That was about 10 years ago. Over the years, this industry has developed rapidly. For example, it is now possible to see the outskirts of Paris from the Eiffel Tower with tours that include halal tour services.

Demographers also confirm the importance of developing the halal tourism industry. They predict that by 2025, Muslims will account for one-third of the world’s population.

Morocco With Kids: Ultimate Guide For Family Travel

We have prepared three of the best destinations for Muslims with young children. All of these locations make great destinations for families of travelers.

In Kuala Lumpur, the entertainment choices for holidaymakers with children are huge. The most popular are:

Besides these 6 great entertainment venues, you can also visit the hidden gem of the Museum of Islamic Art.

Holiday Destinations For Muslim Families

How could I not mention Tokyo? It is truly a city with something for everyone, especially children. So, take a look at the most interesting places to visit in Tokyo.

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Muslim Halal Holidays — Guide To Destinations And Family Friendly Holiday Rentals

For Muslim tourists, Singapore is a real catch. About 15.6% of the country’s population is Muslim. So here they can feel almost at home. Restaurants offering halal certified services range from international to small cafes and fast food restaurants. There are also over 70 mosques in the country. And you can visit the following places with your kids.

First, if you have adult children, congratulations! The list of travel destinations to visit is now wider. So, now it doesn’t matter how far the travel route is, as adults are generally easier to travel with than children. And it’s easy to find common ground with your adult children in the context of trips and activities you can enjoy together. Consider trips to Delhi, Vienna and London.

Islam is the second largest religion in India. Over 138 million Muslims live here. Delhi’s street halal restaurants are just as famous as its shopping and historic sites. What to visit in Delhi with adult children?

Vienna is known as the European center for Islamic music and the headquarters of many international organizations. Here you can find several mosques, the Islamic Center of Vienna and the Islamic Cultural Center of Turkey.

Halal Summer Holiday Destinations

London has always been actively visited by tourists from the Gulf, especially during the hot summer months. Many hotels in London have special services for Muslims, such as Arabic-speaking staff, halal menus, prayer rooms and women-only areas.

Family and religion are central values ​​of Muslim life that do not leave them even when they travel. As the number of Muslim travelers is increasing every year, travel agencies and hotel businesses should consider their wishes. Family and multigenerational travel is thriving.

Gone are the days when there were clear boundaries between travel niches. Today’s honeymooners aren’t the only ones choosing luxury destinations. Muslim family travelers are also actively participating. Where do you and your family think you will visit next?

Holiday Destinations For Muslim Families

Isabelle Jordan is a business and marketing journalist. She writes for various news portals and topical blogs that help to stay at the forefront of travel and insurance news. Elena Nikolova converted to Islam in 2009. Four years later, she turned her wanderlust into a new endeavor. world.

Halal Travel: The 10 Most Popular Holiday Destinations For Muslim Women

Elena Nikolova realized on her first trip as a Muslim that her journey changed forever. On a visit to Bulgaria from her UK she saw how at odds her own new halal diet was with her pork-heavy Bulgarian-Greek upbringing. Shortly after, she was taken to Nikolava for extra screening at the airport because of her hijab, and after landing she found herself getting more attention.

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“We realized that whether we like it or not, there is a prejudice against people who wear hijabs,” Nikolava said. “I realized that that kind of thing discourages Muslims from traveling.”

Since converting to Islam in 2009, Nikolova has worked to make traveling easier and more comfortable for Muslims. Lover of deals, she started sharing low fares and travel tips on social media to encourage others in her new community to travel too. As a student in the UK, she often booked the longest layover possible on the way back to Greece so she could explore new places.

At the urging of her friends, Nikolova turned her own expertise in 2013 into her Muslim travel girl blog, where her Muslims can be confident in their own identity and travel without breaking her bank. We aimed to help you. Immediately, she started receiving questions related to airport security and whether certain countries welcome Muslims. Her readers, primarily based in North America and Europe, were uneasy. For example, one of the most popular videos of Muslim Travel Girl is a Muslim woman wearing a hijab navigating an airport.

Best Muslim Countries To Visit In Your Lifetime

Muslim travelers around the world report a range of common problems, including facing discrimination from other travelers and security officials © Stocksy

“In the past seven years, we have had problems with the media, Muslims, hijabs and women traveling,” she said. “The point of a Muslim travel blog is to help and encourage such people and provide a resource where they can actually find destination information.”

Other resources exist, but Nikolova says that when she started her blog, it was particularly difficult to find information directly related to her travel experience as a Muslim. “In general, travel [for Muslims] is not that different, but there are some differences, such as [necessary] places to pray or [specific] foods to eat,” she said. “Not all Muslims need these, but they must have them.”

Holiday Destinations For Muslim Families

A recent survey found availability of halal food and prayer facilities among the most cited faith-based requirements for Muslim travelers. After 9/11, many Muslim travelers say they faced discrimination at airports and on flights, from extra security checks and intense questioning by airport staff to unexplained visa issues and hostility from fellow passengers.

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Why Do Muslim Women Wear Hijab?. (hint: It Is Not To Save Us From…

Finding halal food can be difficult in some parts of the world © Picture Alliance / Getty Images

At the same time, the Muslim-friendly travel market, aka “halal tourism,” is booming. The industry caters to Muslim travelers seeking destinations that meet their faith-based needs, including places to pray, alcohol-free hotels, and women-only pools and spas. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, it was estimated that 230 million Muslim tourists would travel domestically and internationally by 2026, up from 98 million in 2010. By then, Muslim travelers were expected to inject $300 billion into the global economy. Due to COVID-19, it is estimated that it will take until 2023 to return to the same level of Muslim tourists as in 2019.

Nikolova attributes this increase in Muslim travelers to the global aspirations of young Muslims, more disposable income, and the persuasive power of social media. Along with more travelers came more blogs about Muslim-friendly travel, more interest from big brands and companies, conferences on the subject, and travel agencies like, she says.

As the demographic of Muslim travelers has changed, so have the needs of Nikolova’s readers. Initially, some of Muslim Travel Girl’s most popular and requested posts were about the practicalities of traveling as a Muslim, but she says more Muslims are now traveling and their attention has shifted to destinations to visit, insider travel tips and halal food recommendations. . location. One of their most popular topics is advice on DIY Umrah, so travelers can make a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca without resorting to travel agents or expensive tour packages.

A Man Ran Over A Muslim Family Because Of Their Religion, Canadian Police Say

Saudi Arabian resident Bassam Ansari first discovered the Muslim travel girl in 2013 through a friend. He frequents the site for hotel and flight deals, and

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