How To Make Reading Fun

How To Make Reading Fun – Here are some ideas to help make reading interesting. Please use the comments section if you have any ideas that you can use.

Read to your child from the day he is born and learn sounds and actions etc.

How To Make Reading Fun

How To Make Reading Fun

Use board books, cloth books, and bath books for kids to get them familiar and confident with books (even if they’re just chewing!).

Make Reading Fun With Crafts

Have regular story times, bedtime is the obvious one but find other times of the day that work for you too

If you are at work, go to the library on your lunch break and pick out some books for your child to take home as a surprise. They will enjoy the surprise and it will feel just as good as the gift you spent money on and best of all it costs nothing so it doesn’t matter if your selection isn’t the greatest!

Does your child love Peppa Pig – well, it doesn’t matter because any dad can use Daddy Pig’s top tips to read with your child act-free -811194.jpg

If you’re going away for a short period of time (eg military deployment, business trip) why not film or tape your child reading a story so they can listen to you at bedtime while you’re not there.

How To Make Reading Fun And Part Of Life Beyond The School Room

Many libraries will offer a BookStart Bookcrawl, with children ages 0-5 collecting a sticker each time they visit the library and check out books. 4 visits mean certification. The certificates are really beautiful because they are illustrated by top children’s authors. It’s not the most popular of library activities so you may need to ask the staff about it.

Story Sacks – In the library we have story sacks that include props for some of the books we use in story sessions. However, this is easy enough to do at home, why not pick up a book and see what props you can find around the house to make the story more interactive for your child.

For example – use cuddly toys as characters in the story, my daughter recently got 3 small cuddly toys and 2 large toys to be the cub and bear in the story. They weren’t even all bears but she had fun, that’s the point!

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How To Make Reading Fun

Read where the books are set – The Big Red Bath by Julia Jarman can be a lot of fun if you sit in the bath in your clothes and read with lots of toys! Did you find a shark in Nick Sharratt’s park – take it to the park next time you go and maybe take some binoculars to see if you can spot any sharks!

Mrs. Brinker Shares Ideas To Make Kids Want To Read For Fun

Silly Sounds and Actions – Don’t worry if you are a bit clumsy with the sounds, it just makes it more fun for your child. You might think you look silly but your child won’t, they’ll just be enjoying having a good time.

The Scholastic Kids Club website has lots of content for kids to read through quizzes, make things, draw their favorite characters, and create coloring sheets. There is also a “Book Wizard” option to help you choose a good book to read using really simple questions. For reference the book wizard suggested I might like We’re in Search of the Bear, Ben 10 Pocket Library and One Drowsy Dragon!

There are many other websites with good kids activities if you have internet access. Just google what you want. Many popular children’s book characters have their own websites with lots of activities to do either online or to print and create.

Reading Games – Most libraries offer summer reading challenges during the summer school holidays. The challenge asks children to read 6 books over the summer holidays and then visit their library to talk to a librarian or volunteer about the book they read and receive stickers and small prizes for reading. It’s good fun and has been proven to help children improve their reading skills during the long summer vacation. The challenge is theoretically aimed at people who can read in the 4-14 age group, but most places will allow young people to join in as well.

Day Kids Reading Challenge

Non-Fiction Books – Don’t forget the non-fiction books. There are tons of great non-fiction books that you can use to make practical fun things with your kids, from children’s cookbooks to Usborne Books’ excellent “how to and do” series of craft books for things like dangerous books. Children. My daughter is obsessed with snakes right now so we have snake books from the library so she can learn more.

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Tags CloudChildren’s Centers Dads Football Getting Kids To Read New Baby Satisfying Sibling Jealousy What’s Up With Dads Storybook Dads Teaching Young Children Reading Is Supposed To Be Fun. So if you and your students aren’t having fun during class reading, you’re doing it wrong. 😉

Reading is meant to be interesting, engaging and exciting. But often the pressure of state testing, the constraints of a scripted curriculum, and a lack of quality books and resources can take some of the joy out of your reading instruction.

How To Make Reading Fun

But the good news is that there are very simple and easy things you can do – no matter what challenges you face – that will make teaching reading more fun and engaging for you and your students.

Tips To Make Reading Fluency Fun!

One of the easiest ways to add excitement and fun to teaching reading is a simple reading challenge.

I like to incorporate reading challenges into my reading blocks. Reading challenges can be a really easy way to get kids excited about reading and hold them accountable to keep working toward their reading goals. You can set a reading challenge to anything…number of books, genre, number of minutes, or how you respond to the text.

Book talks are a fun way to get kids excited about reading. And they are very easy to incorporate into your classroom. All you have to do is set aside 5-6 minutes every day to give book talks to your students. I always like to let my students talk about the book before or after our whole group read aloud… or when we come back from lunch or recess. You can also incorporate it as part of your morning meeting or end-of-day routine.

Really, it doesn’t matter when you do it. Your students will love sharing their reading experiences with their classmates and hearing fun book recommendations.

Let’s Play Summer Reading Bingo!

A book talk is just a little commercial. You want your students to talk about a book they read and really enjoyed. They should share a short summary, describe why they liked it, and explain why their classmates should read it.

Book discussions are a great way to introduce your students to a wide range of book titles… Just think. If someone in your class gave a book talk every day, that would mean your students would be introduced to 180 new titles over the course of a year – which would definitely get them excited about reading.

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You can read more about how to start a book discussion in this blog post I wrote.

How To Make Reading Fun

Students love to play games…even if what you’re doing isn’t really a game and you just call it a game…they’ll love it.

How To Make Reading Fun: 25 Ideas Kids Will Love

We want our kids to have fun reading, so try to incorporate some games into your reading block whenever possible. This can be anything from playing a bingo game to review vocabulary, or a fun comprehension game that you include in your reading centers, or playing some quick games when you introduce new text.

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or complicated – it’s just a way for students to have fun while reading.

Selection is an important part of reading. Whenever we give students choice, we get a boost in engagement… and a boost in engagement is usually a good sign that students are having fun.

I always say that if we really engage in reading, we will be inspired to do something…. Maybe we’ve read about a topic that piques your curiosity and you want to do some more research on a topic…. Or maybe you read a book about a certain place and want to plan a trip to visit it… or maybe you read a book about a theme that really interests you and leads to some serious self-reflection….

Fun Reading Activities For 1st Graders

Whatever the action, it’s a sign that you’ve had a meaningful reading experience, and we want our students to have the same experience.

Each of these are examples of motivated actions. Students read a book and are inspired to take some real authentic action based on their reading experiences… inspired action will surely lead to fun and engagement… and that’s how teaching reading teaches our students.

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