How To Stop Puppy Crying When I Leave The Room

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There is nothing more exciting than bringing home a cute little puppy. There’s a lot to learn, and one of the first things you’ll find yourself frantically searching for is tips to stop your puppy crying at night! It sounds heartbreaking, but it’s completely normal, and here are 7 tips to help you make sure your puppy settles down and goes to sleep – sooner, rather than later.

How To Stop Puppy Crying When I Leave The Room

How To Stop Puppy Crying When I Leave The Room

Once you understand why your pupper is making that sad sound, it becomes much easier to help them. Think back to the day before you brought your new fluffy friend home. They were probably holed up with their mum and all their siblings at night, in the only home they had ever known. Now, they have a nice big soft bed all to themselves – but it’s quiet, it doesn’t smell the same and they’re probably a bit confused.

Early Removal Of Puppy From Mother

It won’t take long, however, and if you follow these seven tips they’ll be snoozing quietly in no time!

Not a literal potty, of course, but potty training. Your pup can only hold their bladder for so long (see what we did there?), so make sure the last thing you do at night is take them outside for a toilet break. In the early days, if your furry friend can only hold his pee for a few hours you may have to make an early hour trip to the garden every night (find out more in our training article of the toilet). If you wake up to Fido singing his people’s song (ie crying and whining), follow these steps to make sure your pooch gets what he needs without getting the wrong idea.

That’s it, and it sounds a little harsh but it’s important to keep things brief so your pupper doesn’t start jowling for fuss and cuddles in the middle of the night.

And by that, we mean ‘decide if crate training is right for you and your pup’. You will need to do a little research, as crate training is not as simple as putting the pupper in a crate and leaving it there. It means building a strong positive association with the crate, so she feels safe there. By properly crate training a puppy, crying quickly turns into snoring! You do this by feeding her all the meals in the crate, rewarding her for going into the crate, and making sure no one bothers her while she’s there (especially strangers, pets or other children!).

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Puppy Whining In Crate: How To Handle It

When you combine this positivity with a little extra training, you will find that she settles in there much more easily and will even take herself to naps in her crate too! Additional training includes not opening the door to let her out of the crate unless she is quiet, for the same reason you don’t make a pet pupper cry at night. If she’s crying and you need to pick her up, get her to do something first; tell her to sit, or lie down, then reward and release!

It is important to understand that while it sounds like the end of the world, crying sounds more dramatic than it is! Comforting your canine companion will only ensure that you try the same tactic the next night, and the next, and the next… then you’ll never be able to stop your puppy crying with night

So instead of cuddling and soothing, you can start your pooch by letting them sleep in a crate, pen or dog bed in your room, so they know you are nearby. Remember, for doggos even ‘Shh!’ quiet can be interpreted as attention, so only let your pooch sleep in your room if you can trust yourself not to start talking to them at night. As soon as they get used to sleeping in their own bed, undisturbed, you can gently move the crate out of your room and towards the place where you want it to finally rest.

How To Stop Puppy Crying When I Leave The Room

You can also pop a t-shirt or other item of clothing that you have slept in and smells of you in their sleeping area, to help provide that little extra comfort.

Newborn Puppies Crying

A puppy that is nice and tired will have less energy to wake up when it should be sleeping! Be sure to try lots of different ways to dress your little one – including exercise, training and gentle and safe puppy play. Here are 5 simple tricks you can teach your dog.

🐾Top tip: if you can’t play outside because of the weather, or you’re still waiting for your pup’s vaccines to be completed, training is a great way to dress up doggos! Working their brains takes a lot of energy, and food puzzles can help with that too.

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Trying to make sure your puppy goes to sleep in the same place, at the same time every day is a big step in stopping your crying at night. Make sure there are no major changes in light or audible sounds by making sure to keep all curtains, doors and windows open or closed from the start, rather than mixing the things, if you can. Make sure you get up bright and early too – preferably before the whining starts, although that can be easier said than done! But the reassurance that you will show up, as you always do, first thing in the morning will help them feel more settled.

Your fluffy friend doesn’t need much to sleep well – some soft bedding (slightly raised off the floor if you have drafts from your home) and a safe environment, such as a crate or playpen are all they need. Do not leave treats or toys in or near their sleeping area, as puppies can be very naughty when it comes to trying to make their own fun! They do not need feeding at night, and while they should always have access to fresh water, it is not advisable to leave smaller puppies with a bowl in their sleeping quarters as they can either a) sleep in it or b ) make a mess and end up getting wet and cold during the night. Food and water in the last hour before bed can also make them more likely to need a toilet trip at night, too!

How To Help Your Crying Puppy

If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still having problems even after a few days, it may be worth exploring other reasons for your pup’s distress. Check again that they are not sleeping in a draft, they have enough warm bedding, there are no strange sounds that they are likely to be hearing at night. Check for any injuries or signs of illness, and remember that it can take a few days for a new approach to work, so you may need to be patient! If it’s been longer than that without any signs of relief, visit your vet to make sure there isn’t something else keeping your furry best friend awake at night.

Now you know how to stop your puppy crying at night, you can get on with all the good stuff!

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How To Stop Puppy Crying When I Leave The Room

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Dog Depression: 9 Signs Of Depression In A Dog

If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to re-activate or deactivate cookies. Adopting a puppy is one of the most magical moments in a dog parent’s life. As you introduce your new best friend to her forever home, you can’t help but feel like she was always meant to be by your side.

However, there’s just one problem: your new pup starts cooing and whining when you turn your back. How are you supposed to do anything when you’re making that hearty sound?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you. In this article, we’ll give you some insight into why your puppy is crying and provide training tips to help your pup tolerate separation.

Puppies cry for essentially the same reason human babies do: they want or need something from their caregiver. Like babies, puppies are born with the instinct to cry

Ways To Train Or Help A Puppy Stop Crying When Locked Up Or Outside

For puppies, separation is one of these stressors. Domesticated dogs are pack animals, just like their wild ancestors were, so puppies are born with the instinctive need to stick close to their pack—that is, you—until they’re older.

A young puppy recently separated from his littermates is not used to being left alone, so his barking and whining is perfectly fine.

Answer that you leave. Crying

How To Stop Puppy Crying When I Leave The Room

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