Ideas For Charity Golf Tournaments

Ideas For Charity Golf Tournaments – As one of the most popular types of charitable events, golf tournaments allow participants to live out their PGA Championship fantasies — all while giving to a worthy cause.

Use these golf fundraising tips to discover how to use the green to earn some green for nonprofits and causes, including steps to plan and host a successful charity golf tournament, as well as ways to raise money off the course.

Ideas For Charity Golf Tournaments

Ideas For Charity Golf Tournaments

Planning for your golf tournament should begin at least six to nine months in advance. The sooner you start creating event materials, finding sponsors, booking vendors and registering guests, the smoother your final event will be.

A List Of The Perfect Ideas For A Fun Golf Tournament

Raising money on the golf course doesn’t have to start and end on the course. There are several ways to increase your fundraising efforts while providing a more dynamic day for attendees. Consider these charity golf tournament fundraising ideas.

In addition to the open golf tournament, there are two popular formats for holding a charity golf event: best ball and scramble. Here’s how both formats work for golf fundraising.

People often confuse the two types of golf. However, they are two separate formats, each with pros and cons that your planning committee should weigh based on your anticipated crowd.

Charity golf tournaments can be unattractive to anyone who isn’t “good” at golf or familiar with its rules. Instead of alienating a number of potential attendees, create a simultaneous golf skills workshop with lower-priced tickets that is still open for food, drinks, raffles and events.

Stephanie’s Angels Charity Golf Tournament

People can choose the main activity that appeals most to them — a trip to the green or a group skills workshop. Check with your venue about the possibility of having pro bono instructors teach the class, or look for local professionals, trainers and others who would be willing to lend their talents for the day.

For hungry or thirsty players, consider stocking the golf cart with snacks, treats and beverages available for purchase. A volunteer can drive a cart around the track, bringing pleasant refreshments to your players. Or you can set up a shop around the ninth hole, offering players a half-time break before returning to their game.

Games sprinkled around the tournament and back in the clubhouse are the perfect way to entertain guests before and after the formal tournament. It’s also a great draw for families of players, who may also be present but not participating in any golf.

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Ideas For Charity Golf Tournaments

Popular golf-themed games include hole-in-one contests, as well as golf “darts,” where guests tee off golf balls to score on a specially designed, layered surface that mirrors the darts. Longest drive contests also allow players to compete to see who can hit the furthest.

Rd Annual Golf Tournament — Feed Our Vets

These games may be free for certain levels of ticket holders. Or you can charge for raffle tickets to participate and guests can purchase raffle tickets on site to further fundraise.

Buying a mulligan is a win-win for all parties. Mulligans give players wiggle room, allowing participants to re-take the grueling shots of their choice. You can sell mulligan vouchers individually or include them in special package deals. They make a friendly and practical fundraising vehicle perfect for the occasion—and perfect for saving some ego.

Consider seeking course sponsorships with local businesses or private donors. Those who donate to your charity as sponsors will, in turn, have a hole named after them, complete with signs, flags or banners placed on the tees of each new hole advertising their name or brand.

Local fan sponsorships are a great way to organically, yet transparently, increase funds raised for golf outings. Plus, you have plenty of room for those sponsors, which means at least 18 new sources of donation income. You can also offer in-kind sponsorship packages, which allow companies to provide valuable products such as prizes instead of cash.

How To Host A Profitable Charity Golf Tournament

Create event t-shirts and similar apparel to sell before and at the golf tournament. Consider other brands of merchandise for your charity, then set up a “window display” near the registration tables where attendees can easily see the merchandise for sale. Be sure to advertise that all proceeds from merchandise sales go directly to non-profit causes.

Ticket packages encourage group registrations, increasing overall event attendance. Instead of all guests purchasing individual tickets, packages offer group, couple and family deals at great prices.

Either way – individual or package deals – your nonprofit is still making money and positioning itself for a very successful charity outing.

Ideas For Charity Golf Tournaments

Using software designed specifically for nonprofit fundraising makes planning, managing, promoting, and day-to-day events easier.

Tees To Green Charity Golf Event To Benefit Brain Cancer Research The Craig Poythress Foundation

Charity golf tournament software works as a centralized planning system. It reduces the need for multiple computer applications and document storage systems for vendor organization, registration, ticketing, advertising campaigns, event communications and more. These are the basic functions of starting a fundraiser, which often fall on the shoulders of a handful of staff. By using golf fundraising software, you simplify and speed up all of these tasks.

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Fundraising software with the following features dramatically reduces the manual planning and workloads involved in running a successful golf tournament fundraiser. Instead, you and your staff can focus on higher-order work, freed from menial administrative and paperwork tasks.

Customizable software allows you to use the exact tools relevant to the scope of your nonprofit and the types of events supported. No more using outdated or out-of-sync programs made for general purpose work. Your golf fundraising software is uniquely designed for non-profit event workload functions, even allowing you to manage multiple upcoming fundraisers at once. Plus, you can customize the aesthetics of many of the platforms themselves, so your donation and event pages match your nonprofit’s current visual look with rich text and video options.

Many charity programs are also mobile and cloud-based. You and your staff can access the software from your home office, bus stop, in-laws house, grocery store checkout line – anywhere – keeping everyone connected.

Unique Golf Tournament Ideas

Charity event management software with a built-in registration portal simplifies tournament invitations and day-of sign-ups. It also complements the mobile ticketing solution. Attendees have their information securely stored in your software as soon as they purchase their ticket, speeding up check-in day. It also allows guests to effortlessly purchase ticket add-ons, such as mulligans or event raffle tickets, with just a few clicks, since all of their account information is right there.

Tools like volunteer management packages help you coordinate volunteer hours and activities at your events. When you’re filling out your golf fundraiser, you can use tools to sign up people you think would be great to date, schedule shifts, and gather all the information you need about them before the big day.

Charity event software integrated with your social media allows you to instantly share event pages on your profiles. Followers will see the tournament’s official ticket and registration pages right there on their home pages, along with online donation buttons. Simplify the work of digital advertising and promotion, all in a few simple clicks.

Ideas For Charity Golf Tournaments

Make sure the software you choose can host several revenue-generating campaigns at the same time. In other words, its interface should be able to handle several custom fundraising initiatives you currently support, such as your golf tournament, upcoming holiday drive, and ongoing text giving campaign, each with custom public and admin pages.

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Charity Golf Tournaments

Live donation views, digital pledges, and a simple checkout process make it easy for people to donate online to your nonprofit. With these features, you can receive donations anytime, anywhere, with formal fundraising initiatives, and at any time of the year. Some charity event software will even integrate a text giving platform, offering another way for people to use technology for good.

Golf fundraising software should have premium payment security features to securely process the donor transaction. Guests on your field trip should be assured that your organization is handling their online, text or in-person donation via swipe or wire with the utmost care, as well as storing their transaction history on a secure portal with strict access control.

Easily track the progress of your fundraising goals with software analytics. Your golf tournament planning technology should include easy-to-view visuals and monitor all of the following:

Coordinate follow-up with donors and sponsors using a communications portal built for nonprofit event management. The software can help you create, save and send mass thank you messages to all event attendees, as well as conveniently generate their receipts via email or text for tax purposes.

Hope Challenge Golf Tournament 2022

Either way, these tools help you privately and publicly acknowledge donors, thanking those who made your entire 18-hole golf tournament possible, as well as individual donors and players who went above and beyond in their generosity.

See how you can make your fundraising event management functions faster and easier with a free software demo.

We needed a platform to sell online and track and display ads for our sponsors. was perfect. We ended up making close to $15,000 more than we had hoped for. Definitely better ROI than we expected. The interface is easy to use and provides plenty of options to get help if needed.

Ideas For Charity Golf Tournaments

Using GS has created ease in maintaining the auction books, making payments and generating thank you notes/tax letters after the event. While we were online during COVID, our interactions with us via phone, email and Zoom were seamless. The representative always came back

How To Organize A Golf Tournament Fundraiser (8 Step Guide + Ideas)

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