Top 10 Tourist Destination Countries In Africa

Top 10 Tourist Destination Countries In Africa – The top ten African destinations. What are the most visited countries in Africa? According to the most visited countries in Africa, selected by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Egypt is the number one destination in Africa for international tourists. Tourism continues to be a big trend for Africa, however, when people think of Africa, they usually think of safaris and wildlife vacations. But here at Dream Africa, we want visitors to discover more than just their safari.

To satisfy travel experiences, we will continue to share stories that can help travelers discover the most beautiful beaches in Africa, the best family destinations, the most romantic destinations, the best destinations for cultural and dining experiences, hidden gems and many more. It is true that travel plans are greatly affected. now, but while we’re safe, browse online and find some inspiration for your next African vacation.

Top 10 Tourist Destination Countries In Africa

Top 10 Tourist Destination Countries In Africa

Where would you like to go on holiday in Africa as soon as it is safe to travel? Read on to find out if your favorite African destination is on this list of countries.

The Largest And The Smallest Countries In The World By Area

Botswana is at the top of the best safari destinations in Africa. Thanks to its natural charms: national parks, abundant wildlife and desirable tropical temperatures, where sunshine totals are high all year round. The country’s abundance of nature has helped it become a leader in the growth of African tourism. Home to the Okavango Delta, one of the seven natural wonders of Africa. It is home to the world’s most spectacular wildlife viewing. A natural desert beauty like no other, where big cats and the African bush elephant (the largest of its kind), roam freely.

As the most visited country in East Africa, Kenya has always had a respected popularity when it comes to the tourism industry in Africa. Thanks to its natural charms (savannahs, equatorial mountains, national parks and wildlife) and desirable warm temperatures all year round. A must in Kenya: Nairobi National Park, being one of the only national parks that exist in a capital city. All members of the big five are found in the Masai Mara National Reserve, the traditional peoples of Kenya are also a popular tourist attraction, with the colors. and cultures.

Next on the list of most visited countries, Ivory Coast, also known as Ivory Coast, is one of the most visited places in West Africa. With a French colonial legacy, warm temperatures, sea and sun abound, it remains a popular spot. destination among French-speaking travelers. Most tourists make their way to the wealth of beach resorts and palm forests of Ivory Coast.

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It is probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world and certainly one of the best destinations in Africa. With its coastal wealth of turquoise waters and beautiful beaches, Mozambique remains a hot spot for African tourists. A real tropical paradise. A must in Mozambique, Maputo, one of the most beautiful capitals in Africa. Island tour in the Bazaruto Archipelago, a group of six islands in the country, offering a different kind of isolation and adventure in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Top 10 Destinations In North Africa

Zimbabwe may be the sixth most visited country in Africa, but it ranks first when it comes to the continent’s most beautiful landscapes. A must-see in Zimbabwe, from World Heritage-listed archaeological sites to Hwange National Park, where you can see the Big Five. of the natural wonders of the world.

The fifth most visited African destination on this list is Africa’s largest country, Algeria. From its snow-sprinkled mountains to stunning coastlines, it has a lot to offer tourists. Cities such as Algiers and Constantino have an urban and modern charm mixed with traditional, Islamic and historical colonial architecture. Not surprisingly, it is home to some of the most beautiful mosques and the most beautiful botanical gardens in Africa.

Thanks in large part to its Mediterranean beaches and ancient remains in Carthage and the capital Tunis, more than 9.4 million visited Tunisia in 2019. Must-sees in Tunisia: From the sprawling mosque complex of the Great Mosque of Kairouan to the teeming shores of modern restaurants by the sea with impressive. sea ​​views The postcard-perfect beaches remain a major draw for this North African nation.

Top 10 Tourist Destination Countries In Africa

Third on the list is South Africa, with 10.2 million visitors in 2019, the most popular destination for safaris. Adventurous travelers seek out Kruger National Park, where you can see Africa’s most iconic wildlife, the Big Five animals: elephant, lion, rhinoceros, leopard and buffalo. Many urban tourists are finding their way to Johannesburg, the country’s sophisticated megacity. Cape Town with rolling vineyards and great wines to offer. Durban, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth are also big cities that get a lot of love.

World Travel: Explore Exotic Destinations Plan Your Holiday

In 2019 there were an impressive 12.3 million visitors to Morocco, making it the second most visited tourist country in Africa. Thanks to its illustrious culture and history, its collection of deserts and mountain ranges, warm hospitality and delicious cuisine. Must-see places in Morocco include Marrakech, one of the most colorful cities in the world with famous palaces, charming gardens and lovely riads. If you’re thinking of taking a tour of the country, explore the top 20 places to visit and destinations in Morocco.

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Alicia Keys and her husband, Swizz Beatz, kissing in front of the Pyramids of Giza | © Alicia Keys

The most visited country in Africa is Egypt. With an impressive 13 million visitors in 2019, Egypt is the most visited tourist country on the entire continent. Why you should visit Egypt and what it has to offer. Must see in Egypt: The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the 7 wonders of the world for a reason. More history and culture buffs seek out the country’s historic landmarks, including the Pharaoh’s Tombs and Luxor Temple. Let’s explore the world to broaden one’s perspective, appreciate one’s life, strengthen relationships and escape the hustle and bustle of life to rejuvenate.

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Top 10 Tourist Destination Countries In Africa

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The whole planet and the living world are in nature’s lap. It is full of beautiful places, people and various kinds of creatures… If you are wondering where to go in Africa, you are in the right place… Let’s talk about my top 9 picks of African countries for an amazing vacation. .

Sitting on one of the largest continents of the beautiful planet we live on, Africa is a great and welcoming travel destination with 54 beautiful and cultural countries.

Top 10 Tourist Destination Countries In Africa

Whether you want to volunteer at a school or relax by the beautiful crystal clear water of a clean beach, the choice is yours when it comes to the African continent. You choose your holiday destination for a safari, a pyramid tour or an island!

Of The Best Places To Visit In Bosnia

Each country has its own unique culture and incredibly stunning scenery, but I’ve chosen 9 countries to start with. Of course, this short list does not and could not capture the beauty of the entire continent, but these countries are some of the best to start first-time travelers…

This country is quite large and filled with so much history, a traveler would probably need at least 2 months of exploration, relaxation and rest to even make a dent in the sites and activities here.

I absolutely loved my time in Egypt and was blessed to have the opportunity to spend two weeks exploring Cairo/Giza, Luxor and Aswan. Below are some activities I had the opportunity to participate in as well as major Egyptian tourist attractions:

Of course, when we think of Egypt, we automatically imagine the great pyramids as well as the Sphinx. They are such a beautiful sight to behold and the Pyramids of Giza have many activities to do on site.

Best Places To Visit In South Africa

Truly a perfect getaway for a solo traveler or the whole family, you can simply pop in to take photos, go inside some of the pyramids, or ride a camel or horse around the area.


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