Top Travel Influencers In The World

Top Travel Influencers In The World – Influencers play an important role in the world of travel these days. In this article, you will find the top 10 travel influences of 2022.

Before the internet and social media revolution, planning a trip wasn’t so easy. The only way to be informed about the place was to buy a guidebook or word of mouth.

Top Travel Influencers In The World

Top Travel Influencers In The World

Tourists had to go to great lengths to discover everything they wanted to see in the country, and it was difficult to find up-to-date information in printed guidebooks.

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Everything is much easier today. With the internet, blogs and especially social media, you can search for a place you want to visit with one click and see tons of photos, read tons of tips, and find information in minutes.

And you know that behind the amazing photo and the very well written travel blog, there are people who dedicate their lives to travel as a real job to make it easier for you? These people influence travel.

Travel influencers have changed the way we travel forever. Thanks to social media, they are becoming more popular and provide travelers with the latest information and advice about places to visit.

Every avid traveler follows at least one travel influencer and follows their travel tips. And today there is a travel influencer for almost every topic: couples travel, solo travel, pet travel, volunteer travel, responsible travel, and more.

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Depending on the type of travel you are interested in, you can find the right travel influencer for you and it is very helpful to plan your trip in the best possible way. So the first important thing that travel influencers do is to help you with advice.

Sometimes, thanks to travel influencers, you can discover places you didn’t even know existed, so they are a great source of inspiration for your travels.

And most importantly, they travel not only for passion, but also for work, so they create a partner market with travel companies and services, and always offer discounts on activities, accommodation and experiences to their followers. So this is another good reason to follow them – they help you save money not only with their experience and advice, but also with discount offers.

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Top Travel Influencers In The World

I will list the best of 2022. travel influencers to follow and get inspired by. They are different from each other and cover different topics, but all of them are very inspiring.

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Footluce is a TikTok page for Lucy, a solo traveler who makes very interesting and informative videos with lots of tips for solo and budget travelers alike.

If you want some funny and quick travel tips, her videos are the best resource you can find.

Sarah is probably the best source of information and courage for any girl who wants to travel the world on her own but doesn’t know where to start.

She is a travel influencer on TikTok and she makes very helpful videos with lots of travel tips especially for women like her.

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Abby Vogel has been traveling as a volunteer for a long time and is the best resource for you if you want to travel and volunteer.

She is on TikTok and not only are her videos very informative, but you can also find discounts on volunteer platforms like if you follow her and use her affiliate links.

Eco-friendly travel is important, especially during this difficult time of year for our planet. Liz is the ultimate travel influence if you enjoy this type of travel.

Top Travel Influencers In The World

Her TikTok page is about responsible and eco-friendly travel. She is an activist and a science expert.

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Her videos can show a lot of green travel tips and how to travel without harming our planet.

If you prefer Instagram to TikTok and want to learn more about the world of sustainable travel, Kail is your girl.

Follow her Instagram profile to learn more about sustainable travel through amazing photos and videos filled with important tips.

If you’re looking for authentic travel inspiration, follow Joanna, a travel influencer on Instagram who will show you the many places that have strayed along the way.

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She takes amazing photos and also volunteers in the places she visits through . You will get a discount if you subscribe to the platform using its affiliate link and code.

Slow travel is the best way to enjoy a place and discover it like a local. Sabina, a travel influencer Youtuber, tells all about this travel lifestyle on her YouTube channel Girl vs Globe.

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Courtney is a tik toker single traveler and one of the best travel influencers on TikTok for this travel lifestyle.

Top Travel Influencers In The World

And if you like to read? Don’t worry, there is a perfect travel blog for you, especially if you love adventure travel.

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Monica roams started her blog for all adventure travelers. She writes about all the best experiences you can have around the world.

As you can see, almost every travel lifestyle has a travel influence. We hope this list is helpful.

Most of the travel influencers on this list offer a discount to subscribe to their platform, so don’t wait another minute! Join the community and start traveling and save a lot of money.

Create a free account to find out what volunteer experience is right for you and get exclusive travel discounts!

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Full time Italian tourist. After years of planning my entire trip, I finally quit my 9-to-5 job to start seeing the world on a one-way ticket. My goal is to visit as many countries as possible and travel as a digital nomad, but also challenge myself in the places I visit in my travel work. I really want to live different experiences as only a true traveler can.

As a member, you can connect with as many hosts as possible and travel safely as often as you want.

Complete your profile, watch the video tutorial in the Academy and get certified to stand out from the hosts. The influence of social media on travel has changed the entire game. Instagram has created a space where the old-fashioned worlds of Lonely Planet executives, models, advertising, travel TV and even Sports Illustrated swimsuits collide. At worst, travel influencers are painful and destructive. At their best, they offer would-be adventurers all the resources and inspiration they need to get out and about.

Top Travel Influencers In The World

The nature of this particular animal means that “magazine” beauty often dominates the world of #Instaravel. But unlike the old glazes, there are no gatekeepers. Today

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Can drop photos to your favorite places. For the first time in the history of the industry, people of color, people of different body types, and LGBQTI travelers can reach a mainstream audience without fighting a system that oppresses them. That’s why we think the platform is generally positive, despite the obvious flaws.

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If you visit often, you’ll see that we regularly partner with travel influencers. So we feel it’s our duty to compile a list of the best travel influencers on Instagram to follow right now. It’s the drifters, the bugs and the drifters who are out there on the highway taking risks and shining a light on a lifestyle that many naysayers say is impossible. Please note that every person mentioned in this article is a real person. Road warriors on the road are less taken. If they can live a big, bold and adventurous life around the world, so can you!

Andrew Gunadie rose to global fame through his YouTube channel and his hit song with Julia Bentley,

. Gunadie has since followed her online fame with a Travel Channel show called Hit Me With Your Best Spots. On the show, Gunadie travels the world in search of experiences and food, making his Instagram feed a must-follow.

Best Travel Blogs To Follow On Instagram

Amanda Burrill’s AmandaUncharted profile is enviable. After graduating from the Navy, Burrill trained as a chef and set off to see the world with a penchant for rugged adventure. This makes her extensive feed perfect for adventurers looking for beauty in every corner of the world.

Karl Watson is killing the travel document game. His YouTube channel is a must-follow for practical and easy world travel tips. That makes Watson’s Instagram feed another must-see for anyone looking for a healthy dose of inspiration and information.

Traveling couple Charlotte and Natalie have immersed their lives in adventure and are heating up the travel scene. Through their blog, Our Taste For Life, the duo experience the world with fresh eyes and bring wonder to any Insta feed.

Top Travel Influencers In The World

Erin Rose Belair’s handle Rose Blacque is a repository of artistic reflections on life, travel, art, love and the road. Belair Instagram has a subtle nature that translates into art and thoughtfulness, making it one of the most unique experiences you can have on Instagram.

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Josh Campbell works all over the world with his partner, fashion influencer Zoë Isabella. Feed Campbell

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