Tourist Destination Davao

Tourist Destination Davao – The drop in Covid-19 cases follows the resurgence of Philippine tourism. And there’s no denying that travel has become one of the new normal luxuries.

If you’re thinking of spending a long vacation in 2023, head south and make sure Davao Oriental is on your list.

Tourist Destination Davao

Tourist Destination Davao

Before the epidemic hit, Davao was one of the most visited places in the country. Many tourist destinations in Davao had to be temporarily closed during the virus outbreak. But after two years, they began to fully recover from the previous crisis.

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In fact, Davao Oriental Governor Corazon Manlayon recently shared a good report on the state of tourism in the region. Their data for 2022 shows how some tourist facilities exceeded their sales expectations. Most of them have exceeded the annual target, especially the museums and parks scattered in the area.

This good news is a sign for you to visit this region in 2023. The tourist spots of Davao Province are waiting for you to discover them. Don’t worry, there are luxury condominiums in Davao for you for your next trip.

Based on the Davao Regional Tourism Office, the following Davao tourism destinations generated the highest revenue from last year.

Pusan​​​​​​Point is an area in Caraga along the coast of Davao Oriental where you can witness the spectacular view of the golden hour. This is where the sun rises for the first time in the country, often leaving its visitors in awe.

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It is a widely known fact that the Philippines is home to iconic wildlife sanctuaries. And Davao Oriental is no stranger to spectacular scenery. Hamiguitan Mountain Range and Wildlife Sanctuary are worth a visit when in Davao. This place is internationally recognized for its thriving ecosystem and is a protected national heritage site.

This Davao destination will satisfy your quest for a wide variety of animal and plant specimens. In fact, this mountain range is home to the famous Philippine Eagle.

Be sure to find a condominium in Davao to enjoy and maximize your stay in the province.

Tourist Destination Davao

There’s a new city park in town! Barangay Pintatagan in Banaybay now welcomes its natives and visitors with the Pintatagan Welcome Park.

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This special park located at the entrance of the province is the beginning of your Davao vacation. Tourist spots like these in Davao Province are the best way to experience what the place has to offer. It is a welcoming exhibition, especially for tourists.

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Besides the green and naturalistic landscape, Pintatagan Welcome Park is famous for Cafe Pintatagan. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes for every hungry traveler. Dalansa Cruz Shine can also be found in this park. In addition, the park is complete with a Pasalubong souvenir center, a tourist information area, and clean and functional restrooms for assistance.

According to provincial governor Corazon N. Malanyaon, the park will help attract more visitors to explore the province along with some of Davao’s tourist destinations. And it has done so since the project started in 2009.

The Subangan Davao Museum is an inclusive tourist destination for young and old. Visitors will find themselves fascinated by the traditional and modern elements included in the museum.

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It all started in 2010 when a 20-ton sperm whale washed up along the coast of San Isidro. The locals then decided to take the mammal’s bones and preserve them as part of their history. This led to constant visits by researchers who wanted to study the remains. The following year, the province announced the establishment of a museum to better display the artifacts.

If you like cultural exploration, Subangan is definitely the place for you to visit. Not only does it have a whale exhibit they call DavOr, but it also helps visitors learn more about Davao Oriental. From indigenous tribes to international heritage, this museum has everything to give you a better understanding of the region’s rich history and culture.

Cape San Agustin is another popular tourist destination in Davao. This is where the Celebes Sea and Davao Bay meet, creating a magnificent sight for visitors. Three lighthouses also stand in this area, which also has an interesting history.

Tourist Destination Davao

To find fun? You can climb the lighthouse and get access to a spectacular view of the sunset over the sea.

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One of the best resorts in Mindanao can be found in Samal Island. Also called the Island Garden City of Samal, this tourist spot is located in Davao del Norte, Mindanao.

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Due to its beautiful beaches, Samal Island has gained popularity among visitors to Davao. Located a ferry ride away from the capital, you can’t miss this gem. Luxury resorts with diving and snorkeling areas will complete your dream vacation.

Don’t just stay in your luxury condominium in Davao because here is another tourist spot in the Davao region that will excite you. This is the Malagos Garden Resort. Complete with various facilities like parks, restaurants and hotels, you won’t run out of activities to do in this 12-hectare land.

One of its newest attractions is its chocolate museum which opened in March 2017. The museum is the first of its kind in the Philippines and is popular because of the variety of items available. They have an interactive zone, a chocolate bar and a chocolate lab where you can make your own chocolate!

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You can stay in a luxury apartment in Davao, but make sure you visit the most popular mountain in Davao.

Mount Apo is known as The Grandfather of the Philippine Mountains. This is because Mount Apo is the highest mountain and volcano in the country. With a height of 2954 meters above sea level, it is an unforgettable moment to be able to climb this mountain and reach the top. If you are ever in Davao, complete the vacation experience and take the opportunity to hike a mountain for a change.

If you love wildlife, you will surely enjoy Davao Butterfly House as it caters to flowers, butterflies, plants and other exotic animals. Be sure to visit this place during the day or in the morning to experience and witness the butterflies hatching and mating.

Tourist Destination Davao

Experience adventure and fun in one at Eden Nature Park. This is an ideal place for groups such as families or work teams. They have recreational activities like skydiving, sky biking, sky swing, sky wheel and many more. They also have a meeting room if you plan to hold an event.

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Traveling is all fun and games until you think about where to stay during your travels. Fear not as the company supports this.

Experience a luxurious summer vacation with ‘s Luxury Condominium in Davao. Their condominiums for sale are the perfect complex to settle into on your next trip. Forresta Luxury Lots offers a quality lifestyle to its residents. They have apartments in Davao that can serve as your permanent vacation home even for many years to come.

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The Philippines is still in the recovery phase from the epidemic. But now is the perfect time for the islands to rise again and open their doors to travel enthusiasts like you. More tourist attractions in Davao Province are coming up, making you want to invest in a luxury vacation home in the city for your next trip.

So don’t forget to look at Condominium Corporation for sale. Who knows? They might just have the best condominiums in Davao that will give you the best access to the city’s tourist attractions. Davao Del Norte is one of the regions in the Philippines that continues to receive a lot of attention from local and foreign tourists. This is not surprising given the amount of attention the local government pays to developing its tourism sector; try to make a name for yourself in the adventure world.

Davao Oriental Best Tourist Destination

This region is now very famous for its natural and historical landmarks which are said to be the best in Mindanao. With so many tourist attractions in Davao del Norte, we have compiled the top 5.

Probably the most famous destination in the province, the Island Garden City of Samal is an island with a beautiful stretch of beach, almost covered by a long mountain range and several hills, and also with a large lowland. Guests on the island will enjoy seeing the stunning coastline; a clear gap between sparkling seas, white sandy beaches and verdant trees. Many activities can be done here, such as swimming, trying the canopy walk, sightseeing and boating.

Many people who have seen Talicud Island usually have one comment in common – Blue. This is the comment of many because it is true, when you look at the beach in person you can tell that it is probably the bluest beach around. The cheerful colors make it stand out from most beaches in the country. It also has fine white sand which provides a nice contrast next to the blue

Tourist Destination Davao

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