Travel Destination Asia

Travel Destination Asia – [Updated – July 2020] Thinking of visiting Southeast Asia? Good choice! The next part is figuring out exactly where to go. With so many reasons to visit the region, choosing where to travel in Southeast Asia is no easy task.

Whether your inspiration is food, entertainment, history, or something else, it can be difficult to narrow down the choices. We help you find it:

Travel Destination Asia

Travel Destination Asia

Southeast Asia has great food. It’s easy to see why Pad Thai and Pho can be found in cities around the world. Few (legitimate) endeavors in life are as enjoyable as warm buns or khao soi.

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Some of Southeast Asia’s great exports can be salvaged, and of course the real thing at the source is better. So which Southeast Asian countries are the best to travel to for food?

Great food can be found in any country in the region. However, when food-conscious travelers are deciding where to travel in Southeast Asia, narrowing down the list is easier if you’re looking for the best.

Travelers who want to taste something unique and incomparable should pay attention to Thailand and Vietnam. Thai cuisine has gained international attention as a modern Western alternative, while Vietnamese cuisine has gained little popularity.

Comparing Vietnamese and Thai cuisine is difficult because the two cuisines are very different. Thai food varies from north to south, while Vietnamese food varies from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon).

Asia, The Best Travel Destination

Many foodies declare Thai spicy food to be the best in the region due to its strong flavor. In many ways, Thai food should be in the conversation about the best food in the world – it’s that good. Vietnamese cuisine remains a strong competitor in Southeast Asia. First, it’s cheap, which is always a good thing. The best bread in the world is made in the country, which means pastries. Perhaps most importantly, Vietnamese street food is better.

There is no better food in Thailand or Vietnam. Every country has its own unique cuisine. These two nations should be at the top of the list for travelers who want to try fresh and delicious food.

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Myanmar has a few highlights, and Malaysian cuisine, a mix of Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian, is also excellent.

Travel Destination Asia

Foodies looking for the best places to travel in Southeast Asia should know that Laos and Cambodia are generally a little behind the curve. Backpackers, curious travelers, and culture buffs have a lot to offer – these are generally great places to visit, but the food in these countries is average compared to their neighbors.

Best Places To Go In Asia For Your Money

No need to panic or starve, but lower your expectations. The food is simply outstanding. Many things that are considered local foods are found in neighboring countries. The food of Laos and Cambodia cannot be compared to the food of countries like Thailand and Vietnam.

For some reason, thousands of travelers go to Southeast Asia for a vacation. The allure of taking illegal drugs and hooking sexless prostitutes (literally) as a death sentence is lost on me. However, travelers go to Southeast Asia to be wild and free.

Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and other countries are famous for drug use and sex tourism, so they naturally attract naughty tourists. Don’t be such a tourist.

**I strongly discourage anyone from engaging in any form of sex tourism. Not only are deadly sexually transmitted diseases on the rise in Southeast Asia, but if travelers support it, this bad business will thrive.

Places To Visit In The Asia Pacific Region

Illicit drugs are also recommended in Southeast Asia. Party-hardy travelers die of overdoses in the region every year. The penalties for being caught with these substances, even small amounts of marijuana, can land you in prison for years. It’s not worth it. You can legally smoke weed until you pass out in Amsterdam. Don’t risk it.**

Without further ado, where are the best places to travel and party in Southeast Asia?

Thailand is definitely on the list. Phuket is no longer quiet, but it is still a hot vacation spot. As the backpacking hub of Southeast Asia, Bangkok has the nightlife to satisfy your hunger. Head to Khao San Road for plenty of casual options to kick off the night.

Travel Destination Asia

In Vietnam, there are overpriced bars in the backpacker corner of Saigon. Hanoi is more mellow than Saigon, but Beer Street is a good place to start. Regardless of country, $0.25-$0.50 beer is a winner in my book.

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The Best Expat Destinations In Southeast Asia

Cambodian partying is limited to Siem Reap, especially around Pub Street, but now things have calmed down in Phnom Penh. Koh Rong Island, and to a lesser extent Koh Rong Samloem Island, is a beach party destination in Cambodia.

If you’re going to Malaysia, unless your pockets are deep, forget about partying. It is very expensive. The same can be said about Singapore.

Van Vieng is a once famous party town in Laos. Now the view of the drunken river is completely gone. A few bars remain, but the police are cracking down on illegal activity. The once wild atmosphere turned into a series of sharp holes in the wall.

Searching for the best places to travel and party in Southeast Asia is not a difficult task. Most travelers go to Thailand. That probably won’t change anytime soon. However, parties can be found almost everywhere. Having fun is part of the journey, but think about yourself. Tourists are easy targets.

Asia Destination Travel Guide

There are many choices of beaches in Southeast Asia. Laos is the only landlocked country and almost all countries in the region have few good beaches.

Thailand is the most popular beach resort in Southeast Asia. The country’s ease of access and quality infrastructure make it an ideal destination for international travelers, with many islands to choose from.

While Phuket may be vulnerable to flooding and destruction by tourists, and Phi Phi Island is periodically closed for habitat restoration, there are other islands that have yet to be destroyed by our tourists.

Travel Destination Asia

Whether it’s Koh Lanta, Koh Samui or some other wonderful utopia, Thailand has many beautiful islands and is a beach lover’s dream.

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Once the tropical crown jewel of Southeast Asian travel destinations, Bali conjures up ideas of luxury, sunshine, empty beaches and clear waters. Today, travelers can find thousands of other tourists and a paradise-like sea of ​​trash.

Fortunately, Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands. Even if Bali has lost its magic, finding the perfect beach in Indonesia shouldn’t be too difficult.

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Other places in Southeast Asia have great beaches, but most are less popular for whatever reason. Malaysia has beautiful beaches but costs are more expensive; Many beautiful beaches in Malaysia are difficult to get to. Cambodia also has great beaches, but they are few and far between and the infrastructure is poorly developed. The beaches of Vietnam are exactly that

. Although Myanmar has thousands of islands and is a pristine tropical paradise, it lacks the necessary infrastructure to support beach tourism.

Best Beaches In Asia Ranked For 2023

After all, the best places to travel in Southeast Asia are Thailand or Indonesia. While the beauty is undeniable, the infrastructure makes these countries the most logical choice for travelers.

The history of Asia, especially Southeast Asia, goes back thousands of years. For travelers interested in history, there are few destinations in Southeast Asia that stand out above the rest.

Angkor Wat is the most popular historical site among all the tourist attractions in Southeast Asia. The ancient capital of the Khmer Empire attracts more than two million tourists each year. The once mysterious and forgotten jungle metropolis is now a very popular place on the outskirts of the developed city. Despite its popularity and crowds, Angkor is still an interesting place to visit. Various structures were built hundreds of years ago, and some parts of the city are more than a thousand years old.

Travel Destination Asia

Another beautiful place in Southeast Asia is the ancient capital of Bagan in central Myanmar. Bagan has thousands of temples and structures from the pagan kingdom of about a thousand years ago.

Best Places To Visit In December In Asia

In rural Myanmar, ancient sites such as Bagan lack development and monitoring. Once guests pay and enter the arena, they are completely self-contained. Although some of the structures are unstable and off-limits, tourists can climb to the top of several temples and get a great view of Bagan. Most importantly, Bagan has very few visitors compared to Angkor. During the low season, Myanmar’s wealth of Bagan is largely absent from tourists.

An even older site is the Pottery Plain in Laos

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