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Travel Destination Blog – 2021 Update: Since this article has become popular, I have decided to keep this article alive and will continue to add more beautiful travel blogs as I find them.

2020 is here! Not with the big bang that most of us were hoping for, but because the world keeps going, we decided to expand this amazing travel blog list with 6 new travel blogs to check out. up to 20 Perfect numbers for 2020! Without further ado, Check out all the beautiful travel blogs out there!

Travel Destination Blog

Travel Destination Blog

As some of you know, I’ve been in the design industry for the past 10 years as a freelance designer for various companies while running this blog. in fact, Most of my income comes from my freelance design work at Pet Design.

Top 100 Pinterest Travel Accounts To Follow

Appreciate well-designed products and today we want to explore the design of travel blogs and showcase the best design travel blogs that will inspire you to take storytelling to the next level and create your own. Create an awesome travel blog!

Tips: Did you know you can start a travel blog for 3 USD per month? If you are looking to start a travel blog and save some money. I highly recommend checking out Hostgator.

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Best WordPress Travel Themes 2023

Today’s travel blogs are all generic off-the-shelf templates; difficult directions; Same with tons of unnecessary popups and don’t even get me started on scroll hijacking (why do people do that?).

Creating websites has become easier and blogs can be created easily with automated tools, so bloggers can write, I believe it’s because we can focus more on marketing and SEO.

All of this is great for beginners, but as these blogs grow, many bloggers forget about design, double down on SEO and marketing, and sometimes sacrifice user experience for profit. Their identity has diminished over time, which is why most travel blogs you see today feel similar to each other.

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Travel Destination Blog

To promote good design in tourism; Good user experience; I decided to scour the internet for the best travel blogs that push the envelope of storytelling and travel blogging.

Examples Of Travel Blogs Created With WordPress For Your Inspiration

What I love about it: Adventure episodes not only with their writing, but also with video clips, Sound effects and photography take the story to the next level. It’s like reading the next storybook sent somewhere.

For example, A stagger through Pakistan’s entry and exit; When you first land on the page, If you already feel the tense atmosphere playing in the background of the video and want to read more easily digestible paragraphs. How do you see it? Everything went down. Travel Episode Blog takes travel blogging into short stories like no other travel blog I’ve come across.

What I love: Everywhere we look may look like a typical clean and minimal travel blog, but how this UK-based travel blog run by Paul and Mark exemplifies how pictures are worth a thousand words.

The layout of the travel blog only serves as a blank canvas to emphasize the atmospheric and immersive photography we specialize in. Their photography and writing is top notch and has the ability to transport you to the place in question.

Travel For The Journey, Stay For The Destination

Great articles like Impressions of Havana, for example: A story from the streets of Havana. It can be seen in articles exploring its culture and atmosphere through aerial photography and immersive writing. You will feel like you are there. yourself

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What I love about it: As you know; I’m crazy about a well-designed website and one travel platform that’s always on my radar is Maptia, a platform for travelers and explorers. . .

Travel Destination Blog

Although Maptia hasn’t been updated as regularly as I’d hoped. The design they created years ago is timeless and still stands as one of the best designed travel websites.

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Destination, Blog Thematic

The combination of travel stories written by people who have lived their lives with a focus on world-changing photography is the only reason Maptia deserves a place on this list.

The Giants Journey Story Collection by Tony Wu is an excellent example of the best Mephita content you won’t find anywhere else. Viewing the highly detailed photos and reading the well-written story in this article will give you an idea of ​​this beautiful, As close as you can get to the amazing whales.

What I love about it is that I first learned about IFLY magazine when I flew to Europe with KLM in 2018, and I was introduced to IFLY because they often send out newsletters to passengers about offering lots of travel destinations for their future.

IFLY Magazine is an online travel magazine operated by Dutch airline KLM. The professionally shot photos you’d expect from in-flight travel magazines are combined using interactive media such as audio and video. and travel tips and tricks. Useful for all types of international travel.

Travel Destination: Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim Reopening

An excellent example of IFLY in storytelling is in the article “The Way of Wales”. The article summarizes a road trip through the beautiful scenery of Wales.

When you land on this page, A full-screen video of drones flying around Wales; You will find many full-page photos of the mountains and castles of Wales. If it doesn’t make a great first impression for a travel website. I don’t know what to do.

What I love about it: Created with high-quality outdoor lifestyle content in mind, The Escape Bill Blog has hit the nail on the head with their online magazine website for the outdoor heart of the world. True travel stories and stunning photography.

Travel Destination Blog

The plot best illustrates the escapist’s further design when looking at travel stories like “Taking the Road,” which follows a couple who trade urban life for a life on the road. Its white space and simple website design allow interesting travel stories and photos to stand out and shine on their own.

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Things To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Destination For Your Family Vacation — This Travel Tribe

There’s a saying in the design community: “Good design is invisible,” and I think this is the case for the simple, clean design of another outlet blog. Another outlet website design lets you walk and enjoy the wonderful stories of the outside world in solitude.

Clear and clean color scheme; wash headers; With well-structured and well-written travel guides; Andy Traveler is a great example of a travel blog that maintains its unique identity without sacrificing the usefulness of its content. .

Andy Traveler has been run by Marek Brun since 2012, and what I love most about the design is the combination of contrasting and subtle colors in the color scheme, in a way that sets travel blogs apart from the rest. .

The moment you reach his blog, Such a layout is specially designed and arranged; You realize that this isn’t using generic WordPress themes, which is a difficult first step these days.

Reasons Mexico Should Be Your Next Travel Destination…

His content and writing are important parts of a travel blog. An article like “Backpacking Anywhere: Key Routes Around the World” shows how Indie Traveler’s content is organized.

Short sentences The images and unique visuals, combined with plenty of white space and a pastel-like color palette, make Indy Traveler a great read that many other general travel blogs can’t say. There

Although the content is written in Spanish, the design language of this blog is one of the most unique designs I’ve ever seen in travel, so it’s a travel blog that I really like because of its art style. Blog.

Travel Destination Blog

Rojo Congrejo’s design has lots of blocked lines and lines in a minimal way while relying on contrasting colors like turquoise and interesting photography to grab your attention.

Visiting Japan: Top Destination For 2021

Marta, the writer behind Rocco Congrejo, is also a great photographer who captures the intimate moments she often encounters while traveling.

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