Travel Destination For May

Travel Destination For May – 2020 has been a whirlwind to say the least, and if you’re dreaming of sunny days at the beach or exploring a new city, you’ve come to the right place! We have all the information on the best places to travel in May 2021 because we all NEED a getaway. So these are the destinations that make our travels disappear and let the good times roll. See you at the airport!

Although we would probably all love to visit Bali every month of the year, May 2021 is the time to visit Bali! Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? The island is full of pristine beaches, spectacular volcanic views, great hippie cafes and crazy nights – you’ll never want to leave, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Travel Destination For May

Travel Destination For May

Surfing! No trip to Bali is complete without a surf lesson or two, especially when Bali is arguably one of the best surfing destinations in the world. There are waves for all surfers to ride, whether they are beginners or professionals. There’s no doubt that the food in Bali is amazing, which means a traditional Balinese cooking class is a MUST. Learn about the ingredients used in everyday cooking in Bali, as well as ‘Canang Sari’, a local offering to the gods. Trust us, it’s a 10/10 time and don’t you think it could get much better? Well, it’s only fair that after making some amazing food, you can indulge! *chef kiss*. Have you ever climbed a volcano to watch the sunrise? Or climbed a volcano, period? Well, there is news about everything! Climbing Mount Batur to watch the sunrise has become one of the most popular experiences in Bali, and the view is 1000% worth it! The hike takes about 2 hours and yes, it sounds like hard work, but PROMISE, the views are amazing and you won’t regret it.

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Oh, the Philippines. Another dream destination that you should definitely visit in May 2021. From the crazy views while island hopping to the amazing sardine race at MoalBoal, kayaking in Kawasan becomes an unreal disaster experience. The Philippines has it all, whether you want to sunbathe on 10/10 beaches, get an adrenaline rush, or just enjoy the amazing Filipino culture and views, you won’t run out of options. Imagine pristine white sandy beaches, the clearest turquoise water and the bluest skies you’ve ever seen. This is where you need to be in May 2021.

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If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, Kawasan Falls, famous for kayaking, is sure to energize you and offer amazing views. This can be done by jumping into a waterfall or just taking a refreshing dip. Either way, you’re going to have a SICK time. Then MoalBoal, home of a sardine runner that only takes place in two places in the world. Imagine hundreds and thousands of sardines swimming in a giant shoal, yes, it sounds pretty unrealistic, right? So grab your snorkel and fins! You know what to do. Okay, so this survival experience unfortunately does not include Tom Hanks. Although Tom, you can join us on tour ANYTIME! This disillusioned experience is truly epic and one of the reasons why it is TruExclusive. Our destination is Daracotan Island, where traditional Filipino beach shacks are right on the beach and the most starry night sky due to low light pollution. Definitely an unmissable experience!

Sri Lanka, a place that should be on your bucket list. Just off the coast of India, a tropical island paradise with lush jungles, amazing beaches all around, ancient temples, fabulous views and DELICIOUS food. What more could you ask for? Looks like a 10/10 place to visit in May 2021. There’s a reason why Sri Lanka has become incredibly popular with backpackers over the years. Here are the highlights of Sri Lanka, because if you haven’t visited yet, you definitely will after reading the highlights.

First, we have a wonderful experience from Kandy to Ella, which is called “the most scenic train journey in the world”. Yeah, that’ll be good. Everyone on the blue train! You will miss the crazy vistas of Sri Lanka, including mountains, tea plantations and lush green jungles. Be sure to take pictures to make everyone jealous on the ‘gram. Priorities, you know. Sigiriya rock, something like from The Lion King, let’s not lie. Although it looks a little different from the top after you climb it. The view is even more impressive, if that’s even possible. This natural beauty and TruExclusive is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is nearly 700 feet tall. Wow. It might be a bit of a hike, but it’s honestly 100% worth it. Come on in, we’re going on a safari! This Sri Lankan peak is an experience you will never forget. Make sure your phone, camera, pro or whatever you brought is charged because you want to take as many photos as possible (duh!). See what wildlife you can spot, from monkeys, flamingos, buffaloes to elephants (roll please)! Seeing these majestic creatures in the wild will be an unforgettable experience.

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It is no wonder that Thailand is clearly on the list of top travel destinations in May 2021 as it is the capital of Southeast Asian travelers, are we right or are we right? Where do we start? There is something for EVERYONE in Thailand. And the list is endless on why you should visit Thailand in May 2021, so you just have to go and see for yourself! From the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, the beautiful unreal islands of the north, not to mention the amazing food and culture. It would almost be a crime to go to Southeast Asia and NOT go to Thailand.

Our first attraction in Thailand is sure to get your adrenaline pumping as you glide through the jungle from treetop to treetop. You will be 60 meters higher in the trees with monkeys, so watch out for them. Let’s throw in rope bridges and abseiling, not SICK! A day racing through the jungle will be remembered forever! Khao Sok National Park or Jurassic Park. And no, we are not exaggerating. This is simply UNREAL. Imagine the greenest, lush mountains, turquoise lakes, blue sunny skies (almost always) and even better, FLOATING bungalows. Dreamy, magical, sensational and utterly stunning. Spend time here exploring the national park by canoe or swimming in the lakes, basking in the sun or lounging all day in a donut with a beer in hand. So, of course, it goes without saying that if you are in Thailand, you must visit the temples in Bangkok. Immerse yourself in Thai culture. Visit the historic and prestigious temples of Wat Arun and Wat Pho by long-tail boat on the Chao Praya River. Be sure to see the golden reclining Buddha statue, which is incredibly impressive. So go ahead and buy the scarf or the famous elephant pants (or cover of your choice) to be temple ready! You know what to do.

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You did it! The best places to travel in May 2021. Choose your destination, plan and go! All these amazing countries are waiting for you. Of course, we don’t expect you to go to every country in a month (we can dream), but if you want, you can. We don’t judge. Until then, TruFam.

Travel Destination For May

D GO! All these amazing countries are waiting for you. Of course, we don’t expect you to go to every country in a month (we can dream), but if you want, you can. We don’t judge. Until then, TruFam.

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