Travel Destinations Europe Winter

Travel Destinations Europe Winter – There’s something special about traveling to Europe in the winter. No two places experience the same thing and visiting in winter often feels like you’re revisiting a place for the first time. Unlike other seasons, winter can completely transform a place and create a visiting experience that you can’t get at any other time of the year.

Shorter days and snow provide opportunities to enjoy winter sports or activities such as searching for the Northern Lights. Alternatively, winter brings with it several important dates and festivals, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. These festivals allow local culture and traditions to shine through, showing you a side of the place you’ve never seen.

Travel Destinations Europe Winter

Travel Destinations Europe Winter

Not all places are suitable for winter, but for those that are, there is no better time to visit. Let’s take a look at the best winter destinations in Europe and what makes each one so special.

How To Pack For Winter

Few places in Europe look so natural during winter, like the beautiful little Alpine town of Hallstatt. Located next to a lake, this small Austrian town is dwarfed by the nearby Alps, which look like their true selves with white snow. But what makes Hallstatt so special is the combination of its impressive landscape and charming Alpine houses.

Walking through the city doesn’t take long, but you can make sure to stop yourself every few steps to admire the view in front of you. Consisting of small lanes connecting traditional wooden houses, Hallstatt is sandwiched between the lakeside and the hills behind. If you’re feeling energetic, consider taking the Hallstatt Skywalk above the city for even more spectacular views.

Hallstatt is also a beautiful place during summer and spring, but winter elevates it to an extraordinary destination.

There is no doubt that the city of Prague is the largest city in Europe. So, it’s no surprise how busy the Czech capital can be in the warmer months. Interestingly, Prague is attractive during the winter and has its fair share of tourists. This city of old-world grandeur, architecture and culture might seem more atmospheric even with a dusting of snow than against a blue sky.

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And while Prague is definitely a place of culture, its love of beer and partying means Prague is also a fun place to be. Enjoying a variety of local beers in the city’s many bars is fun depending on the season. If you want to warm up and drink beer at the same time, Prague provides you with its various beer spas, where you can brew local beer.

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Not to be missed is the city’s famous European Christmas market, where you can enjoy the city’s holiday spirit with seasonal drinks such as mulled wine and the local drink Garg.

Giant capitals can be great to see in the winter, but so can their smaller, prettier sisters. Take Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, for example. In the heart of the beautiful walled old town, this is Tallinn’s historic center where most tourists stay. While the short summer season brings the best weather for sightseeing outside, it can’t compare to the way winter brings out the best in Tallinn’s stunning cityscape.

Travel Destinations Europe Winter

You are lucky to visit this Baltic capital in winter because Tallinn takes on an interesting story and legendary like quality. This is enhanced by the presence of the Old Town Christmas Market with old heat lamps and giant Christmas trees. The opportunity to ice skate in a place like this is another reason to brave the heat outside. To be honest, it can get very cold in Tallinn in the depths of winter, so it’s no wonder locals make time to enjoy a good sauna and spa. Of course, there is always the option of curling up in a bar or cafe and watching the snow fall from the window.

Most Beautiful European Mountain Towns In Winter

The festive season is near and dear to the heart of Austria, so a visit to top destinations like Salzburg is a definite must. This time of year is the busiest for the city, with festivals and celebrations left and right. All this is accompanied by classic sights such as Mirabel Palace, Hohensalzburg Palace and the atmosphere of classical music in the Old Town area.

. Then there are the more unusual Austrian traditions associated with Christmas, such as the pagan institution of Krampus and the Perchtean which feature terrifying and monstrous-looking animals. For Sylvester, a long vacation on New Year’s Eve, ushers in the start of the New Year like fireworks raining down the streets. Salzburg also enjoys the annual Winter Circus Carnival at this time of year, adding another dimension to this cultural experience.

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Europe is particularly famous for its Christmas markets, and if Germany has the best, the best is found in the city of Nuremberg. This Bavarian city has one of the most famous Christmas markets in Germany, set in a beautiful medieval old town. A centuries-old tradition, the Nuremberg Christ Candle Market has become an unforgettable celebration of joy.

With over a hundred stalls to visit, you can shop and eat to your heart’s content. Traditional dishes not to be missed include everything from simple bratwurst sausages to addictive local gingerbread,

Amazing Warm Winter Destinations In Europe

, a warm mulled wine that will make you forget how cold it is outside. The Nuremberg Christmas Market doesn’t just sell food and drink. They have many souvenir and gift possibilities on offer, from Christmas ornaments to otherworldly items.

In recent years, the city of Budapest has finally been recognized as a great place. Part of what makes Hungary’s capital so charming is the way it spends the winter. You might think that winter would limit the things to do in Budapest, but the city actually seems strangely perfect for the short days of winter. Even seeing the magnificent Parliament building lit up at night will convince you.

Budapest is most famous today for its large thermal baths, where people from all walks of life gather to soak. Great fun in the middle of summer, but come winter, it’s a godsend because you stay warm under the water’s surface. Other ways to warm up include snuggling up in a great old cafe or feasting on delicacies such as chimney cakes and other festive treats at the local Christmas markets. Otherwise, do the opposite and chill out with fun activities like ice skating with Vajdahuned Castle in the background.

Travel Destinations Europe Winter

Looking for a special place to ring in the new year? How about the very cool city of Barcelona?! A true city of culture, not only do you get to see this amazing city, but you also get to experience New Year’s Eve the Spanish way. This means gathering with locals to watch fireworks and take part in the ritual of eating 12 grapes at midnight for luck in the coming year.

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Two Super Detailed Winter Europe Itineraries (for Two Weeks)

Of course, visiting Barcelona in winter has its own advantages. For starters, the city is a bit hotter than anywhere else in Europe, so spending time outside won’t be a difficult question. Also, coming in winter means you’ll avoid the high number of tourists that cause Barcelona’s tourist problems. And really, the only thing you really miss about winter travel is the beach. Even so, it’s hard to get bored in a place like Barcelona. So, whether it’s strolling through the Gothic Quarter or sampling tapas, a winter city break here is a great idea.

For those who are excited about the coming of Christmas, why wait for Santa Claus to come to you when you can go to him?! I mean this is not the North Pole, but actually the small town of Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland. Just outside Rovaniemi you’ll find Santa Claus Village, the official home of good Saint Nick. Near the Arctic Circle, when you get to the village, you can meet Santa, get a special stamp in your passport and hang out with real reindeer. It’s hard not to wander into this legendary place.

Besides spending time with Father Christmas, Rovaniemi has other activities. To learn more about the region and the Arctic, visit the Arcticum Science Museum for an up-close and personal look at culture, history and nature. For something more adventurous, why not go sledding with a charming and energetic dog? The city is another great place to visit and hope to see the Northern Lights. Rovaniemi is the perfect destination for all things arctic and thus one of the best winter destinations in Europe.

Winter time is an opportunity for many activities, but one of the most interesting is watching the Northern Lights dance in the sky. For the first place to see this incredible phenomenon, where it is as hard to beat as Abisko. A small village in Lapland, Sweden

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