How Much Is 10 Travel

How Much Is 10 Travel – If you’re planning a trip to Canada, you may be worried about your travel budget because Canada isn’t exactly known as a cheap destination.

But don’t despair, I wrote this post to show you how much we spent on our budget road trip to Canada.

How Much Is 10 Travel

How Much Is 10 Travel

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How Long Would It Take To Drive Across The Country?

Canada is the country where we spent most of our time during the year-long RTW trip. For two and a half months we explored a beautiful part of the world.

We spent 2 weeks on Vancouver Island, drove the Sea to Sky highway, marveled at the Canadian Rockies Mountains, hiked around the badlands in Drumheller, crossed the Saskatchewan prairie, spent a weekend in Winnipeg, road-tripped Ontario and There’s a lot more…

Those who read this blog more often than not know that road trips are our favorite form of travel. And I can say from experience that road-tripping is not only one of the best, but also one of the cheapest ways to travel!

Keep reading to learn about our cross-Canada road trip costs and for tips on how to visit Canada on a budget.

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Of course, the amount you’ll spend depends on your travel style, the length of your trip, and the type of accommodation you choose. But in general, you can travel around Canada on a budget of 50-100 CAD per day (per person).

As you can see in the infographic, our average daily travel budget in Canada during our cross-Canada road trip was 100 CAD per day (€66/US$75) as a couple!

In this post, you can read the full breakdown of our budget in Canada and how much we paid for our campervan, accommodation, food and drink, activities, and miscellaneous expenses.

How Much Is 10 Travel

When planning your trip to Canada, it’s important to be flexible with your itinerary to get the most out of your travel budget for Canada.

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Start by researching the best time of year to visit Canada as flight costs, car rental costs, campervan rental prices, and campground fees can vary throughout the year.

The high season in Canada is from July and August. During these months, prices for accommodation and other tourist facilities are at their highest.

So if you have the option to be flexible with your travel dates and travel during the shoulder season, this is a great way to save money on your trip to Canada.

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While temperatures are at their highest during Canada’s busy summer months (July and August), traveling in May, June, September, and October will cut your travel costs significantly.

Tips For Travelling Solo

You can save a lot of money by finding cheap flights to Canada on websites like Try different travel dates and see how they affect the price of your flight.

In general, the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Airlines often offer discounted fares these days, so it’s worth checking booking sites and comparing prices on different days of the week.

You can get a better deal by booking your flight in advance. For domestic flights 1-3 months before your trip is ideal.

How Much Is 10 Travel

For international flights, it is best to book 2-8 months in advance. Tickets to Vancouver (West) and Toronto (East) are usually the cheapest options but also look out for tickets to Calgary and Ottawa.

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Finally, you can find cheaper flights if you are willing to be flexible with your departure and arrival times.

Sure, it’s not ideal to arrive in the middle of the night, but if it saves you hundreds of dollars, it’s worth losing a night of good sleep.

Luxury hotels in Canada (like the iconic Fairmont Château in Lake Louise and the famous Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria) are really expensive, so if you’re a budget traveler, those aren’t an option.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of budget options available in Canada. I always use Agoda and Booking to find the best value for money accommodation for our trips.

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I recommend checking both platforms before you book to make sure you get a good deal on hotel rooms.

Please note that Agoda includes taxes in their price whereas Booking does not always include them. Be sure to check this before finalizing your booking.

Also, if you want to avoid hefty ATM fees or have a strict limit on how much cash you can withdraw per transaction, it’s better to book with Agoda as you can often pay online with your credit card (at thus reducing your need for cash ).

How Much Is 10 Travel

If you plan to tour Canada in a campervan, it’s also worth booking your campervan rental in advance as this will ensure you get the best deal.

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Now that you know some great ways to save money during the planning phase of your trip to Canada, it’s time for a deep dive into our Canada travel costs. Our Canadian travel expenses fall into four categories:

In the infographic, you can see that the daily cost for the campervan is €32 / 48 CAD. These costs are divided into 2 categories:

Since we planned to tour Canada and the U.S.A. for a long time we decided to buy a van instead of renting a caror campervan.

It turned out to be a huge money saver! Of course, you have to be lucky when buying a secondhand car (check it out before the sale closes!), because you never know if it will break down and how much it will cost to fix it.

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We are very lucky, our car only needs a few minor repairs along with regular oil changes.

Remember that buying and selling a car takes time, therefore, Consider buying a car only if you plan to make an extended road trip (more than 6 weeks).

Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the money we spent on VANessa, our beautiful bright red GMC Safari (year of construction 2000).

How Much Is 10 Travel

In total, we were on the road for 141 days, so I divided the net costs by 141. The average cost for VANessa was €18/26 CAD per day.

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Gasoline is relatively cheap in Canada, at least compared to the Netherlands. The downside is that American cars are not very fuel-efficient…

Our VANessa did 1 in 10 (liters per kilometer) on a good day (mainly on the highway) but only 1 in 5 when driving in the city.

In any case, since we drove a lot (not surprising since Canada is the second largest country in the world) we also bought a lot of gas. Typical costs for fuel on a daily basis are €14/21 CAD.

Depending on our location, we paid between 1, 05 CAD (in Alberta, because it has lands) and 1, 30 CAD (in Vancouver, because it is an expensive city) per liter.

How Much Does It Cost To Travel Canada: A Budget Breakdown

In the infographic, you can see that the total cost per day for accommodation is €7 / 10, 50 CAD. These costs are divided into 2 categories:

We spent most nights of our Canada road trip in our comfortable VANessa and found many great campsites across Canada!

Most nights we chose to stay in free camp spots (read more below), however, a few nights we sought out an official campsite to have access to a shower (or to do laundry).

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How Much Is 10 Travel

We occasionally stay in private rooms through Airbnb, usually to communicate with family via proper internet or to have something delivered (it’s hard to receive packages when you don’t have a permanent address;-).

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But also because, as fun as it is to live in a van, sometimes it’s nice to stay in a house with a kitchen, bathroom, and more than 5m2 of living space.

Finally, in big cities, it’s also more convenient to stay in an Airbnb, because there usually aren’t many places to park overnight.

The easiest and most effective way to save money in Canada is by cooking your own food. We make our own breakfast, coffee, lunch, and dinner almost every day.

Or of course we splurged every now and then and ate at a nice restaurant or cozy cafe. And most days we get a cup of coffee at the last of the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons.

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When you’re in Canada, be sure to take advantage of all the free activities and beautiful places the country has to offer.

Admire the stunning National Parks, explore some of the smaller towns, and enjoy the stunning scenery as you drive around Canada.

Another very budget-friendly activity in Canada is hiking. We’re avid hikers and I honestly have no idea how many hikes we did during our Canada road trip. Let’s just say a lot ;-).

How Much Is 10 Travel

A big benefit to hiking, besides the fact that it’s fun, healthy and a great way to explore the area, is that it’s completely free! So we didn’t spend much money on activities most days.

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Sightseeing in the cities is also free (besides the occasional cup of coffee, ice cream, or museum ticket) and we happily roamed Victoria, Calgary, and Winnipeg*.

*Please note that I was hosted by Tourism Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba and did not pay for any of the activities mentioned

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