Portugal Holiday Destinations For Families

Portugal Holiday Destinations For Families – Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula. Although a small European nation, the country is a tourist paradise due to its delicious gastronomy, idyllic climate, rich cultural history, and affordable travel costs.

Porto and Lisbon are two common destinations for those looking for a short vacation. However, there are so many beautiful places in this country beyond the two main cities.

Portugal Holiday Destinations For Families

Portugal Holiday Destinations For Families

Portugal is a tourist hub that punches above its weight for a nation of its size with various culinary delights, rich cultural heritage, and fascinating landscapes from city to city.

Villas In Portugal

And as travel experts, we’re here to inspire you. That’s why we’ve handpicked the top 15 places to visit in Portugal to help inspire your next trip to this gorgeous country.

The best place to start is Lisbon, the nation’s capital. Lisbon is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most attractive cities in Europe. The region is a combination of:

In addition, you will love this city for its warm and welcoming residents, colorful buildings, and sunny weather. Lisbon has one of the most exciting nightlife in Europe, with quaint, sleepy streets bursting into life at night.

Whether it’s cocktails, bar hopping, or dancing from dawn to dusk, the city has something for every type of person. You’ll also love the modest entrance fee to many famous Lisbon clubs like the Kremlin or Club Noir.

Best Portugal Family Holidays For 2023

From Bifana to Bacalhau, the city is a fantastic place to sample the best delicacies from all over the country. You will love Pasteis de Nata, a local favorite invented by Belem Monks hundreds of years ago.

How do you describe this city better than the name of the country? Porto is the second largest city – after Lisbon and is the birthplace of port wine. The city sits on the banks of the Douro, rising along the slopes of this emblematic river.

It is picturesque and steeped in history. Despite its small size, the city will make you swoon; from the Six Bridges to delicious port wine, you are sure to return to this gem of a destination.

Portugal Holiday Destinations For Families

Avid book lovers will be enchanted by the Livralia Lello, the most beautiful bookstore in the world right in the center of the city.

Best Things To Do In Portugal In 2023

After looking at the books, your next stop is the Clerigos Tower, with the best views of the city right at the top. You’ll have to climb 225 steps, but the cinematic views are worth the effort.

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If you feel like refueling, there is no better place to eat in this city than Café Santiago. The Francesinha Santiago is the specialty of this café and one that is known throughout the city.

Portugal is a coastal country with glorious beaches. The beaches in the Algarve will steal your heart and ignite your soul. It is full of epic arches, coves, caves, beautiful weather all year round, and is a haven for surfers.

There is a lot to do in this region; you can also spend the whole time of your vacation here. The Algarve has some of the best hiking activities. You can start by visiting Ferragudo, a wonderful fishing village with a combination of traditional charm and the coastal freshness of the sea.

Portugal Holidays — Destination And Accommodation Guides

Come with your camera and capture the whitewashed houses and flowery streets. Sports fanatics will make good use of Praia do Amado’s strong winds, with many international surfing events such as windsurfing and water skiing taking place every year.

Nazare is located in the Oeste under the province of Extremadura in Leria. It is a small town known for its huge tides and perhaps the biggest waves in the world.

The waters of Nazare are the ultimate test for every surfer, attracting professional surf boarders who like to test their mettle on the monstrous waves here. Waves at Nazare often exceed 65 feet and, under the right conditions, can reach up to 100 feet.

Portugal Holiday Destinations For Families

This small seaside town does not boast as many sites as the more famous cities. But the scenery, the cultural heritage, and the monster-sized waves make it one of the best places to visit in Portugal.

Best Places To Visit In Portugal In 2023

Potential visitors to Portugal may think of Porto and Lisbon when considering a trip. Still, Peneda-Geres National Park is one destination that will give both cities a run for their money.

The scenic park is located on the border between Spain and Portugal, spread over 72290 hectares. Also known as Geres, the park is the only one of its kind in the country. The place is full of abundant fauna, including:

Similarly, Peneda-Geres is the location of many granite villages such as the Castro Laboreiro, an eternal city 1000 meters above sea level. Hikers will love the rolling hills with several hiking trails and campgrounds dotted throughout the park.

You can explore this destination by car or go on a guided tour with family and friends. Some of the best hiking trails include:

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Best Beaches In Portugal

Braga is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the third largest in Portugal. The city is home to several cathedrals and churches dating back centuries. Among the many religious structures in this city, the Cathedral of Braga does not fail to amaze.

It is an architectural masterpiece with a fusion of Gothic, Manueline, Baroque, Romanesque and Renaissance elements, similar to Notre Dame in France.

In addition, footy fans will enjoy a visit to the Estadio Municipal de Braga, home of S.C. Braga and the best side in the Primeira Liga – after the Big Three of Sporting Lisbon, Benfica, and Porto.

Portugal Holiday Destinations For Families

The beautiful town of Tomar is famous for the Knights Templar, who made this place their headquarters in the 12th century.

Best Family Holiday Destinations In Europe

You can still see remains of that era, such as the Convento de Cristo built by Hualdim Pais with the permission of Afonso Henriques – the first king of Portugal.

The Convent of Christ is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one that you must see on your visit to this country. It has a 3.7 mile aqueduct that flows water into the convent. You can walk on it to enjoy the stunning countryside scenes.

The main green space of the city is the Mata Nacional dos Sete Montes or the Seven Hills National Forest, the perfect place for a picnic, jogging, or a casual stroll.

The convent may be the apple of the town’s eye, but there is much more to this small town. The beautifully paved streets, the historic feel, and the annual cultural events make Tomar one of the best places to visit in Portugal.

Best Places To Visit In Portugal

Enthralling Sintra is a UNESCO gem that attracts tourists from all parts of the world because of its incredible cultural landscape. It’s a place worth setting aside a day or two to soak in the sights. This glittering city is 37 minutes from Lisbon and an excellent destination for a day trip.

Your first port of call must be the Palacio Nacional – or City Palace with its renowned twin conical chimneys overlooking the small town. The palace was built in the Medieval Era and is still in excellent condition.

It retains much of its historical beauty that you can see today. It is open every day from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM, and sections like Arma are worth paying a little more. There is a lot of hiking in this region.

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Portugal Holiday Destinations For Families

Still, you’ll need to come prepared to conquer the big hills in this spectacular city. The highest points of Serra offer panoramic views of the Atlantic coast and even far beyond.

The Best Things To Do In The Algarve

Once, the city of Coimbra was the capital of Portugal. Even though so much has changed since then, it is still a treasure trove of historical sites, enchanting gardens, and the University of Coimbra – famous for its historical value.

The city has a laid-back appeal for the lazy traveler without the wealth of activities that make Lisbon and Porto tourist favorites. But you can’t enjoy a better Portuguese experience than this city built on the Mondego River.

Coimbra is home to Portugal’s most extensive botanical garden, a dazzling green space that dates back to 1773. You can find more than 1200 species of plants from different corners of the world, including:

All this well laid out to offer you a relaxing calm away from the hive of activities in the big cities.

Places You Must Visit In The Algarve: Discover The Gems Of Southern Portugal

If you are holidaying in Portugal with the family, Zoomarine Algarve should be the first destination on your bucket list. It is undoubtedly the best theme park in this country, with various types of thrilling and fun activities for all ages.

As the name implies, “Zoo Marine” has different species of animals that you find in a zoo and aquarium. You can interact with the dolphins, feed the giraffes, or have fun on the various water slides in this theme park. The 30 hectare park also features a 4D cinematic experience that will blow your mind.

The Pirate’s Bay is another kiddie delight with numerous sword fighting scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Stop by the aviary to see the many tropical birds on display such as the cockatoo, macaw, and parrots.

Portugal Holiday Destinations For Families

ZooMarine’s aviary offers an educational experience that teaches birds and the different habitats adapted for survival. The park covers a lot of land, and you can take a dip at the Wave Beach or

The 10 Best Portugal Beach Resorts

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